Chapter 4

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Parting with Master
Six years of Master Dolfares’ strict and fun training passed.

Thanks to the strict daily routine, my status has favorably grown.
It’s just because I have only met Master Dolfares and Spirit Queen-sama since coming to this world, I haven no idea how much I have grown, whether I’m strong or weak.


NAME Kaito | Human
HP 1,670/1,670
MP 2,590/2,590
AGE 14
JOB Swordsman Lv.5 | Wizard Lv.5
STR 960
DEF 710
INT 1,230
AGL 835
DEX 1,255
MEN 1,360

Swordsmanship Lv.4 | Daggers Lv.3 | Spearmanship Lv.4
Martial Arts Lv.3 | Axe Technique Lv.4 | Cudgel Play Lv.3
Throwing Lv. 4 | Stick Fighting Lv.3 | War Hammers Lv.3
Body Reinforcement Lv.3 | Presence Concealment Lv.4 | Presence Detection Lv.3
Attribute Magic | Magical Power Manipulation Lv.4
Fire Magic Lv.3 | Water Magic Lv.4 | Earth Magic Lv.4
Wind Magic Lv.5 |Ice Magic Lv.3 | Lightning Magic Lv.4
Light Attribute Lv.4 | Darkness Magic Lv.3
Space-time Magic Lv.2 | Non-Attribute Magic Lv.4
Recovery Magic Lv.3 | Magical Power Sensing Lv.4
Bestowal Magic Lv.4 | Sealing Magic Lv.3
Smithing Lv.4 | Compounding Lv.3
Carpentry Lv.3 | Sewing Lv.3

Physical Tolerance Lv.2 | Abnormal State Invalidity
Continent Common Language | Appraisal Lv.3
Item Box

Warrior Lv.20 | Swordsman Lv.5 | Magician Lv.20
Hunter Lv.20 | Martial Artist Lv.20 | Thief Lv.20
Wizard Lv.5 | Priest Lv.20 | Villager Lv.10
Bestower Lv.20 | Carpenter Lv.10
Clothing Craftworker Lv.10
Doctor Lv.10 | Alchemist Lv.10 | Blacksmith Lv.15

Divine Protections
Divine Protection of the Spirit Queen

My jobs leveled to the intermediate levels.

I have become able to fight on equal terms with Master Dolfares during the mock battles.

And now, that Master of mine is currently disappearing in front of my eyes.

“Master Dolfares…………”

I’m brimming over with tears, with many things to say, but the words are not coming out.

“Don’t cry, Kaito. I’m finally freed from the curse after five hundred years. This is only thanks to you.”
“Ma, Master……”

Master Dolfares stabs his halberd into the ground.

“My halberd is made of Orichalcum alloy. Take this and use it as material for your bardiche.”

The body of Master Dolfares wrapped in light becomes dimmer.

“Kaito, these six years I spent with you. You were a dazzling light for me who was waiting to fade away. Kaito, live freely to your heart’s content.”
“M, Master Dolfares, thank you very much!”

Master Dolfares got completely wrapped in the light and disappeared just like that.

There, only a halberd stabbed into the ground, and large pure magical stone remained.

I collected the halberd and the magic stone and returned to the cabin.


The time to leave this place is approaching.

“Before that, I have to make Master Dolfares’ halberd into a bardiche.”

Saying such, Kaito moved to the smithery.
Before, it was only a tiny magical power furnace, but after six years of magic remodeling, it became a high-efficiency magical power furnace. It was necessary to remodel in order to use Orichalcum……

Turning Master Dolfares’ halberd into ingots in the furnace. In doing so, I have to pour a large amount of magical power into the furnace. This will be necessary when using magic smithing in the later process.
When using Molding Magic and Polishing Magic, it necessary to mix magical power with the metals.

After determining Orichalcum’s optimum temperature, I turn them into ingots.

Orichalcum has high hardness and durability, it’s magical power conductivity is also high.
Adamantite boasts of higher hardness, but it’s too heavy, and its magical power conductivity can’t compare even to Mithril.

I prepare two kinds of Orichalcum alloys.
Although I say alloys, it’s not mixed with carbon like steel, but with small amounts of Mithril and Adamantite.

The first one raises the hardness to the maximum.
The second is superior in durability and flexibility.

