v5 Chapter 28

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Reporter
The trial may be over, but it’s not the end of everything.
Those two need to be prevented from returning to the Capital ever again.

We must brand them as villains to ensure they are not erased from people’s memories.

“Thank you for accepting the meeting this time.”

“That’s my line.”

He, known as a journalist, was originally a lower-ranking noble but became a commoner to expose various wrongdoings in society, sometimes turning them into books.

His articles resonate with many people.
Fighting with just a pen, he’s truly remarkable.

“Now, could you please share your story?”

“What should I start with?”

“Tell me more about last month’s trial.”


It was a story after we protected Marie in the separate residence.



After arresting them on the spot, those two were thrown into prison.
Despite having committed numerous crimes, they couldn’t afford a competent lawyer.

However, a lawyer was prepared for them by the country.
It’s natural to have a lawyer for the perpetrators in a fair trial.

So we came up with a plan.

Rather than hiring a third-rate lawyer, we reached for a second-rate one.


“Why did you–”

“Lady Eliana, please calm down. This is to advantageously present guilt in the trial.”

“What do you mean, Lord Diaz?”

Even Lady Oriana also seemed puzzled.

“If the trial is too one-sided, it will be criticized as a manipulated trial.”

“That’s… well…”

“That’s why, instead of a third-rate lawyer, we chose a second-rate one to make the opponent relax to some extent in the first half. Then, we strike when they let their guard down. That delicate balance is crucial.”

Normally, you would pay them off and send your own lawyer, but we need to move cautiously.

“What matters is how many people we can draw to our side… and how we can sway the judge’s decision.”

To render a judgment without any sympathy, even if it means sometimes criticizing Marie, the victim.

For those who don’t know the circumstances, it might seem like Marie has issues too, and that’s where the key lies.

“We need to make sure those two become irredeemable villains without overdoing the accusations. Leave it to me.”

Involving Lady Oriana and the others in this is not advisable.
They are high-ranking nobles and Royalty, so them showing vulnerability to opposing factions of nobles is out of the question.

That’s why only I can move, and…

“Is it my turn?”

“I’m counting on you, Mom.”

It was Mom’s turn, who had been continuously criticized in high society.

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