Chapter 3

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Undead Knight and Spirit Queen
As usual, I finish the practice that became my morning routine, and while washing my face outside, I suddenly felt intense pressure.

(Crap, crap, crap, impossibleimpossibleimpossible, I definitely can’t win.)

Instincts are telling me to run away, but my legs are trembling, and I can’t move.
The pressure I felt suddenly vanishes as if it were never there.


When I turn around in a panic, a being stood there.

Wrapped in a silver full plate armor, a knight towering at two meters high, holding a gigantic halberd in his hands appeared before me.
But, this knight isn’t normal. No, he’s not a person.

“You, what is your name?”
“Eh, u, umm, my name is Kaito.”

Being suddenly asked my name, I end up normally answering.

“My name is Dolfares. I’m sure you have already noticed, but I’m not a human anymore. I’m the so-called undead monster.”

According to Dolfares, he was a knight commander of a country that fell five hundred years ago.
Despite being the shield that protects the country, he could not fulfill his duty. It appears that he became undead monster before he noticed because of that regret.
I somehow felt it, but this land is apparently a special land after all.
It’s a holy land blessed by the Spirit Queen. Just by simply staying in this place, Dolfares is deprived of his power because he’s undead, and it seems he’s destined to disappear soon.

“While I was waiting to perish, an opportunity to ascend to heaven appeared.”
“Eh, what do you mean?”

What does he mean? Ascend to heaven? Is he talking about entering Nirvana?

“I have a regret. I wasn’t able to train anyone who could inherit my move. There was no possibility to meet people in this land, so I was just awaiting my destruction, but then, I met you. How about it, won’t you receive my teachings?”
“Even though you are an undead monster, how can you be so rational? Are there rational ones among monsters?”

I asked what I found curious. In this past year, all of the Onehorn Rabbits I found attacked me at sight. Therefore, I thought that monsters are like that.

“The reason I have preserved my rationality is coincidence piled upon coincidence. Monsters attack people without exception. Undead on a holy land like this, far from retaining rationality, it would be already annihilated. But, thanks to being a Holy Knight while alive, not only did I not disappear, I have even retained my rationality.”

Is that so? But, won’t he really disappear if he stays here?

“Won’t Dolfares-san die if you stay in this place?””
“That can’t be helped. If I leave this place, I will lose my rationality and become a normal monster. I would like to stay a Knight until the end.”

Dolfares-san says that his sword and spear skills are of a high level. My job and skills will apparently train faster with a stronger opponent.
I should be the one asking him.

“Dolfares-san, could you please train me?”
“Thank you, Kaito. I shall make you into stronger warrior than me.”


Like this, I was able to get a master.
It’s only limited time master and student relationship, but I shall utilize a short time effectively and inherit master’s skills.

“The long reach weapon Kaito chose is bardiche, but it’s a good choice. Particularly, the balance between ax and spear parts of the bardiche is good. You must train in both ax technique and spearmanship, but it’s an effective weapon.”
“Thank you very much.”
“The objective is to train you, but training long reach weapon comes first. I will train you in swordsmanship and martial arts after that. I would also like to train you in the body reinforcement and resistance abilities if possible.”
“What about magic?”
“I’m unable to teach you magic. The only recovery and holy magic I could use are not usable anymore since I became undead. I will train you in the occupations, from Warrior to Swordsman and Knight, and Thief if the training progresses fast enough. I’m sorry, but you will have to train magic skills and occupations when you have free time.”


That being the case, the strict training of Master Dolfares begun.

Unlike when I trained by myself, training with bardiche and sword became the main points.

Every day, we would mock battle until I get worn out, then I would recover with the potions I made. We repeat only that. On the way, I learned the Priest job, so recovery magic replaced the potions.
Then, as my body is becoming sturdy, I was able to acquire skills.




I’m flicked off by Master Dolfares’ halberd and roll on the ground.


I somehow raise my shaking body. At this time, in the place where only Master and I are, I felt a presence that is obviously not a monster nor person.
Master Dolfares seemed to understand it too, he was not panicking.

“…… Fumu, how rare for her to appear before people.”

When I turn towards the direction Master Dolfares is looking, I saw a beautiful girl approaching us from the lake.
Although tremendously beautiful, she definitely wasn’t a human.

“…… Spirit?”
“The Spirit Queen ruling this land.”

Saying such, Master Dolfares kneels down and bows his head.


(How rare. Rational undead and visitor from afar. Seeing a master and student relationship between a monster and man is first even for me who lives for eternity.)
“Spirit Queen-sama, forgive me for polluting this land with my undead body. If possible, please overlook me for four more years.”

Master Dolfares bows his head, so I do the same.

(I just came to see because it seemed fascinating. Four years is an instant for me. I permit you to stay in this land. The visitor from afar boy was invited here by God, someone like me can’t do anything about that.)
“Invited by God?”
(That’s right, you are an existence invited to this world by God.)

Spirit Queen-sama answers my unconscious mutter.

“For what reason was I brought to this world? Is there something I must do?”

I asked the question I wanted to know since I came to this world.

(Someone like me can’t clearly grasp the God’s will. However, I think you weren’t brought here in order to do something. Because you should have reached your purpose the moment you were invited here, you may live freely in this world.)

I see, listening to Spirit Queen-sama’s words, I felt relieved.

(I had an enjoyable time after a long while. This is my present to you.)

When Spirit Queen-sama said so, a light entered my body.

“Thank you for granting divine protection to my disciple.”

Dolfares-san speaks words of gratitude again.

Before I noticed, Spirit Queen-sama vanished.


After that, when I asked Master Dolfares about Spirit Queen-sama’s divine protection, he told me it increases the power of Attribute Magic, and above all else, it seems to be able to invalidate almost all abnormal states (Poison・Paralysis・Curse・Charm・Petrification・Disease).

“It’s wonderful divine protection, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, until this point of time, there shouldn’t be anyone who possesses Spirit Queen-sama’s divine protection. However, to think Kaito was a visitor from afar. I finally understand why a child-like Kaito was in a place like this.”
“I’m sorry. It feels like I was hiding it from you.”
“What, a trifling thing. As Spirit Queen-sama said, it’s fine for Kaito to live freely in this world. Well, the forest beyond this mountain is called the Forest of Abyss, it’s a forest where powerful monsters run rampant, it’s a place where people can’t set feet.”

It seems I was brought to an even more terrible place than I thought.

“I have to acquire enough ability to pass through that forest, huh.”
“Don’t worry, Kaito will be fine.”

With Master Dolfares’s guarantee, the intense training continued again.

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