v4 Chapter 22

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Day We Changed Our Destiny
On that day, I left the fief with anxiety.

“Seriously, passing by a fluke…”

I was able to enter the academy as a special student, but that person never showed a good face until the end.

“It’s an unwelcome favor from the Countess. It’s not just about exposing shame publicly. Why can’t she do this favor for Shepherd. You are already a hindrance… just being here is a bother, and you are a money drain, too.”

I studied desperately in between housework.
The Countess, who supported me, and the Headmistress at the monastery provided me with a chance.

But during that time, while the household chores increased to hinder me, I studied without sleeping. During the time when my desk was taken away, I wrote on the ground while doing garden cleaning to memorize.

Effort doesn’t betray you.
It was a phrase taught to me by my Father.

Even if that effort was rewarded, that person would never acknowledge me.

“You’ll probably get expelled from the academy soon anyway. You’re not like Shepherd. No one pays attention to you. You’re just a nuisance, a hindrance. You should just do housework at the estate.”

I understand.
I am an unnecessary existence, without value.

Nevertheless, my Father said this to someone like me.

“Do your best.”

Even with those short words, I was happy. The Countess also said that studying at the academy was necessary for my future, so I never turned back.



“Wha… Dear! What about your work.”

There was no carriage prepared for me, but my Father had the carriage ready and running. However, he didn’t look pleased.

“I finished early in the morning and rushed to get the carriage ready, so there’s no problem. I’m going to the Royal Capital for work, so we’re going together.”

“You’re being… ”

“There’s no time left. Get in.”


Departing, he closed the door of the carriage, interrupting Mother’s words.


“She doesn’t have to say such unpleasant things even at a time like this… Marie, don’t worry about it.”


A kind father.
There were dark circles under his eyes.

He must have come in a hurry.

“I wanted to attend your entrance ceremony…”

“No, it’s okay.”

That’s not possible.
My Father has important work.

“It’s enough.”

“I’ll write you a letter every day.”

It must be tough every day.
He’s busy, yet he forces himself.

“And if some strange man talks to you, scream… oh, I’m worried. I hope you don’t attract any weird pest.”

No gentleman would talk to me like that.

“My cute Marie.”


But, even if just a little, my heart felt lighter.

“This is my gift to you. It’s a matching fountain pen and dictionary for both of us. Study hard.”

“Yes, Father.”

I carefully stored the differently colored fountain pen in my bag that he gave me as a gift.

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