Chapter 6

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Bandits and Adventurer Girl
My name is Elrain.
My friends call me El.

My appearances are that of a human, but I’m a quarter with one-fourth of elven blood. Because you wouldn’t know unless you take a close look at my ears, there aren’t many people who notice.

I left my home because of certain circumstances and began my activities as an adventurer in the town of Notos in the Sameiya Kingdom.

I have been receiving simple requests such as odd jobs and gathering of medicinal plants.
But, the income disappears from day to day, so I could get by just barely.

At that time, I was greeted in the Adventurer’s Guild and got invited to a party by three men.
The men invited me to hunt monsters that appear from within the outer edge of the Forest of Abyss with them.
Forest of Abyss is a first-class danger zone inhabited by powerful monsters incomparable with any other place, it’s known that the monsters become more powerful the more you go towards the heart of the forest.
By myself, I wouldn’t stand a chance even on the outer edge, but if I’m with a party, a single animal at a time might be possible.
If we hunt at least one monster from the outer edge of the Forest of Abyss, I will be able to stay at a little better inn.

I think I was impatient. I jumped out from home, didn’t get any results and lost my sight of surroundings because I couldn’t continue like that.

The bill quickly came back.
As soon as we arrived at the outer edge of the Forest of Abyss, we got surrounded by ten bandits. The three men who invited me to the party were their accomplices.

“…… You guys, the guild won’t stay silent knowing what you do!”

“There’s no need to worry because we will play with you to our heart’s content and sell you to the Gondwana Empire.”

The man from the party who invited Elrain grins.


Elrain gets attacked from behind by one of the bandits and picks up her short sword.

Dosa! Tsu!

Elrain gets thrown to the ground.

The ten bandits and three adventurers are surrounding me and grinning as if they were licking my body.

Ahh, I’m done for.

Gasa gasagasa

When I was about to bite off my tongue in despair, one boy appeared from within the Forest of Abyss.

A boy about the same age as me with silver hair, green eyes, and beautiful androgyne-like facial features.

That boy looks at us,

“Ah, umm, hello.”


He said hello and was about to leave.

“Well then, I will excuse myself first.”

“Hey! Wait a moment!”



Ah, it’s trouble after all.

“A girl is being assaulted, so help out!”

Yeah, that’s right, isn’t it? She’s being assaulted by bandits, isn’t she? Yeah, it’s a template, isn’t it?

“Oy! Brat, if you don’t want to die, leave all your money behind.”

The bandit-like, dirty man shouts at me while grinning.

Master Dolfares was telling me this so much it was troublesome.

(Kaito, what I’m teaching you are techniques for killing people. There will be cases where monsters are your opponent, but if you want to live in this world, you must not avoid it. Don’t hesitate at that time. A momentary opening leads to death. Etch this into your hearth.)

“What are you silent for!”

The man in front of me is shouting, but I’m aware of the attack from behind. He wanted to distract me, but they got found out.


A slash of a sword suddenly came from behind.


I dodged the sword without looking back and reflexively used a back fist. The man I hit flew over twenty meters away.


The man lies down on the ground without moving.
Did he die?
Because you have tried to kill me, you reap what you sow?

“”””You bastard–!””””

The bandits charged at me all at once.

However, they don’t seem strong at all. There’s really was no need to use the appraisal to check the levels of the bandits.
At any rate, these fellows are using rusty swords and axes as their weapons.

Just in case, I avoid the cooperative attack of the bandits and knock them down with a single blow.

Although a group of 13 bandits attacked me, it didn’t take more than five seconds to take them down.

Compared to Master Dolfares, it was as if they were standing in place.


“Hmph…… then, I will excuse myself first.”

I tried to leave the girl, leaving a few words behind, but I wasn’t able to leave just like that.


Well, right.
There, I take a look at the girl again and notice that the girl was a peerless beauty I have never seen before.

Golden, glittering, long hair.
Small face and blue eyes.
A spotless, fine, white skin.
Slender, long limbs and two melons.
They are melons. Melons!

“If you are helping someone, at least help until the end!”

I was spacing out, fascinated by the bishoujo, but I came back to my senses with her voice.
It appears she’s unable to stand up because of fear. Well, I think it can’t be helped. Everyone would be frightened after being surrounded by more than ten armed bandits.

“Are you okay? Can you stand up?”

I approach her and held out my hand.

“…… T, thank you.”

The girl took my hand with her face dyeing red.
After helping the girl stand up, I ask her what to do with the bandits.
I don’t know what to do in a case like this because I don’t know the common sense of this world, so I believe it would be better to leave it to her.

“So, how should we clean this up?”
“Wait a moment.”

In order to confirm the men’s condition, the girl walks around the men laying on the ground without moving.

The girl collects metal plates the size of business cards from the men’s necks.

“…… Only two are alive.”

It seems I have popped my cherry without knowing. It appears that I wasn’t able to hold back while fighting with someone who wasn’t Master Dolfares.
But, the shock was lesser than I thought. This might be because of the high mental stat, or perhaps because I got used to fighting.

“You don’t have to worry about it. It doesn’t matter whether bandits and criminals are alive or dead. Rather, considering the trouble of carrying them back to town, there aren’t many cases where they are caught alive.”

The things the girl has recovered from them appears to be status plates issued by the Adventurer’s Guild. It’s a magic tool that automatically records any criminal activity, and all bandit’s plates apparently have recorded crimes of murder, robbery, and rape.

“If handed over alive, they would be made into crime slaves, and you will get rewarded with an appropriate amount of money, but……”
“Wait a moment.”

I lightly heal the still alive bandits.

“Huh? Heal isn’t enough?”

They seemed to recover when I used High Heal.

“Then, please collect two sword belts or belts of the dead bandits. Let’s tie them up with that.”

I told the girl such, but there was no reaction. It was on my mind, so when I turned towards the girl, she was looking somewhat absentminded.
What happened? When I tilt my head, the girl suddenly started shouting.

“To be able to use recovery magic, just who are you! Moreover, a High Heal at that!”


According to the girl, it’s unheard of a common battle occupation being able to use recovery magic. The only exception is the Holy Knights, but there’s apparently only one person who has the Holy Knight occupation in this country.

Here, I suddenly start feeling doubtful and try appraising the girl.


Name Elrain von Busterk Human (1/4 Elf)
Age 15
JOB Warrior Lv.5
HP 120/120
MP 60/60


Umm, a noble? Well, leaving that aside, as I thought, she only has one occupation. The bandits also have only one occupation, either warrior or thief. It appears that I might be the only one who can set two occupations at once.

Oh, well?

I tie the hands of the still-living bandits behind their backs with sword belts.

I collect money and valuables from the corpses, make a big hole with earth magic and bury the corpses in there.
Although they would get probably eaten by monsters because we are close to the Forest of Abyss, it’s common sense to burn or bury the corpses to prevent them from turning into the undead.

The girl is making noise “What’s going on with you being able to use magic!” from behind, but let’s finish what we ought to finish first.

Eventually, we headed to the town with the two recovered bandits.
As expected, the bandits didn’t defy me and obediently did what told.

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