To make the two Orichalcum alloys blend smoothly, I strongly imagine the molecular structure and work with Earth Magic.
Fortunately, Orichalcum and Adamantite also have a structure resembling the martensitic structure.
The martensitic structure has a hard and fragile structure seen in Japanese swords, but Japanese swords are hardened with steel’s martensitic structure in order to improve the flexibility.
Orichalcum alloy is hard, but it’s a fantasy metal that is not brittle, so I’m looking forward to the completion.

I seclude myself for three days and three nights in the smithery and finally made something I was satisfied with.

– Demon Slasher (Bardiche)
Grade Mythical

Automatic Restoration
Hardness Enhancement
Durability Enhancement
Slashing Attack Enhancement
Corrosion Resistance
Physical Strenght Enhancement
Light Attribute Enhancement

When I appraised, a holy enchant I don’t remember putting on has appeared without my knowing.
This might be because the halberd was used by Master Dolfares who was a Holy Knight.

The bardiche that has even the shaft made from Orichalcum is pretty heavy, but I’m going to apply weight reduction enhancement on the shaft.
Furthermore, I carve words on the surface of the shaft as anti-slip.

“As swift as wind, as gentle as forest, as fierce as fire, as unshakable as mountain”[ Four Phrases from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War] “May the presiders over warriors be my vanguard”[ Ku-ji] “Vajrapāṇi said, “So be it, World-honored One. I am eager to listen.”
The Buddha said, “The bodhi-mind is its cause, compassion is its root, and expedient means is its culmination. Lord of Mysteries, what is bodhi? It means to know one’s mind as it really is. Lord of Mysteries, this is anuttarā samyaksaṃbodhi (unsurpassed, perfect, and full awakening), and there is not the slightest part of it that can be apprehended. Why? [Because] bodhi has the characteristic of empty space, and there is no one to comprehend it, nor is there any understanding of it. Why? Because bodhi has no [differentiating] characteristics. Lord of Mysteries, all dharmas are without characteristics. That is to say, they have the characteristic of empty space.””[ Mahavairocana Tantra , Translation courtesy of Rolf W. Giebel]

I closely pack Ku-ji, Sun Tzu, and Mahavairocana Sutra on the shaft.
I was aware of Sun Tzu and Ku-ji before, but I somehow unconsciously carved the sutra.
It was a little frightening, but I decided to blame it on fantasy.
It felt like the bardiche’s presence increased the moment the words were engraved on the shaft, but I decided not to mind it for the sake of my mental health.

The butt end is adjusted to the heavyweight, and I devise the shape and size.

I went outside the cabin and tried it using the style I learned from Master Dolfares.

“Yeah, it feels really nice.”

Master Dolfares hammered into me the swordsmanship and spearmanship of the Aldebaran Kingdom which fell more than five hundred years ago.
I repeat that spearmanship in order to grasp the feeling of the new bardiche.

According to Master Dolfares’ teachings, in order to handle long-reach weapons, not only spearmanship and ax technique, but cudgel play and stick fighting are also necessary.

After swinging my new partner, the bardiche to my satisfaction, I decided to make the other equipment next.
Because the materials are limited, I ponder about what to make.

“I got the feeling of wanting to make a katana, but I don’t have materials to make it. Let’s make arm guards?”

After thinking variously, I decided to make arm guards for hand to hand combat and defense.

I make makeshift arm guards with Orichalcum and Adamantite alloys.
Other people would doubt the Orichalcum and Adamantite makeshift arm guards, but since I met only Master Dolfares and Spirit Queen-sama since coming to this world, I will notice that a little later after.


I tidy up the cabin and walk towards the lake. When I approach the lake, Spirit Queen-sama manifests.

“I came to say farewell.”

When I say so, Spirit Queen-sama smiles.

(That Knight has ascended, didn’t he?)
“Yes, Master Dolfares left while smiling.”
(The world is wide. We will surely meet again somewhere around the world. The forest around this land is filled with danger. Please, be careful. I wish you safe travels.)

After saying such, Spirit Queen-sama got wrapped in light and vanished.

“Now then, from the talk with Master Dolfares, I should go to the south.”

Although it was knowledge from five hundred years ago, there should be several countries in the south.

Seven years after coming to this world for an unknown reason, I finally set towards the wide world.

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