Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Mmm, my back hurts. Strange, my bed shouldn’t be this hard…

I slowly open my eyes… huh?
What entered my sight after opening my eyes was an attic with no ceiling boards.

This isn’t my room?

At the very least, I understand that this is not my room. My room is an apartment, so it has a ceiling.
I raised my upper half of the body from the bed, intending to look around the room, but I have noticed something even more disturbing.

My name is Shinjo Kaito, 38 years old. An ordinary unmarried salaryman. However, the body that I raised was that of a child.
I check my body in a panic.

“Am I still having a dream? Ouch!”

I normally feel pain when pinching my cheeks.

“I don’t understand.”

After looking around the room, it appears to be a small cabin.
Table, furnace, and bed, dirty floor and mountains outside the window.
I saw a few books placed on the table.
After properly checking the room, I found a large jug with water and was able to confirm water well outside. There’s a large box on the floor, so I will check that later.

Anyhow, since there are four chairs around the table, I will move there and examine the current situation.


“No good, I can’t remember anything from yesterday.”

While absentmindedly staring out from the window, I saw something like a gigantic bird flying far, far in the sky near the mountain. The size to distance ratio is ridiculous.

“… Ha, haha, transferring to a different world, that must be a joke, right? … N? Is it a transfer?”

As you know, I obviously have a body of a little child now, that of a 1st-2nd grader of elementary school.

“Let’s take a look at these books first.”

I check the books on top of the table.

“Let’s see, Different World Guide, that’s perfect for me. Also, an Introduction to Magic. Ooh, they have magic here? Next one is an Introduction to Smithing, huh, am I going to be a blacksmith? The last one, an Introduction to Medicine?”

Looking carefully, there’s a small furnace, an anvil, and hammer on the wide floor.

“… Let’s read a bit more.”

I decided to read “Different World Guide” first. I open the book with thick, gorgeous binding.


The moment I saw the characters I couldn’t understand, the book started shining, something has forced its way into my head, causing me a splitting headache.

“Haah, haah, haah, I thought I was going to die.”

When the pain lessened, the “Different World Guide” disappeared.

“…… Ah, so it’s like that?”

It appears that the pain was caused because the contents of the book entered my head. I see, this world’s calendar, currency, geography, a broad range of common sense entered my head.

“Hmm~ ‘Status’.”



NAME Kaito | Human
HP 20/20
MP 20/20
STR 10
DEF 10
INT 10
AGL 10
DEX 10
MEN 10

Space-time Magic Lv.1
Continent Common Language | Appraisal Lv.1
Item Box


“Can JOB be chosen?”

When I concentrate on JOB, a list of presently selectable occupations appears.

Villager… Basic job of production jobs.
Warrior… Basic job of battle jobs.
Hunter… Archery correction.
Magician…. Attribute magic appropriateness.
Doctor…. Medicine production correction.
Blacksmith… Weapons and armor correction.
Carpenter… Woodwork production correction.
Clothing Craftworker… Sewing, weaving correction.

First of all, I will take Warrior, and because it looks like I can take another one, I will choose Magician. As expected, I want to be a magician.

Also, I became seven years old.


“Now then, let’s read the other books.”

I timidly take “Introduction to Magic” in my hands, take a deep breath and open the book.


A splitting headache again.

“Haah, haah, haah, do I have to undergo such pain two more times?”

After reading Introduction to Magic, I suddenly became able to feel the magic.

“Is this magical power?”

Furthermore, the Introduction to Magic is a book that touched the subjects of Attribute Magic – Bestowal Magic – Alchemy – Sealing Magic.

Attribute Magic is literally magic that allows the use of Fire – Water – Wind – Earth – Ice – Lightning – Light – Darkness magic.
I think, being able to use all attributes may be unusual.

Bestowal Magic is magic that grants additional abilities to Weapons – Armor – Tools. It’s used on expensive weapons and armor.

Alchemy uses magic circles for Decomposition – Extraction – Synthesis. It seems that you can remove oxygen from iron sand to create iron, or synthesize it with carbon into steel.

Sealing Magic is a magic that engraves magic circles in materials. It’s used to make magic tools.


I had to endure the pain from the remaining two books as well. Knowledge about potions, medicine recipes and materials from the Introduction to Medicine entered my head. Knowledge about the forging methods of various metals flowed to my mind after the Introduction to Smithing. I think that I also learned Smithing Magic.

Smithing Magic is a magic that allows the adjustment of the temperature of furnace, molding, and sharpening. I learned it with Smithing Lv.1.

There are three kinds of Smithing Magic,
Molding Magic… Molding (Changing the shape of metals)
Polishing Magic… Polish (Polishing metals)
Heating Magic… Heat (Bringing metals to desired temperatures)

Appraisal and Item box were the same as in the games, so I understood them quickly.



NAME Kaito | Human
HP 20/20
MP 20/20
JOB Warrior Lv.0 | Magician Lv.0
STR 10
DEF 10
INT 10
AGL 10
DEX 10
MEN 10

Body Reinforcement Lv.1
Attribute Magic | Magical Power Manipulation Lv.1
Bestowal Magic Lv.1 | Sealing Magic Lv.1
Space-time Magic Lv.2
Smithing Lv.1

Continent Common Language | Appraisal Lv.1
Item Box


When I checked out the large wooden box that was in the room, I found tools to prepare medicine, iron sword and knife, several underwear and clothes, a little of hard bread and dried meat, carpentry tools and small leather bag.

“Is this money?”

The leather bag contained one gold coin and ten pieces of silver coins.

According to the book’s knowledge, this world’s units for the length and weight are wondrously roughly the same as Japan’s.
Incidentally, the currency units are called “Seru”, one 10 Seru Copper coin is approximately 10 Yen.
The currency is the common currency of the continent.

1 copper = 10 Seru
100 copper = 1 silver coin = 1,000 Seru
10 silver coins = 1 silver plate = 10,000 Seru
100 silver = 10 silver plates = 1 gold coin = 100,000 Seru
10 gold = 1 gold plate = 1,000,000 Seru
10 gold plates = 1 platinum = 10,000,000 Seru

There’s 110,000 Seru in the leather bag. Although it would be around 110,000 Yen in Japan, I don’t know how many days I can survive on this because I don’t know the prices of commodities.


Because I have finished checking everything in the room, I open the door and go outside.

When Kaito leaves the cabin, he looks around and mutters.

“This is…… incredible, but…… am I trapped here?”


The cabin was built on a mild hill. There was a large lake before the hill, and the surroundings are enclosed in 360 degrees by mountains.

“Is it a basin? The forest at the foot of the mountain is also dense.”

I got hungry, so I postponed the outside investigation for the time being and returned to the cabin.

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