v5 Chapter 23

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Despair is about to begin.

“You will receive an appropriate punishment, in prison.”

“What are you saying?”


Considering their actions so far, they will never get out of prison.
If they were nobles, it might have been a sentence of about ten years, but they have already become commoners, indulging in whatever they pleased, and the people of the Ranford territory won’t forgive them.
The neighboring fiefdoms would have no sympathy for two people who are no longer nobles, either.

These two have done a lot of foolish things within their social circles.

“Commoners attacking nobles is considered a serious crime in our country, not to mention the fact that you have attacked numerous nobles as well. You have assaulted the Duke’s son-in-law, insulted His Majesty’s close aide that is my Father, and tried to kill me, his daughter. There’s more.”

“Wait… that’s…”

“I have an audio recording. I have already sent it to a lawyer as well, so it’s too late.”

“Lies… that’s…”

Finally, they seemed to understand the situation.

“There are even neatly taken photos.”

I showed them a photo of when they tried to kill me.


“This is the latest device. If such a clear image is captured, even newspaper reporters can’t ignore it. The fact that you tried to murder me in broad daylight with a knife… even if you are not convicted in court, you will be seen as murderers in the Capital.”

“Marie, how could you–”

“Don’t use my name so casually.”


I overturn the nearby vase and splash water on their faces.

“What a dirty face you have. A woman with a filthy heart is detestable, both inside and out. Did you really try seducing Father with that ugly face of yours?”


“What are you talking about… Have you gone mad?”

“Marie! I can still forgive you.”

“You should be the one asking for forgiveness, Shepherd.”


They don’t seem to understand their position.
They won’t listen no matter what I say.

“You will receive retribution for playing with people’s lives.”


“I have told you to call me ‘Madam’.’ Are your ears just decorations?”

“You harmed the Madam, so do you think you’ll get away unscathed?”

Kim and Haku tried to attack the two, but…

“There’s no need to dirty your hands for such trash. They should be judged by the law.”

“You bastard! Cut it out… darn it!”

“You should cut it out, you parasite.”

“If you dare disrespect the Madam, I’ll break those arms of yours.”

They still haven’t learned anything.

“Fine. As long as it’s not lethal.”


“I told you not to call me by my first name.”

There’s no room for sympathy anymore.
It’s unbelievable how heartless and despicable this woman is.
And I’m just as terrible.

I can’t feel sorry for them.
If anything, I find myself wishing they would suffer even more.

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