Chapter 13

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Power Leveling
The next day after testing out the magic gun, we headed to the guild first day in the morning.

When we enter the guild, the receptionist Ann-san beckons us.

“Ann-san, good morning.”
“Good morning Kaito-san, Elrain-san.”

When we arrive at the reception, Ann-san hands me over the money from selling the materials.

“This is the remaining amount from selling monster materials. We have deducted the dismantling fee, however, because every material was in good condition, the Trader’s Guild and the Worker’s Guild paid a high price.”

300 Platinum coins were in the pouch Ann-san handed me.
It’s four billion yen together with the previous sum, a tremendous amount of money.

“Also, we’d like to raise Kaito-san’s and Elrain-san’s guild rank. Kaito-san to D-rank. Elrain-san will become F-rank.”

Even though I haven’t received any request, my rank has been raised.

“Umm, I have not received a single request yet, you know?”
“There’s no problem because you have delivered goods to the guild. Rather, it would become a problem if there was a G-rank person in the guild who could defeat wyverns and earth dragons. There are examinations starting from C-rank, so we could only raise your rank up to D, however, originally, it wouldn’t be strange for Kaito-san to be A-rank.”

No way I’m strong to be an A-rank. I could only fight with Master Dolfares equally at best when he restricted his power, after all.

But, I didn’t know at this time. That Master Dolfares’ Adventurer rank was S when he was alive. After death, Master who has turned into a monster become SS ranked monster, and even though his strength was restricted by Spirit Queen-sama’s domain, he still was an S-ranked monster.


“Will Kaito-san and Elrain-san register as a party? If you do, Elrain-san will also become able to accept D-rank requests.”
“Then, let’s do that.”

With our guild cards updated, we went towards the request bulletin board.

“Which should we take?”
“There’s a delivery request for Horn Rabbit meat. There’s also a Meadow Wolf subjugation request.” (El)

Horn Rabbits and Meadow Wolves huh, I’m sure they can be found at the south meadows.

“There’s Mad Boar meat delivery request as well. Aren’t these three fine?” (El)

Oh yeah, there’s also the regular goblin request for which the rank is irrelevant, so let’s hunt them if we come across them.

“Alright. Let’s take these three.”

We hand over the three written requests to Ann-san.

“I think we will receive these three requests.”
“Three Horn Rabbits are considered a set of meat. Meadow Wolf and Mad Boar are requested for one animal each. Then, these three requests were accepted.”


Leaving from the Notos’ south gate on foot, we arrived at a place two hours away. I think you can find Horn Rabbits closer to the town, but you have to go slightly farther away to find Mad Boars.

I extensively search the surroundings with detection magic. I can use several kinds of detection magic, but this time, I’m using non-attribute detection magic.
I immediately grasp the location of several nearby Horn Rabbits. We approach the one who is the closest to us.

“El, I will restrict it, so you finish it with the magic gun.”

I erase my presence, I approach to a visible distance and activate restraining magic.

“Earth Bind.”

The chains which jumped from the ground constraint the medium dog-sized Horn Rabbit.

“El, get near, aim well and shoot.”
“Yeah, alright.”

El approaches the Horn Rabbit, pulls out the magic gun, takes a stance, and pulls the trigger.


An ice bullet leaves the barrel at high speed and kills the rabbit in one blow.

“Ah! My body feels warm. I rose in level.”

It appears she leveled up with that.

“All right! Let’s continue with the same pace.”

Today, I intend to heavily increase El’s magician job.

I restrict another one, and El immediately finishes it.

Instead of immediately putting it in the item box, I first cut at the back of its neck with a knife to let the blood out.

“Kaito, it’s better to dig a hole when letting the blood out, the scent of blood will lure other monsters here.”
“It’s fine, I’m deliberately luring them.”

It’s a strategy to draw out the Meadow Wolf who’s a little further away with blood. I’m certain that wolves should have an incredible sense of smell.


After draining the blood from the Horn Rabbit, I felt a Meadow Wolf-like monster response on the detection.

“El, I think it’s probably a Meadow Wolf, but six monsters are approaching.”

The wolves divide and surround us from left and right. I restrict the closest wolf with Earth Bind.

Gyan! Gyan! Gaau!

When I successfully restrict three of them, another one jumps at me from behind. I smashed it on its head with a hammer strike of my hand.


When I restrict the last one with Earth Bind, five Meadow Wolves were seized on the ground with chains sticking from the ground.

El finishes four of them with a magic gun, switches her job to warrior and finishes the other two with a shortsword.

I toss the Meadow Wolves El has defeated into the item box.

“Now then, let’s look for a Mad Boar while hunting Horn Rabbits.”

As we were able to find a Mad Boar before evening, we have decided to return to the town of Notos.


Name Elrain von Busterk | Human (1/4 Elf)
Age 15
JOB Magician Lv.10
HP 220/220
MP 360/360

Warrior Lv.10 | Magician Lv.10


Her magician job has leveled up, her magical power gained in quantity, and she became able to fire 30 shots from the magic gun.
Tomorrow’s leveling will go smoothly.

We have delivered the requested Horn Rabbits, Meadow Wolf, and Mad Boar to the guild and went home.

Even though I have received D-C rank request reward, my excitement has disappeared. Even though it was my first request, there are already over 300 Platinum coins in my item box.

“To be able to increase my magician job by ten levels in one day, it’s like I’m dreaming.”

Because El’s level rose substantially, she’s in a good mood.

“We have hunted a lot today, after all.”
“Moreover, since Kaito restricted them with a bind, it was easy and without any danger.”
“For now, let’s train warrior and magician jobs until you hit the max value. After that, it would be best to train hunter and thief jobs and learn a detection skill. You can become a Wizard then.”
“Yes, I understand. I will rely on you tomorrow as well, okay?”

I think of tomorrow’s training menu while walking home. I decided to train martial arts, swordsmanship, and magical power manipulation together starting tomorrow.

Holding hands, the two leisurely returned home.

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