v5 Chapter 26

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Those Who Work Behind the Scenes
While Marie remained quiet for a while, events had already unfolded.

There’s no way the women would stay quiet.

Yes, it’s absolutely impossible.

“Well then, we have decided on the living hell course.”

“Yes, we won’t make it easy for them. We will make them taste a hell worthy of wanting to die.”

In front of me, the strategy meeting had already taken place.

“So, why are we having a meeting in the attic of my mansion?”

“Oh my, Henry. How’s Marie doing?”

“She’s still recovering, so she’s sleeping.”

“I hope she sleeps for a while. I really don’t want to show those scumbags in front of her again… truly.”

As she said this, my Mom was fanning herself vigorously.

“Why is there blood on the dress…”

“Just a bit, you know?”

I have a bad feeling.
The feeling that I hope is wrong always turns out to be right.

“Don’t tell me you went to meet those two?”

“Yes, but don’t worry.”

“I can’t help it…”

When my Mom smiles with such cold eyes, it means she has done something terrible.


“This blood is a counterattack.”

“What happened! What did you do… no, I can easily imagine.”

It’s scary how easily I can imagine.

“I just had a little talk with the foolish woman who became a prisoner just a moment ago, you see? She made my skin crawl from disgust… but I thought I couldn’t leave things like this.”

“That’s unfair, you know? I wanted to meet her too.”

Lady Oriana.
She must have been planning to meet and kill them.

Thankfully, they would never allow a Royalty and a sinner meet alone.

“Haah, please don’t do anything dangerous anymore. I have already taken the initiative.”

“You are quite cunning too, Henry.”

“You deliberately prolonged the trial even though they could have been convicted earlier, didn’t you?”

Of course.
I have no intention of ending the trial easily.

That’s why I conducted a long trial, and made it a public trial where newspaper reporters and commoners could participate.
It costs money, but doing that, we manage to expose those two as villains to the maximum extent and turned the public against them.

No escaping to another country, no lightening the punishment.
Those who support them are also criticized.
And, of course, it was also to prevent anyone from cooperating with those two.

“No one is foolish enough to cooperate with her to overthrow me and my Father-in-law, but that woman is a genius when it comes to leading men astray.”

Even without a twist, I wanted to crush them thoroughly.

“If the trial ended too quickly, there would be less suffering for them.”

I drove those two to ruin in the most despicable way possible.

Yes, I used the most painful method imaginable.

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