v5 Chapter 27

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Angel and Demon
While Marie was bedridden with a fever, I worked to permanently label those two with the crime of perpetual labor.

“I will not allow them to be just exiled.”

Considering the suffering Marie endured, I can’t forgive a simple life of exile.
Even if they are rightfully convicted in court, I know they would only get around ten years of imprisonment at most.

Deprivation of status, confiscation of property?
They’re already drowning in debt and have no assets.

So what?
Marie has suffered many times more than that.

Those two pushed her to the point of making such a decision.

“If it were me, I wouldn’t choose such a lukewarm method.”

Marie is a kindhearted woman.
Perhaps that’s why she chose a separate residence until the very end.

I have nothing but resentment for those two.
That’s why I will crush them in the worst possible way.

In the public trial, I showed the world how terrible those two were and had them declared guilty.
But that alone is not enough.

Because some people judge abuse subjectively, saying it’s just discipline if the person claims it is.
Or they lacked a moral compass to judge things fairly.

So next, I need to make sure those two are recognized by the public as irredeemable villains.

People like to divide the world into good and evil.
Among them, religious beliefs and the laws of the country are particularly troublesome.

Laws sometimes protect the perpetrators.

That’s why, after exposing their disgrace in public, I had Mrs. Anita play the tragic heroine.
No matter how much sympathy they gather, it’s good as long as they don’t ruin it themselves.

Sure enough, my plan was perfect.


“Master Henry, a letter for you.”

“Oh, it’s probably from the lawyer.”

It’s likely about their behavior in prison.
I can’t imagine them behaving well, but I’ll confirm it.

“I’m truly speechless.”

The letter was just as I imagined.
Despite suffering a miserable defeat in court, they still claim they did nothing wrong, showering me with insults.

“They really seem mentally disturbed.”

“Why are they so shameless?”

“Oh, in a way, it’s a sickness.”

When I recalled the trial, their thought process didn’t seem rational.

“I’m going out now. About Marie–”

“I understand.”

I have to meet someone now.
Someone who will help ensure those two never see the sun again.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No, I haven’t waited that long.”

Hans Camero, a journalist.
He has influence in other countries and is known by exposing the wrongdoings and corruption of nobles.

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