v3 Chapter 18

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Department Store Planning
In a certain Empire, there exists something called a department store.
However, their number is small, and successful examples are few, often resulting in closures.

Creating a department store can lead to many troubles, and if customers drift away, it can lead to debts.
However, by capturing the hearts of customers not through profit-driven merchant ideals but by offering genuinely high-quality goods, it should be possible to sustain the business over the long term.

“The rough sketch is finished.”

“My, the exterior design is chic.”

“Yes, we modeled it after a Royal villa. It’s square in shape, with minimal decoration, but we want to focus on creating a beautiful garden.”

“You can have tea in the garden.”

“Yes, we are ensuring there is a space where children can also enjoy themselves.”

Entering a store with small children can be difficult.
Even in branded stores in the Capital, they might be denied entry.

“Nobles usually have maids. But I want even non-wealthy noble ladies and merchants to be able to enjoy it.”

“That’s a good point.”

It might be hard to imagine for Lady Eliana, as a Royalty, that having maids around is not a given.

“Additionally, we would like to provide stroller rentals so that parents can stroll around with their children.”

Strollers weren’t commonly used around the territory.
The reason being that it’s difficult to navigate rough terrain like fields with a stroller.

Strollers available in the Capital are much older and harder to handle.

“I’m thinking of asking a skilled Carpenters’ Guild for help.”

“It’s certainly challenging to shop while holding a child.”


You would want to go shopping with your child and enter cafes together.
I also want to take Cyril to shops and have tea to create lasting memories.

And I would want to take my time selecting clothes, too.

“But there seem to be various challenges.”

“We will need to hire women with childcare experience, and there are associated risks.”

The Capital is lined with many branded stores.
Just doing what everyone else does won’t set us apart, and we won’t target only nobles.

There are commoners who have money, too.
In a way, merchants are wealthier than nobles.

“Lady Marie, this is truly wonderful.”


“You have such brilliant ideas.”

Lady Eliana is overestimating me.
It’s still in the planning stages, and other noble daughters could come up with similar ideas.

“No, it’s because you always put the customers first, Lady Marie.”

“I hope I could do that.”

“Please let me assist you.”

I smiled as she grasped both of my hands.

Lady Eliana has become so much brighter recently, and it’s truly heartening. However, I had no knowledge of things like Henry clutching his stomach somewhere unknown to me.

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