v3 Chapter 16

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Ingenious Idea
At first, I was just a conversation partner, receiving special treatment as the Duchess’s friend.

Sometimes I would visit the Duchess together with Cyril.

We talked about childcare, discussing the upbringing of Lady Eliana’s child, and even seeking advice on new baby clothes.

“Lady Marie, how about this design?”

“Oh my, that’s a lovely hat. You indeed have a great artistic talent, Lady Eliana.”

Lady Eliana, who enjoyed embroidery as a hobby, had splendid ideas and an exquisite sense of aesthetics.

“Using Margaret as a motif would be nice.”

“Lilies would be lovely too.”

It was enjoyable to discuss and brainstorm ideas for our sons’ clothing.
Lately, Lady Eliana’s health had improved, and under the condition of having escorts, she had started going out to town for shopping trips.

She had been quite sheltered until now.


“Cyril, that’s enough.”


Currently, my child has transitioned to eating solid foods, but Cyril eats a lot, which presents a bit of a challenge.
However, I’m careful not to let him overeat.

On the other hand, Young Master Alysion has a small appetite and disliked vegetables.

“Young Master Alysion, please have some vegetables.”


“This is troubling.”

Cyril didn’t have strong likes or dislikes when it came to food, but Young Master Alysion had a significant aversion to vegetables.
Conversely, he had a strong fondness for sweet fruits.

“Madam, it didn’t work.”

“This is troublesome. He won’t eat any vegetables at all.”

Recently, his preferences had become quite strong, and if forced to eat something he disliked, he would throw a tantrum.

However, if his picky eating continued, it could become quite problematic.


“Let’s finish with the pudding.”



Since he had eaten too much, I decided that the pudding would be the last thing Cyril eats this time, when Young Master Alysion stretched out his hands.



He reached out towards Cyril, who was eating the pudding.

“Could it be that you want pudding?”

“Madam Marie, may I have a little?”


This pudding was made from pumpkin, so I wondered if it would suit Young Master Alysion’s taste.


“This is pumpkin pudding.”

“I don’t mind.”

In the end, I gave in and offered Young Master Alysion the untouched pumpkin pudding.


“Madam, it seems to be well-received.”

“Oh my, that seems to be the case, doesn’t it, Alysion?”

Young Master Alysion, who disliked vegetables, seemed to want more pudding.

Could it be that he disliked the bitterness of vegetables?

“Perhaps he might eat this?”

I handed him a baby biscuit.

“It seems he’s enjoying it.”

“My, oh my!”

If he disliked vegetables, then turning them into sweets might make him eat them.

I think I’ve come up with a good idea.

“Lady Eliana, I’ve thought of a good idea.”

Perhaps, if my idea is correct, we might be able to cure Young Master Alysion’s aversion to vegetables.

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