v4 Chapter 21

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Moving Marie
Life is fulfilling.
Cyril is growing up healthy, without any illness.

Members of the Royal family and their relatives aren’t at ease until the children are at the age of three.
Especially within the first 10 months of birth, it’s said to be challenging due to fevers and illnesses, but Cyril has had none of that.

In fact, other doctors also examined him, and they said it’s rare to see a baby so healthy.
Young Master Elysion was also healthy and thriving, but it’s generally challenging for Royalty to grow up well.

The reason identified was the diet.
Because they are Royalty, immediately after birth, the baby is separated from the mother and raised in a separate room, causing stress to the baby. Additionally, introducing solid food, claiming it’s good for the body, is not ideal.

A balanced diet with a focus on vegetables, moderate exercise, and going outside, not staying confined to a room, are important.

I don’t intend to criticize the upbringing of high-ranking nobles. However, there are many areas for improvement, such as the burden on the mother’s body, and the negative impact on the child due to poor marital relations.

Well, it’s not good to be too concerned.

“Lady Marie.”


“A letter has arrived for you.”

“Thank you.”

Upon receiving the letter and checking the back, it was from the Guild back in the Ranford territory.

“It seems I haven’t aroused suspicion.”

I secretly investigated that person without Henry’s knowledge.


Dania Ranford.

“I need to be prepared just in case.”

I can’t rely on Henry completely. I have to make preparations for when I need to act.

“I won’t call you ‘mother’ anymore. Dania Ranford.”

I gripped the letter and made a vow.
By letting those two roam freely, more victims will be added to their list.
So, I must settle this with my own hands.

“I share the same blood as that person… but I won’t become like her.”

I was the one who was hurt.
That’s why I can understand the feelings of those who suffer in the same way.

I will never become like them.

“I remember the words Henry said to me that day when he tried to give up everything for my sake.”

Yes, the day I couldn’t escape from the curse of those two.
Recalling the events of that day when, despite having temporary freedom, I couldn’t be completely free.

“If I hadn’t met Henry, I would have been a puppet. Because of those two…”

Henry, who changed my fate.

It all began when I was 13 years old.

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