Chapter 5

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Forest of Abyss
It has been a week since I left the profoundly memorable home I spent seven years in total together with Master Dolfares.

But, I’m still wandering in the Forest of Abyss.


When I brandish my bardiche and a head of a minitruck-sized tiger flies into the air.

It’s apparently an A-rank monster called Forest Tiger.

Because I’m attacked so frequently, I defeat them without appraising and finding out their names and throw them straight into the item box.

“I think it would be a good time to come out of the forest soon, though.”


A week quickly passed since I entered the forest. I move approximately 40-50km a day, so I should have already walked more than 300km.

“The monsters appearing also get gradually weaker, I will surely come out soon.”

The strongest monsters of this Forest of Abyss resided near the land surrounded by mountains I have lived in for some reason.
As I walked south more and more, I noticed that the monsters were gradually getting weaker.
One more thing, the magic element is getting thinner. It may be related to the monsters getting weaker.


It was really serious at the beginning of my travel.
The moment I managed to cross the high mountain with great difficulty, I was attacked by a wyvern all of sudden. After that, Earth Dragons and Chimeras, Evil Treants which some were mimicking trees, and ridiculously large praying mantises exceeding 4m in size called Killer Mantis.
Earth Dragons are already just slightly oversized skink lizards to me. I can defend against their breath with magical power barrier, their movements are slow because they are so big, they already have a large target over their bodies.


“Seriously, what is going on with this forest? The strength and size of the monsters in the depths of the forest is strange.”

I understand that dragons are big, but gigantic insects are disgusting. Spiders and centipedes were especially disgusting. Centipedes were still fine even though they were big because they came at me individually, but the spiders were terrible since they attacked me in groups of three.
Well, I got used to that too.

But, in this one week, I have obtained various materials, so there are many things I want to make.
I think that the materials from the monsters of this forest are most likely valuable.
I understood this thanks to the smithing job and skill, but I have obtained plenty of rare materials used to create weapons and armor.
I want to make a proper armor, I’m interested in magic too. It might be a good idea to live as a Blacksmith in some town.

My status has grown quite a lot too after entering the forest. It means it was that harsh.
I feel like it increased way too much just in one week’s time. The levels of the monsters I have encountered were large too.


NAME Kaito | Human
HP 1,920/1,920
MP 3,290/3,290
AGE 14
JOB Swordsman Lv.10 | Wizard Lv.10
STR 1,160
DEF 760
INT 1,580
AGL 1,085
DEX 1,605
MEN 1,710

Swordsmanship Lv.4 | Daggers Lv.3 | Spearmanship Lv.4
Martial Arts Lv.4 | Axe Technique Lv.4 | Cudgel Play Lv.3
Throwing Lv. 4 | Stick Fighting Lv.3 | War Hammers Lv.3
Body Reinforcement Lv.4 | Presence Concealment Lv.4 | Presence Detection Lv.4
Hide Lv.3
Attribute Magic | Magical Power Manipulation Lv.4
Fire Magic Lv.3 | Water Magic Lv.4 | Earth Magic Lv.4
Wind Magic Lv.5 |Ice Magic Lv.3 | Lightning Magic Lv.4
Light Attribute Lv.4 | Darkness Magic Lv.3 | Recovery Magic Lv.4
Space-time Magic Lv.2 | Non-Attribute Magic Lv.4
Bestowal Magic Lv.4 | Sealing Magic Lv.3
Magical Power Sensing Lv.4
Smithing Lv.4 | Compounding Lv.3
Carpentry Lv.3 | Sewing Lv.3

Physical Tolerance Lv.2 | Abnormal State Invalidity
Continent Common Language | Appraisal Lv.4
Item Box

Warrior Lv.20 | Swordsman Lv.10 | Magician Lv.20
Hunter Lv.20 | Martial Artist Lv.20 | Thief Lv.20
Wizard Lv.10 | Priest Lv.20 | Assassin Lv.10
Bestower Lv.20 | Villager Lv.10
Carpenter Lv.10 | Clothing Craftworker Lv.10
Doctor Lv.20 | Alchemist Lv.20 | Blacksmith Lv.20

Divine Protections
Divine Protection of the Spirit Queen


While staying in this forest, I decided to raise the level of my primary job as much as possible, I leveled up Doctor, Blacksmith, Alchemist, and converted the job to Assassin and leveled up the Hide skill in order to spend the nights safely.
Hide is a useful skill that allows me not to get discovered when combined with Presence Concealment.

Presence Concealment is a skill that makes it difficult to detect my signs, but Hide is a skill that actually conceals my figure. I would be horrified if I didn’t have this skill.
Since I’m attacked day and night, I wouldn’t be able to sleep properly during these seven days if not for the Hide and Presence Concealment combo.


“Ahh, I want to take a bath.”

While living in the cabin, I made a bathtub and warmed the water with magic, so I could enter every day, but I indeed can’t take a bath in the forest.
There’s a magic called Purification within the Light Magic, but this kind of purification magic is too versatile and too convenient.
The purification magic removes not only curses and impurities, but also can be used as means to attack undead, clean the dust from a room and clothes, and make the body clean of dirt and filth.
Although I might be the only one using purification magic to remove dirt.


I have finally managed to reach the outer edge of the forest. There, I suddenly got worried about my clothes. My clothes consist of a leather shirt, trousers, and shoes but they are my own work after all. I don’t know the design of this world’s clothes. Master Dolfares’ knowledge was five hundred years old, and he wasn’t interested in fashion, to begin with, so he wasn’t able to help me there.

“What will I do if I’m seen as a country bumpkin?”

I’m glad I didn’t use vest made of fur or I might have been seen as a bandit.

The distance between trees increased and the huge trees was replaced by relatively thin ones.
At the same time the sun rays leaked through the trees and warmed me up, I felt the presence of several people.

“Yay! Finally, an encounter with people!”

I start running with joy.

At last, the end of the forest is in sight.

As I jumped out of the forest, the scene that appeared in my sight were several men with worn-out leather armor and rusty iron breastplates that seemed to stinky just by looking at them.
Those men were surrounding a lone girl wearing leather armor.


“Ah, umm, hello.”


I ended up unconsciously greeting them.

Hmm, this looks like a girl being assaulted by bandits, but it might be actually a group of people who get along.
Yep, let’s ignore it. That’s the right call.

“Well then, I will excuse myself first.”

“Hey! Wait a moment!”

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