Chapter 1

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If Nothing Else, I will Secure Food
After finishing checking the indoors, securing the food is next.

(However, even if I have a sword, hunting won’t be possible)

For the meantime, Kaito endures with hard bread and dried meat and starts practicing magic.


(If I’m not mistaken, the power and latitude depends on the vividness of the image)

Kaito recalls the knowledge engraved by the Introduction to Magic.
Attribute Magic also has levels, the higher the level, the more difficult the magic is to control.
Naturally, it’s related to the level of the magical power manipulation, so in order to use high-level magic, both the attribute magic and magical power manipulation have to be on a high level.

“First, let’s attempt the magical power manipulation.”

Sitting cross-legged on the hilltop, I feel the magical power while meditating. The reason I’m sitting cross-legged and meditating is because I thought it was a good idea.

A short time later, I was able to feel something I consider to be the magical power flowing in my body.
The image Kaito was imagining is an image of carefully kneading chakra and wrapping it around his body.

When the sunlight darkened and the surroundings became dark, I gradually became able to move the magical power around my body freely.


A sphere of light floated in front of my eyes.

“Ooh, I succeeded.”

I decided to move the sphere of light and return to the cabin.

“Let’s eat.”

I scoop water from the water jug, get the hard bread and dried meat and eat.

“…… It’s not tasty……”

There, I faceplanted the table and lost consciousness.
I have forgotten, but I have only 20 MP. It appears you lose consciousness when magical power gets depleted.

When I wake up, I confirm my status.


NAME Kaito | Human
HP 20/20
MP 50/50
JOB Warrior Lv.0 | Magician Lv.1
STR 10
DEF 10
INT 30
AGL 10
DEX 10
MEN 20

Body Reinforcement Lv.1
Attribute Magic | Magical Power Manipulation Lv.2
Light Attribute Lv.1 | Space-time Magic Lv.2
Bestowal Magic Lv.1 | Sealing Magic Lv.1
Smithing Lv. 1

Continent Common Language | Appraisal Lv.1
Item Box


The level of the Magician occupation went up by one. Because of that, every time the Magician raises by one level, my INT and MP increases by 20. MP seems to be the value of INT plus MEN.

When I open my eyes, it was still dark, so it doesn’t seem I have been unconscious for too long.

“Let’s sleep already.”

I decided to sleep for the rest of the day and went to the hard bed. Yep, I want to sleep on a soft and fluffy bed.


“…… Hmm, haah, my body is in pain.”

When I stretch myself and crawl out from the bed, I drink water and finish the breakfast with the same hard bread and dried meat.

In the morning, I go outside the cabin and practice magic today as well.
Just like yesterday, I begin the magical power manipulation training.


“Wind Cutter!”

I fire magic with the image of a wind blade.


The twig I aimed at was cut off beautifully.

“…… I see, I can’t imagine and fire a tornado straight away. It’s restricted to the level, huh……”

I try out magic from all attributes.
Water, I imagine and reproduce a “Water Jet”. The power is so-so, but I was able to cut a thin tree.
In fire magic, firing a 〈Fire Ball〉 was successful, but it’s still not possible to create an attack with the shape of an arrow or a spear.
Earth magic was like a sling stone. I named it suitably, “Stone Bullet”.
Because I was able to fling the ice only in a similar way to the stone, I named it “Ice Bullet”.
Lightning, an electric shock type of attack, “Thunder”.
Darkness Magic’s “Hide” is a magic that’s used to conceal my presence.

On top of Attribute Magic, I was also able to make a barrier of pure magical power. This appears to be no-attribute magic.


I train magic to the very limit, meditate and manipulate the magical power while waiting for it to recover. When the magical power recovers, I repeat the magic training again, increasing the type and freedom of magic I can use.


After eating lunch, I put the sword on my back, insert the knife to my belt and go hunting.

“Now then, I would like to eat meat soon.”

Standing in front of the forest, I use non-attribute magic, “Detection”. This is a magic thought of by imagining a radar detector, and it can be done with wind attribute, but I thought using pure magical power would be harder to detect by the enemy, so I made it non-attribute magic.

Immediately, there were reactions of several animals.

“A rabbit, deer, and a wild boar. Let’s settle on rabbit today.”

I guess the preys from the size and shape and carefully move in the direction that rabbits are supposed to be.


While careful about my footsteps, I advance through the forest and find the rabbit.

(Horn? Well, a rabbit is a rabbit, right? Ah, I have an appraisal skill, don’t I?

・Onehorn Rabbit Lv.1

(Short! …… It’s level one, so it can’t be helped?)

I face the Onehorn Rabbit that’s about 30 meters away and fire a Wind Cutter.


The Onehorn Rabbit’s head separates from its body without having a single yelp.

“Ugh, gross.”

I approach the killed Onehorn Rabbit and store it in the Item Box.


After that, I killed another two Onehorn Rabbits and a big pheasant monster called Crazy Pheasant and returned to the cabin.


I drained the blood in the behind of the cabin while enduring nausea, and cut the meat.

It was meat with no seasoning, but its taste was very delicious.

“I have to find salt, don’t I?”

Right, because salt is a matter of life or death, I have to find some urgently.
I decided to explore the surroundings tomorrow and went to bed.

I went to sleep after seeing my status and confirming today’s achievements.


NAME Kaito | Human
HP 30/30
MP 85/85
JOB Warrior Lv.0 | Magician Lv.2
STR 15
DEF 15
INT 50
AGL 15
DEX 15
MEN 35

Body Reinforcement Lv.1 | Presence Concealment Lv.1
Attribute Magic | Magical Power Manipulation Lv.2
Fire Magic Lv.1 | Water Magic Lv.2 | Earth Magic Lv.1
Wind Magic Lv.2 | Ice Magic Lv.1 | Lightning Magic Lv.1
Light Attribute Lv.1 | Darkness Magic Lv.1
Space-time Magic Lv.2 | Non-Attribute Magic Lv.2
Bestowal Magic Lv.1 | Sealing Magic Lv.1
Magical Power Perception Lv.1
Smithing Lv.1

Continent Common Language | Appraisal Lv.1
Item Box

Warrior Lv.0 | Magician Lv.2 | Hunter Lv.1


I don’t know whether it’s progressing smoothly, but I intend to go with magic in the center for the time being. To fight with a sword, the hurdle is too high.

While watching my status and thinking about tomorrow’s schedule, I fell asleep.


This land where Kaito is located is surrounded by mountains, with a lake filled with sacred water in the center, and abundant forest at the foot of the mountains.
There are no excessively dangerous monsters or animals around.

Kaito will have a valuable encounter in this land, but that is a story of a little later.

The second evening of Kaito’s arrival into the different world is fading away. Three moons floated in the night sky.

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