v5 Chapter 30

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Trial (2)
Testimonies in court can change frequently.
Therefore, the most effective means to reveal the truth is through evidence and exhibits.

“What I have submitted is a letter sent by them to my wife at that time.”


“I request handwriting analysis of this letter.”

If it’s proven that the past letters weren’t written by the person, it could be the end.
However, to ensure neutrality, I requested handwriting analysis to be performed.

“I have no doubts that the letter addressed to my wife shortly after our engagement was indeed written by her.”

“Very well.”

With the judge’s permission, handwriting analysis was conducted, confirming that it matched the person’s writing.

“I will read the letter.”

The letter was returned to me, and I read the humiliating content written at that time.

“Marie, you are being deceived.”


Dania started to protest, but it was meaningless.
I read the letter while hiding my emotions.

“No man who truly loves you exists. The man named Henry doesn’t love you anyway. Because you are unloved by anyone. Live for Shepherd and also die for him… Just listen to me. That’s the only value you have. Your happiness exists for us.”

Amidst the commotion, I decided to read other letters.
Letters from after our marriage.

Locked in the territory, a letter Shepherd wrote to Marie.

“We’re short on money. Can’t you prepare more? Making a fool of me… you are so useless. Earn your keep, even by selling your body if necessary. That’s the only way you’re of any use to me. Marrying a man like that was disgraceful on your part.”



“This failure, who is a shame just for being born, dares to embarrass me further. He doesn’t even have the worth to live like our Father.”

“Stop… no more!”

Shepherd also protested, but he was restrained.

“How terrible.”

“This is brutal… How could they be so cruel.”

Nobles and commoners participating in the trial expressed their disdain.

“To his sister, his own blood.”

“The mother is not human either.”

“I always thought something was off. How come Lady Marie always wore dirty clothes?”

“Such trash of a human being!”

Everyone condemned Dania, which was expected.
However, this wouldn’t be the end.

“You! What’s your intention?”

“Yeah… these kinds of letters.”

As anticipated, they berated me.
That’s why I decided to put on a performance.

“Why would you hurt my wife so much… I always wanted your approval. I respected you…”


“I liked you both. That’s why I endured everything, even without a proper wedding ceremony…”

Acting as if I were the tragic hero, I continued.
Even though they blamed me, if I smiled sadly, my allies would naturally turn towards me.
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