Chapter 10

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Preparations to Make the Equipment
The next day after moving to the house with a workshop, and spending a night, I talk with El about today’s plans on the bed. Naturally, we are both naked.

“Mmm, haah, morning already?”

I get down from the bed and go to the bathroom.
I take a shower and change into clothes and underwear I bought yesterday. Wearing trousers and a shirt from a durable fabric, I prepare breakfast in the kitchen.

El definitely doesn’t know how to cook, after all.

First, I put a pot on a magic stove, tear up dried meat and use it in place of a soup pack. I boil chopped vegetables and season it with salt and pepper.

I put frying pan onto the magic stove and prepare bacon and eggs.

At the same time, I slice the bread I bought at the market yesterday.

El who woke up to the fragrance came to the kitchen.

“Yawn~ good morning.”
“Yeah, morning.”
“Heeh~ it looks delicious.”

The two talk about their plans while eating breakfast.

“El, what are your plans for today?”
“How about you?”
“I will be building a magical power furnace and weaving machine in the workshop, so I think it will take up the whole day.”

“You, a weaving machine, do you intend on making clothes?”

El asks with astonishment mixed in.

“It’s only to spin a thread, though. I have plenty of materials, so I thought about making what I can by myself.”

The moment I said so, El looked at me with sparkling eyes.

“Naturally, you will also make my clothes and equipment, right?”

Her modesty really disappeared.

“Don’t worry, I will make even underwear for you.”
“…… Oh my, you pervert.”

El face turned bright red, and she got shy.
The underwear of this world is basically g-string, but for some reason, the underwear for ladies has only poorly appealing colors. Therefore, on this occasion, I decided to make El’s underwear to my liking.

“Well, I will clean up then.”


Leaving the cleaning to El after having breakfast, I go to the garden in order to make a firebrick furnace.

I combine the bricks I bought at the general store and make a furnace. I finish drying the clay mold with magic.

In parallel with making the firebricks, I make the weaving machine. The wood I use is the stockpiled treant lumber. A stronger machine than if an ordinary wood was used is completed.

I put the weaving machine in the corner of the workshop and spin the thread of the Huge Spider I kept in reserve.

“Kaito, I’m hungry~”

While immersing myself in work in silence, El raised a call of hunger. It appears it’s already such time.

“I will give you money, so go and buy something.”

I hand over five silver coins to El.

“Roger! Then, I’m off. Change is a reward, okay?”

Saying such, she quickly went out.

El has brought back meat skewers and soup from a street stall. No matter how I think about it, she hasn’t used even two silver coins.



We finish the street stall lunch, El takes a nap, and I return to my work.

Before continuing with the threads, I set up the magical power furnace.

I assemble the magical power furnace in the workshop and enchant it with automatic repair.
I set a B-rank magic stone and finish for the time being.

Next, I weave cloth on the weaving machine.
I changed the way the thread was spun and made a common thread, a thick and sturdy yarn, a high-quality cloth called spider silk, and two kinds of durable cloth.

I spun the thread and wove it repeatedly and made a necessary amount of cloth.

However, the skill’s and job level’s grace is an incredible thing. To make cloth at such speeds…

“Let’s stop here for today. It seems El is getting hungry.”



Just as I thought, El was feeling hungry, so made a quick steak. Soup is the leftovers from the morning. I also made a simple salad, and we dined.

I wish El would be at least able to make a salad.

“By the way El, your job is a warrior, right? What kind of equipment do you want?”
“Actually, I would like to become a magician.”

Are? Your warrior job is on level five, you know? Your equipment consists of leather armor and a short sword too. I inquire from El about that.

“I mean, when you say beginner adventurer, isn’t this get up perfect? But, I’m in fact 1/4 elf. Therefore, I think I want to be a magician.”

What is this irresponsible way of selecting a job?

“For now, shall we aim for magician while drilling the minimum close combat ability into you?.”

The moment I said close combat, El made a reluctant expression. In other words, it seems she rather fire magic from a distance than cut things with a sword.
Her magic attributes seem to be wind and water.

“Then, I will make two magic invocation medium rings. I have not used one yet too. Also, a short sword for close combat. A leather armor for protection would be a safe bet.”



I propose the recommended equipment to El.

“A leather armor for a magician? Shouldn’t that be a robe?”
“I don’t mind making a robe too, but it would be better wearing leather under it.”
“Then, that’s fine. The color should be white.”

How demanding. White would get easily dirtied, so I will have to apply an enchant.


After the meal, I clean up together with El, and we take a bath together.
I have naturally embraced El after the bath.


On the next day, I stay in seclusion in the workshop as well.

I made various dyes using the Doctor’s compounding skill and dyed the fabrics.
I cut them after drying it with magic.

I made several clothes, including El’s.
I properly made El’s underwear too.

The enchants on the clothes include,
– Dirt-proof
– Automatic Restoration
– Physical Resistance
– Magic Resistance
– Automatic Temperature Adjustment
– Automatic Size Adjustment
These six kinds.

Pretty much, I was able to make clothes with higher defensive potential than poorly made leather armor.

I made a robe for El and me, and the day has ended.

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