v3 Chapter 19

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Thoughts of the Chief Steward
My name is Samuel Hyuman.
I am the second son of a Count and graduated from the Royal Academy. Afterward, I became a bureaucratic assistant and steadily climbed the ranks to become an advisor to the King.

During my time at the Academy, the Capital fell into chaos due to petty disputes among the Royal family members.
I heard that the guardianship of the heirs led to conflicts, escalating to the point where those with claimed the throne were manipulating events.

An annoying situation, to say the least.

However, a savior appeared.
It was the prince, who had been ignored at the palace at that time.

That oppressed individual, along with his friends, rose up and quelled the turmoil.

… Or so the rumors say.
In less than a decade, he reformed the nation, revitalized trade with other countries, and was now hailed as the Hero King.

But in reality, there were behind-the-scenes contributors.

“Oh why, Dee… why won’t you come to see me? Sniff.”

“Your Majesty, your duties…”

“I don’t feel like it. I don’t want to work today.”

“Your Majestyyy!”

The steward’s eyes teared up as he implored the King, who lounged lazily at his desk, to work.

This foolish King!
He’s called the Hero King or the Wise King by the public, but those are just rumors.

“Excuse me.”

“Count Monhan?”

“I’ve brought the documents for next month’s budget and the matters concerning the dignitaries from the allied nations.”

Lord Diaz Monhan appeared quietly.
In the social circles, hardly anyone remained unaware of him.

Of course, I was one of them.


“Your Majesty, I’ve brought the next set of documents. I also brought some snacks… Is your work still ongoing?”


“It’s nearly done, so I have some spare time.”

At that moment, everyone present thought the same thing.

(Yeah, right!)

He hadn’t done any work until just now!

Although he said he was almost done for the day, he hadn’t even finished half of today’s tasks, I thought.

“Lord Samuel…”

“Ugh, why is he suddenly motivated now of all times?”

He rapidly cleared the documents from sight, his speed invisible to the eye.
His Majesty was exceptional, but he rarely listened to us or paid attention to our conversations.

However, thanks to this, he didn’t fall for the ministers’ sweet whispers either.
Even if they wanted to manipulate him, they couldn’t tempt him.

He could avoid wars with innovative ideas or launch them to win.

But it became problematic during official duties.

Yet, our consistent efforts were acknowledged by the heavens.
A person with a straightforward and righteous nature descended upon us.

“Count Monhan! Thank you very much.”

“Huh? What’s the matter, Lord Samuel?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

The one person who could reprimand that tyrant.
Among the Ministerial Council and the Generals, there was barely anyone who His Majesty would listen to.

Indeed, he was our savior!

Since his arrival in the Capital, our workload has decreased.

Thank you, God!

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