v4 Chapter 20

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Parenting Henry
Today, the sky is clear, and my stomach is on the verge of collapsing.

“How do they taste, Henry?”

“Ah, they’re sweet.”

“I incorporated fruit instead of sugar.”

We were currently devising sweets that even infants can eat.
The melting-in-the-mouth bolo cookies were a great success, but we wanted to make something more nutritious.

By the way, we didn’t use honey either.

“These cookies are truly delicious. I would love to request them for the next Royal tea party.”

“Duke, these are children’s sweets.”

“But these bolo are being served every day as His Majesty’s sweets.”

“Bolo are…”

No way!
Are you eating children’s sweets?!

“By the way, His Majesty’s favorite are caramel tarts.”

“Caramel tarts…”

One of the simplest sweets among commoners.
So he likes something like that!

“Apparently, it’s a childhood memory, it was the first time a friend made something for him.”

I had a bad feeling.
Childhood memories and friends.

I didn’t want to think about it.
Moreover, right now, those people were all in a meeting.

They must be devising a dreadful plan.

“It’s really delicious. Miss Marie is a recipe genius.”


“Not really…”

“Don’t be so modest. You are popular even in high society.”

Lady Eliana seems to have regained her energy. It’s hard to believe she used to be shy and frail just a while ago.
Now, she has gained confidence and can retort to those who used to ridicule her.
She was always intelligent, but there must have been a change in her mindset.



The two infants, Cyril and Elysion, who wanted cookies, reached out from my lap.


“They eat so well. But they had enough… Hey, don’t give them any more.”

Cyril handed bolo to Young Lord Elysion next to me.
These two really get along well.

“Mhm, Henry, you’re better at taking care of babies than maids.”

“Yeah… if it were a maid, they would cry.”

It’s not something to get too upset about, but it’s hard to be fully happy.

But if thinking about the meeting that’s probably taking place in the palace is causing me to be down, it’s better to be comforted.

Marie probably doesn’t know.

When His Majesty the King and Lady Oriana gather for tea and discuss matters, it’s when they’re planning something terrifying.

At this timing, it’s probably a plan to eliminate that idiotic mother and child, but with His Majesty and Lady Oriana involved, it’s likely they’re planning something worse than death.

But I haven’t told Marie because I don’t want to burden her too much, and it’s still in the planning stage.
Their plan hasn’t been executed yet… is what I wanted to believe, but I underestimated them.

I didn’t realize that the revenge drama had already begun when Mother bought the Ranford territory.

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