Chapter 9

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Shopping in the Town of Notos
Being able to leave from the Adventurer’s Guild with this much money, I’m thinking of renting a house with a workshop.
When I return to the reception, I ask where I should go in order to rent a house with a workshop.

“Excuse me, Receptionist-san.”
“I’m Ann.”
“Ah, Ann-san. Where should I go to rent a house with a workshop? Do I go to the Merchant’s Guild?”
“We can introduce you houses even here. Wait a moment please.”

Ann-san went retrieve a file from inside and opened it.

“We can currently introduce you to these three houses.”

When I try to look at the file, El snatches it from me.

“I will take a look.”

No, you see, I’m renting it, though?

“We will take this place!”

She chose the biggest one from the three.

“Even if you purchase that property, it will cost 10 Platinum, tax included.”
“We will buy it! Kaito will!”

Oi! Oh, well.
I look at the other two houses on file.
The size is half-assed, the distance to the guild is too large, as those are very troublesome, I’m fine with the biggest place as well.

“I understand. Ann-san, I think I will buy it. But, please show it to me first.”
“Yes, as it should be. Well then, I will guide you. It’s close to the guild, so let’s go right away.”



The property Ann-san has guided us to was approximately five minutes away from the guild.
The points for being close to the guild are high.
The building is pretty, it’s no exaggeration to say it looks like a mansion to me. The workshop’s size is sufficient, and it looks like it will be possible to do more than just smithing. I feel like there are too many rooms, but above everything else, there’s a bath in this building.
The garden is quite large, and the warehouse or shed attached is also big.

“Ann-san, I will take this place.”
“Then, let’s return to the guild.”

We return to the guild, and I hand over 10 Platinum from the reward I received just a while ago.

“Yes, it’s exact. I will prepare the contract.”

El is laughing with the look of satisfaction for some reason.

After Ann-san had brought the documents and we formed the contract, she handed me over the key to the property.



There are many things to buy after leaving the guild. But before that, I report to the inn that I bought a house and convey that I’m going to move there.

“I have to buy various things, don’t I?”
“Well, first we need furniture. This way.”

El drags me to a furniture store.

“The bed should be at least as big as this.”
“You’re right, Shopkeeper, give us two of these beds.”

Huh, she said two of them just now.

“Does El perhaps intend on living in that house as well?”
“Yes! I will be free from the inn charges like this.”

She casually declared.

“No, I’m the one buying the house, do I have to buy El’s bed as well?”

Even though she was being reserved when I handed her the bandit subjugation money at first.

“Isn’t that fine? I will give you myself instead.”

That means that, right?

“Ahh, in that case, there’s no need for two beds. Cancel the beds, we will buy this large one.”

As I thought, it was such a thing? Is that alright?
After that, I could only dumbfoundedly watch El who kept on purchasing one thing after another.
Well, it slightly hurts saying it, but she’s a peerless beauty. Her breasts are big too, her breasts are big too, I said it twice because it’s an important thing.

In the end, we left 1 Platinum in the furniture store. 10 million yen for furniture, well, I bought some wood too, though.

After that, we bought tableware, cushions, and miscellaneous things of all kinds.



After entering the house with the key, I first have to do something I have to do. Remodeling the toilet.

I will change the toilet into a magic tool. Disintegrate and clean the filth. With a carved magic circle and a set of magic stones, I think the toilet surpassed the Heisei Japan toilets.
I remodel all toilets in the house.
After that, I remodel the bath. I make this into a magic tool as well, from hot water to shower, everything was remodeled into magic tools.
Since I’m doing all of this, I make all the illumination in the house into magic tools too.

Next, I head to the workshop and make an alchemy table from mithril on the workbench.
Alchemy table is used to activate the operation technique for difficult and complex alchemy, breaking magic stones into powder, drawing magic circles, and changing the reaction of materials.
Simple “Extraction” “Decomposing” can be done without activating the technique.
The magical power furnace for smithing has to be made with firebricks, so I leave it for tomorrow.



When I finish and return to the living room, the furniture has arrived.

“Even though I did so much work, what was El doing?”

This fellow is sitting on a sofa and drinking tea.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

This fellow……

“By the way, El, can you cook?”
“………… I will learn.”

Tsk, good for nothing. I have more or less been cooking for myself for the past seven years, so I can cook. Salty taste only, though.
Well, Elrain seems to be noble-ish, so it’s reasonable that she can’t cook.

“El, let’s eat out today. I’d like to buy clothes too.”

I wanted to make the clothes myself, but I want something to wear immediately.

“That’s right. Eating out is the best, isn’t it?”

Her whole face smile is somehow irritating.

Accompanied by El, I bought some clothes after eating. Even here, I had to buy El’s clothes for some reason. This bastard, she keeps on extorting me as if it was given.

After that, we bought various seasonings and many ingredients.
I will be the one cooking, though.



Elrain POV

Kaito who I came across is a super excellent article.
At first, he saved my life. He split the money he received from the bandit crime slaves with me, and gave me one gold coin.
And more than anything else, Kaito’s face is dead center of my type. In addition, he’s someone with enough ability to pass through the depths of the Forest of Abyss.
Kaito who sold the materials from the Forest of Abyss at the guild instantly became rich.
This, we should already stay together. I mean, I think I’m not someone to cast away. Because of the elven blood flowing through my veins, I believe to be in the bishoujo class, and I have confidence in my style. My chest is big too.

After that, we bought a large bed at the furniture store.
Fufufufu, I shall make Kaito my captive.



Kaito POV

After returning home, I prepare a hot bath and let El go first.
We switch and I finally enjoy a bath after so long.

And then, we enter the same bed.

It’s very nice. Yes, it’s very nice. It’s an important thing, so I said it twice.
Melons, they are wonderful.

Thanks to the comfortable fatigue and fine quality bed, it seems I could have a good dream.

Good night…………

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