v3 Chapter 17

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Oh, God.
Have I done something wrong?


I sighed on my way back from the town doctor.

“Neurotic gastritis, huh…”

I looked at the bag of medication and held my head.
Lately, I’ve been experiencing frequent stomachaches, so I went to get checked.

“They say to eliminate the source of stress, but…”

The sources of stress seem to keep increasing instead of decreasing.

“I’m back… Wait, what is this?”

Upon returning to the estate, I found rows of baby clothes lined up.

“What, as you can see. We’re launching a new brand.”

“A brand…”

The children’s clothing she mentioned before.

“It’s a joint venture between Marie and Lady Eliana.”


Lady Eliana too?


“Design by Lady Eliana, tailoring by Marie, and sales by Henry.”

Not Henry.
Why is it turning into this kind of conversation?

“The models will be Young Master Alysion and Cyril.”

“So why…”

“Because they are the most suitable for advertising. And we’re also planning to open a restaurant exclusively for families with children.”

She keeps progressing with the conversation, ignoring me.
“As a matter of fact, I’ve been wanting to assemble multiple restaurants and clothing shops into one building.”



“Well, isn’t it troublesome to keep moving around? You go shopping and then want to have tea afterward. So, I discussed it with Marie.”

“What are you making her do!?”

“And then Marie suggested that if we have a spacious property and gather guilds and specialty shops, it would be more efficient. She also said that if we hire women in the borderlands who don’t have much work, it would reduce expenses.”


Marie, please don’t waste your wisdom at a time like this.
Your creativity was remarkable due to studying business and consulting during your student days.

You must be good at this, having advised and set up shops during group projects.
Even at the Ranford estate, where you weren’t paid well and were exploited by your family, you managed to navigate well thanks to your intelligence.

So why did you tell Mom!

“We were able to get a grand estate in the noble district that wasn’t being used for a bargain. This freed up the budget.”


“And there’s a guild of carpenters who were unjustly dismissed, so we’ve given them work. We’ve also reached out to other seamstresses who are looking for jobs.”

Looking at the estimate presented like this…

“Why is it so cheap?”

“We managed to keep labor costs lower than anticipated. If we have multiple workshops for fabric production in the southern regions…”

Having a workshop in the Capital comes with costs and risks.
There’s a danger of disputes arising and interference from other trading companies if you have a workshop in the Capital.

Some of these reasons include the possibility of having new ideas stolen from the workshop.

On the other hand, in the provinces, workshops can be established more affordably.

“It’s cheaper in the place of origin, and we can transport the goods by ship.”

Oh God.
Why do you keep testing me like this?

My mental stress keeps increasing.

Lately, Marie seems to be raising dangerous flags, but it’s not my fault.

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