Chapter 2

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Let’s Set a Goal
While spending every day absorbedly, ten days passed since I arrived in a different world.

Fortunately, I found rock salt deposit, and because I was able to refine it with alchemy, I have obtained a large quantity of beautiful, white salt.

Bun bun bun bun!

Waking up together with the sunrise, practice swinging with a wooden sword and practicing magical power manipulation has become my daily routine.
Compared to hunting with magic, it’s difficult to increase the warrior level just by practice swinging with the wooden sword, though.

Finishing the morning practice and after eating breakfast, I begin the morning magic practice.

After practicing lots of magic during the morning, I have lunch and drink herbal tea. They are herbs I found at shallow places of the forest, but I found no problems after checking them with the appraisal. I think the taste is so-so.


“I have to decide on a future objective, don’t I?”

I don’t plan to live confined in this place all alone my whole life. No matter how you look at it, that’s too lonesome.
I don’t know whether this is a continent or an island, but because of the『Different World Guide』knowledge, I know that there’s a large continent with many countries.

“I have to polish my fighting skills first, don’t I? In addition, since I have a smithing skill and knowledge, and since there’s a furnace, I should improve my equipment. After that, increasing my medicine level and stockpiling on potions would be good.”

I have decided on a rough objective.
JOBs that take priority to level up are Warrior – Magician – Blacksmith – Doctor. After that, I decided to think about it when necessary.




After setting goals and training various JOBs and SKILLs, a year has passed since I arrived in this world all too soon.

“Search Ore Orichalcum (Ore Detection).”

I have been mining various ores during this year. I use earth magic to find Iron – Copper – Silver – Mithril – Orichalcum – Adamantite ores for smithing practice and production.

“Oh, quite a nice place discovered!”

I extract the ore with earth magic.

“Ooh, I got my hands on quite a big one. Somehow, gathering rare metals has become my hobby, didn’t it?”

I store a fist-size Orichalcum in the item box.
Orichalcum is particularly rare and finding a fist-sized ore is unusual.

During this year, besides magic, I have worked hard on the Blacksmith and Doctor occupations.


NAME Kaito | Human
HP 380/380
MP 1,220/1,220
JOB Warrior Lv.10 | Magician Lv.20
STR 240
DEF 140
INT 680
AGL 165
DEX 315
MEN 540

Swordsmanship Lv.2 | Daggers Lv.2 | Spearmanship Lv.2 | Martial Arts Lv.1
Throwing Lv.3
Body Reinforcement Lv. 2 | Presence Concealment Lv.3
Attribute Magic | Magic Power Manipulation Lv.4
Fire Magic Lv.2 | Water Magic Lv.3 | Earth Magic Lv.3
Wind Magic Lv.4 | Ice Magic Lv.2 | Lightning Magic Lv.3
Light Attribute Lv.3 | Darkness Magic Lv.2
Space-time Magic Lv.2 | Non-Attribute Magic Lv.3
Bestowal Magic Lv.3 | Sealing Magic Lv.2
Magical Power Perception Lv.3
Smithing Lv.3 | Compounding Lv.3

Continent Common Language | Appraisal Lv.3
Item Box

Villager Lv.10
Warrior Lv. 10 | Magician Lv.20 | Hunter Lv.6
Doctor Lv. 10 | Alchemist Lv.10 | Blacksmith Lv.10


I have considerably grown towards the magic occupation.

I have to train a little bit more in the fighting…… I have confirmed that there are woodlands where powerful monsters run rampant on the opposite side of this land surrounded by mountains.
The current me is not enough, I know I wouldn’t be able to survive.


The Magician JOB reached the level limit. Beginner JOBs seems to have a level limit of 20. The intermediate JOB of Magician is Wizard.
Would a Sage be after Wizard? I feel like I would have to train in priest type occupations in order to become a Sage.


Since I have gathered ores and medicinal plants, let’s return to the cabin and make preparations for equipment production.


When I return to the cabin, I draw a magic circle with powdered magic stones I made with alchemy.
I place ores on top of it and pour magical power in the magic circle. Doing that, it splits into several types of ingots and impurities.

“Steel made from iron sand, Mithril, Orichalcum, Adamantine, yep, I have collected quite a lot, but it feels weird. Being able to mine such valuable metals like that leaves me with an uncomfortable feeling.”

Just as Kaito senses, this place has without a doubt a special soil.

Kaito also faintly feels that there’s some kind of power within the lake, but he hasn’t touched it yet.

He doesn’t notice the sacred atmosphere of this place because he knows only this place.

Another thing, an unsuitable existence for this place was observing Kaito, but because the existence is far superior to Kaito, he hasn’t noticed it yet.


“What should I make next? A katana is a romance for a Japanese man, isn’t it?”

Kaito speaks of himself as Japanese, but his appearances are not that of Japanese anymore.
The silky smooth silver hair and his facial features already changed when he became Kaito of this world. His emerald green eyes look far from Japanese.
The first time Kaito noticed his appearances in the reflection of the lake, he screamed.
Still, the sense of almost forty years old Japanese man couldn’t simply disappear.

“I want to make a proper spear, or should I try a bardiche? Let’s try making a steel one.”


After that, I turn towards the small magical power furnace and starts making throwing knives.
Because throwing knives are close to consumable items, I make them in my spare time.
Although I train the Hunter occupation, I don’t touch a bow.

After making the knives, I run a test piece of bardiche. It can thrust just like a spear, and the massive ax blade can crush hard armor. The blade created with the production technique of katana is also seriously sharp.

Making steel from iron sand and charcoal, removing oxygen by low-temperature reduction, removal of impurities, homogenization of structure, and adjustment of the amount of carbon was done in one go with magic.
Because the used furnace is magical power furnace, I leave the carbon reduction to magic.
Molding a sword blade was done from all aspects, clay hardening and tempering actually took place. When relying on magic for everything, the blade pattern won’t be formed.
However, the transformation from heating to martensite structure by quenching and tempering to restore flexibility is not possible without the support of magic for him.
The only reason he doesn’t make everything with magic, but by hand is “As expected, it won’t look good without a nice blade pattern” just the problem of appearances.

A bardiche too heavy for the eight years old Kaito was completed, but he compensates with the Body Reinforcement.

I enchant it with Slashing Attack Reinforcement・Durability Enhancement・Rust Proof・Automatic Restoration. In order to increase my Bestowal Magic level and JOB level, I enchant it as much as possible.


Bun! Bun! Buun!

In order to check the usability, I go out of the cabin and swing the finished bardiche.

“Ooh, indeed, not only Axe Technique, but it trains Spearmanship and Swordsmanship as well. Yeah, let’s make my long reach weapon a bardiche.”


There was a person watching Kaito who wielded his bardiche in a good mood from far away.
Wrapped in a silver full plate armor and a halberd in his hand.


“… I don’t know why there’s a child all alone in this land, but this is my only opportunity. …… Six years…… no, he seems to have talent, I can somehow manage four years…… I’m looking forward to it, I’m feeling so uplifted for the first time in five hundred years. Kukkukku.”

The existence observing Kaito left to make preparations for its objective.

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