Chapter 8

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Adventurer Registration
The next day, after finishing my morning exercise and cleaning my whole body, I went to the dining room for breakfast.

“Good morning, El.”

When I arrive in the dining room, El was already sitting at a table.

“…… Good morning, Kaito.”

Hmm? Lack of sleep?

“What’s wrong? Did you not have enough sleep? Are you okay?”

My opponent glares at me as if I’m the cause of her lack of sleep.

“…… You-”

I sit down on the opposite side to El and start eating breakfast.

“Oh right, I want to sell monster materials in the Adventurer’s Guild, would it be better after registering there?”

“…… No need to guess, they are from the monsters of Forest of Abyss, aren’t they?”

“Is that bad?.”

“Haah~ Isn’t that obvious that a rookie bringing materials from the monsters that live in Forest of Abyss would stand out? Even in the outer edge of the forest, the weakest monsters are D-rank.”
“That rank, it’s used to distinguish the strength of the monsters, right?”
“We are starting from here, huh? That’s right, they go from the bottom, which is F-rank up to the S-rank. A single goblin is F-rank.”

I thought it might be bad when I heard her, but money is necessary, so it might be inevitable to stand out to a certain degree.

“Well, I’d like to sell everything except the materials I intend to use on the equipment. I also want to borrow a workshop.”
“Well, I won’t say anything if Kaito is fine with that. By the way, what kind of monster materials do you have?”
“Do you want to hear it?”

El must have felt something, but I stop her before she could ask more.

“…… After all, I will stop there.”


Guided by Elrain, I arrive at the Adventurer’s Guild.
It’s a splendid three-story tall building made out of stone with a crossed sword and spear used as a signboard.

Elrain enters the building, and I follow after her.

The hall on the first floor is pretty wide, it has long counters with receptionists.
I line up at one of the receptionists.

“Excuse me, I would like to register.”

When I said such, the receptionist miss handed me a piece of paper.

“Welcome. In that case, please fill in this entry form. Five silver coins are necessary in order to register.”

When I look at the form, I could see the columns for name, age, race, occupation, the field of expertise, and signature.

“Do I have to fill all of them?”
“No, writing down the name, age, and the race is sufficient. However, writing your occupation and field of expertise will have more appeal when looking for a party.”

Because I currently have no plans to join a party, I fill only the minimum information.

“Yes, this is fine. Wait a moment please.”

The receptionist miss operates a magic tool, and a business-card size card comes out.

“Please, pour your magical power into this. Yes, that’s enough. This is Kaito-sama’s Adventurer Card. If you lose it, it will cost five silver to reissue a new one, so please make sure not to lose it.”

I receive the guild card.
Only the name and rank is written on the card.

“As you can see, the guild rank begins at G. Will you receive a request right away?”
“Excuse me. I would like to split the reward from this with Kaito.”

Elrain hands over the bandits’ cards to the receptionist.

“…… This is, yes, I have confirmed it. The reward for the bandit subjugation is one gold coin and one silver plate, how would you like to divide it?”
“Then, give Kaito six silver plates and five to me.”
“Certainly. Wait a moment please.”

The receptionist miss intends to leave from her seat.

“Excuse me. I’d like to request you to purchase my monster materials, but they are not dismantled, is that alright?”
“It’s all right. The material purchase counter is on the far right.”
“No, the quantity is too large, so.”

The receptionist miss makes a doubtful expression. That’s given, I came empty-handed.

“I understand. I will guide you to the warehouse.”

The receptionist miss guides me to a huge warehouse.

“Please, take them out here.”

Urged by the receptionist miss, I line up the monsters in the warehouse.

Gigant Rock Boar ×1
Killer Mantis ×5
Giant Centipede ×3
Huge Spider ×36
Forest Viper ×3
Forest Tiger ×1
Shadow Panther ×4
Killer Ape ×30
Emperor Ape ×1
General Ogre ×2
Ogre ×56
Grand Lesser Dragon ×2
Wyvern ×1

“Would this much be alright for now?”

I secured the materials necessary for my equipment and retrieved the rest.


Elrain and the receptionist miss froze without rebooting. In the meanwhile, the guild’s dismantling staff gathered around.

“Oi, look at that. The lowest are C-ranked monsters! There’s no doubt, I’m certain those are monsters from Forest of Abyss.”
“Rather than that, look at the scarce wounds! They were mostly killed with one blow. I have never seen anything so beautiful.”
“Oi, oi, there’s even Earth Dragon and Wyvern here. I have never seen Earth Dragon before.”

When the workers start making noise, the receptionist miss finally reboots.
“Please, wait a moment.”

The receptionist miss said so and ran off.


Hmm, as I thought, lining up this much is a spectacle to behold.
While nonchalantly thinking about that, El grabbed me by the collar.

“Hey! What’s the meaning of this!”

El’s bloodshot eyes are scary.

“No, I mean, I told you I have materials, didn’t I?”
“The quantity and contents are the problem!”


While criticized by El, the receptionist miss returned along with a pleasant Jiisan.

“Fumu, this is wonderful, isn’t it? Did you defeat them yourself, boy?”

Hm? While suddenly being talked to and thinking “Who?”, Jiisan introduced himself.

“Ahh, sorry about that. I’m the Guild Master here. Reynard is my name.”
“I’m Kaito.”
“Fumu, so, Kaito-kun. Did you hunt these monsters in the Forest of Abyss?」
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“…… I see. Kaito-kun, I’m sorry but with this amount, the guild’s funds won’t be enough. Therefore, I have a request, but could I ask you to divide it? Do not worry, for this much material, the Merchant’s Guild and Worker’s Guild would pay a large sum too.”
“Sure, I don’t mind.”

I readily agree. There won’t be a problem even if I don’t sell it all at once. At any rate, it has been a long time since I used money and I was even able to live without it.

“I’m sorry. Then, receive your money at the reception. Please, remember it will take at least a week to assess everything.”
“I understand. El, let’s go.”

I dragged El and went towards the reception.


“Guild Master, shall we investigate Kaito-san?”

The Vice Guild Master Robert who was watching from the shadows of the warehouse asks the Guild Master Reynard if he should investigate Kaito.

“No, a long-awaited big rookie finally appeared. If we poorly snoop around and he leaves Notos because of that, it would be a big loss for this town.”
“However, he’s a G-rank that registered just today. Moreover, it appears he’s still only fourteen years old.”
“Don’t worry, his ability is the real thing. I don’t know about when I was on active duty, but the load is too heavy for the current me.”

Robert was making ‘are you joking’ expression, but Reynard’s expression was serious.

“How is he compared to Reynard-sama who once reached S-rank?.”
“I would win if I were in my active duty years, but we should be on equal ground now.”

Reynard says cheerfully.

“To that degree……”

“Furthermore, he’s still growing. How strong can he get, I’m looking forward to it.”


I receive 100 Platinum coins at the reception.

(Ohh, that would be 1 billion yen in Japan, I suddenly became rich.)

When I handed all of the bandit subjugation reward to El, she received it with a staggering smile.

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