Chapter 12

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Magic Smith Master
In the end, I have given up on going to the guild today as well.

Today, I intend to strike the Japanese heart, the man’s romance, a katana. Although I say strike, the level of my smithing and alchemy is high. Therefore, most things will be done with that, so I won’t be striking too much.

In the workshop, I drill 2% of Mithril and 0.6% of carbon alloy into the Orichalcum.

When doing alchemy, there are parts dependent on imagination, but an Orichalcum alloy with a homogeneous structure is completed.
This hard metal will be used as the edge and sheath metal.

I further make an alloy with increased Mithril and a slightly reduced amount of carbon, producing a tenacious toughness.

I will use this for the blade ridge and back metals.

I combine the material formed by molding magic with the fillers.

Here, I would heat the magical power furnace and stretch it into the form, but I use earth magic and strike the hammer while regulating the metal structures.

Using molding magic and polish magic, I adjust the form.

Thin on the edge side and thickly quenched on the back side. Here, I use earth magic again and temper the crystal structure of Orichalcum alloy on the edge.

I temper it at low temperatures and make final adjustments with Molding and Polish.

A dragon coils around the blade and a carving of Kurihara is about to swallow the sword tip.
At this moment, I felt as if a sacred flame dwelled inside the blade.

I use Evil Treant wood and make a hilt and a scabbard. I use the wyvern’s patagium like a sharkskin leather on the hilt and coil the hilt wrap around it. I made the hilt wrap by twisting spider silk and mithril thread together.
I made the scabbard from the leather of the rare black wyvern.

I make the guard with an adamantine alloy. I was referring to Musashi’s sword’s crescent guard when making it. In short, I copied it.

I insert a collar and reinforce the tip of the scabbard with adamantine.
I place metal fittings on the scabbard so I could attach it to the sword belt.

– Kurikara’s Tachi
Grade Mythical

Automatic Repair
Durability Enhancement
Hardness Enhancement
Slashing Attack Enhancement
Corrosion Resistance
Dark Attribute Special Attack
Light Attribute Enhancement

A Tachi with a blade length of 80cm was completed. There doesn’t seem to be any problems with balance.

I think it turned out quite well. Well, it won’t change the fact that the bardiche is going to be the main weapon.



“El! The equipment is done~!”

When I came to the living room, El was sleeping on the sofa.

“…… H, hmm, Kaito.”

When I entered the room, El was just waking up.

“You have made all the equipment?”

El asks while half-asleep.

“Yeah, would you like to try it?”

When I ask, El enthusiastically smiles.

“Yes! Yes! I will try it on!”

We move to our room.

“Do I change in front of Kaito?”

El bashfully asks.

“You are asking that now?”

I put on pants, El miniskirt, and leggings under it, then we put on the under armor, leather armor, gauntlets, and boots.
We tighten up the belts with the swords on the left side of the waist and magic guns on the right.

Lastly, we put on the robes and confirm each other’s appearances.

“So cool! Kaito!”

It seems that El likes it.

A black base with an accent of the deep green scales of a dragon.

“What is this magic gun?”

El asks while holding the silver raging behemoth in her hand.

“Magic gun is a magic tool that fires magic at high speeds. It’s a magic tool that allows releasing magic attacks of attributes you don’t even have with the pull of a trigger.”
“Isn’t that amazing! So even I can use attributes I don’t have, huh.”
“It can shoot six of them, Fire・Ice・Lightning・Earth・Wind・Light. The power also rises with the charged magical power.”

Since we have put the equipment on ourselves, El and I leave the town to do a trial shooting of the magic gun.



After confirming that there are no people around the vast meadow a little away from the town of Notos, we do test firing on a rock which is about 30m away.

By the way, meadow spreads at the south of the town of Notos. As I thought, because the Forest of Abyss is at the northern side, it seems that a strong monster will appear even though the forest is further away.

Doga! Zudon~!!

“Yep, the power steadily increases with the amount of charged magical power. The aim can also be corrected with a mental image.”

El is test-firing next to me.

Baa~n! Ban! Bachii!

Baki! Don! Ju!

El who tried firing all six attribute bullets gets unsteady.

“…… I, I feel sick.”

It seems her magical power has been dried up.

“That’s why I told you it’s still impossible for you. Unless you level up your magic system occupation and increase your magical power, you won’t be able to shoot more than six times.”
“U~~ Kaito, piggyback~”

I catch El who leans on me.

“Yes, yes.”

I carry El on my back and return to Notos.

“El, you have to raise your magician level as soon as possible. If you leave it like this, you will run out of magical power after shooting from the magic gun, and you won’t be able to use it in case of emergency, so it’s dangerous.”
“U~ I know~ Tomorrow, I will receive a request to increase my level, Kaito will help me, right?”
“Better yet, how about leveling up at the outer edge of the Forest of Abyss? The monsters here are strong, your level and skills will quickly advance.”
“Not possible, not possible, not possible, not possible, definitely not possible!”

Huh? When I first met El, wasn’t she at the outer edge of the Forest of Abyss?

“No, when I saved you, weren’t you at the outer edge of the Forest of Abyss? Weren’t you planning on entering the forest with the party of four?”

El at my back shakes her head left and right.

“It’s not possible to enter the forest! We ambush the weak monsters that occasionally come out of the forest!”

What to say, what patience they must have had.

“Then, are you going to train on weak monsters from this meadow?”
“Eh! There were monsters nearby!?”


You don’t have a detection skill?

“Yep, let’s postpone getting presence detection and obtain magical power perception first. Well, with the equipment you currently have, I don’t think the monsters of the meadow would be able to leave a scratch on you, though.”

In the meadow spreading in the south of the town of Notos, there are only Horn Rabbits, wolf monsters, and goblins.
Wolves and goblins gather in groups, so you just have to keep an eye on them.

“Then, I will ask for your help tomorrow.”


With a shy El on my back, I passed through the gate and went home.

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