Chapter 14


Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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This World Was Harsh After All
The days of receiving guild requests while increasing El’s job and skill level continued. I think El has grown a lot.
Staying overnight, we went on expeditions to the Forest of Abyss too.


Name Elrain von Busterk | Human (1/4 Elf)
Age 15
JOB Magician Lv.20
HP 275/275
MP 700/700

Warrior Lv.10 | Hunter Lv.5 | Thief Lv.5
Magician Lv. 20 | Priest Lv.1


Not only the magic gun, but she also became quite good at using her wind and water attribute magic.
However, she uses the magic gun for attacks in many cases and using the wind and water magic mainly for support.

As expected, I had to fight too since this is the Forest of Abyss, so my swordsman and wizard jobs levels slightly increased.

El’s guild rank also went up to E.
As I have no intention of taking the examination, my rank will stay at D for a while.

In addition to the guild requests and training, I also make various potions, do smithing and carpentry, and also keep on creating magic tools.
When practicing production skills, my production jobs’ levels increase. It’s very slight compared to fighting with monsters, though.


We are currently riding a carriage towards the town of Maduke in the Sameiya Kingdom because of an escort request.

It takes three days by carriage from the town of Notos, and we are expecting to arrive today in the evening.
We were attacked by monsters on the way several times, but El and I safely defeated them.
The Sameiya Kingdom generally falls behind the outer edge of the Forest of Abyss.


“Ooh, it’s huge. So this is the town of Maduke.”
“Oh my, is it your first time in Maduke?”

Our merchant client asks after hearing the words I unconsciously leaked.

“Yes, I was brought up in the extreme countryside, so……”
“This Maduke is the second largest town after the capital. How about looking around before returning?”
“Yeah, I will do that by all means.”

After lining up in a long queue, we finally enter the town of Maduke.
There, receiving the merchant’s signature on the request form, the request is finished.

“Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you again.”

The merchant left after saying so, and we went to look around the town.
It was like this in Notos as well, but there are people of many races walking here. This is also characteristic of the Sameiya Kingdom.

Except for the elven and dwarven countries, among the three countries of Sameiya Kingdom, Laurasia Kingdom, and Gondwana Empire, Sameiya Kingdom is the only one who prohibits discrimination of other races. Both the Laurasia Kingdom and the Gondwana Empire are countries of human supremacy. The Laurasia Kingdom is more or less better, but in the Gondwana Empire, everyone who is not a human is fundamentally a slave.
When I heard that from El, I felt really uncomfortable.


After receiving the reward from the completed request, El and I strolled around the town.
We look around the town while buying various ingredients and eating junk foods from the street stalls.

And then, while walking around the town, I notice a sudden change in the town’s atmosphere.
The presence I detect also feels thorny.

“It’s the slums. When it comes to big towns, slums like these will always appear. Let’s go back as the public order there is not good either.”

In the unpleasant smell and atmosphere of the slums, El proposed to go back.

“You’re right, let’s go back, hm?”

At that time, I felt a frail person’s signs on my presence detection. The frail presence that could disappear at any moment, I couldn’t ignore it no matter what.

“El, wait a moment.”

I pull El by hand and hurry towards the presence in the back alley.


There, a beastman man was crouching there.
When I rush over to the man and look at him, it was already too late as the man has already passed away.
The man passed in a posture that was protecting something inside his tattered robe. I can feel a feeble presence from inside the robe.
I gently turn over the robe.


What the man protected in his robe was a small, about three years old beastman child. However, the child’s bunny ears were torn on one side.

I immediately cast “High Heal”.

The wounds and bruises disappear from the child’s body, and I feel that breathing improved as well.

I leave the child with El and went to call for guards.



“They have probably fled from the Laurasia Kingdom. They don’t have the slave crest, so they wouldn’t be from the Empire. Because all beastmen in the Empire are slaves, I believe they escaped from the slave hunting in Laurasia.”

A guard says while looking at the deceased father and the child.

“So, what will happen to this child?”
“I think that there’s no choice but leave it at the orphanage, but whether it can live for so long……”

The guard pitifully looks at the child.

“Could we take the child with us?”

El suddenly said.

“It would be fine if you go through the procedures at the government office. I would appreciate if you could do that.”

After saying such, the guard instructed his subordinates to bury the man in a public cemetery, and guided us to the government office.
After finishing the procedures, I lay the child on top of the bed in the inn.

When looking carefully over the child’s body, not only the ear was torn off, but even the fingers and a foot were lost.

“It looks they were attacked by monsters while escaping. Poor child……”

I use “Purification” on the child lying on the bed. The dirty child immediately becomes clean.

“She was a girl?”

I continue and use “Extra Heal”.

The girl’s lost ear, foot, and fingers were restored.

“!! Kaito! You can even use something like the Extra Heal!”
“Because I could die when training with Master, recovery magic was my top priority.”


Name Rukina | Bunny Tribe
Age 5
HP 20/20
MP 10/10


I got surprised by the child’s age after appraising her. No matter how you look at her, she looks to be only three years of age.

“This child is apparently five years old. She’s malnourished.”

El apologizes while stroking the girl’s pinkish-silver hair that became beautiful after cleaned off dirt with purification.

“I’m sorry, Kaito. I have selfishly decided to take this child’s custody……”

El casts her eyes down, I can tell she feels down. She herself must have thought of it as hypocritical. But, it appears she couldn’t help but reach out to the girl in front of her.

“It’s fine. I would also not be able to sleep well if we left this child in the orphanage. We have gained a tiny little sister. We should be glad about that.”
“Thank you, Kaito.”


After that, I borrowed the inn’s kitchen and made soup for Rukina-chan. Since it would be difficult to eat solid food right away, I made a thoroughly boiled vegetable soup.

Rukina-chan who regained consciousness kept on crying because of her father passed away. I let her eat the soup with the timing where she stopped crying, then she kept on crying over and over again until she cried herself to sleep.

“Fufufu, she got quite attached to you, Kaito.”
“After all, eating is important. El should practice, so you can cook a little too.”

Rukina-chan cried herself to sleep, but she fell asleep while clinging to me.

“I can cook too if I put my mind to it.”

El said while pouting, but El surely didn’t stand in a kitchen before.

“We have to buy clothes and underwear for Rukina-chan, don’t you think?”
“Yeah, her clothes are tattered, and she doesn’t even have shoes.”

I could imagine the harsh environment she was in.

“It’s already late, let’s sleep.”
“Yeah, goodnight, El.”
“Goodnight, Kaito.”

On that day, three people slept on the inn’s bed.

While deeply thinking about their powerlessness.

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