v3 Chapter 20

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Thoughts of the Brilliant Count’s Daughter (1)
My name is Mirial Felt.
I was the second daughter of the Count’s family and from a middle-class noble family.

From a young age, I was misunderstood by those around me.
Outsiders spread rumors that my sisters and I had a bad relationship, and they even said baseless things like that my parents didn’t love me.

After graduating from academy, I ran around to distant territories and engaged in trade to support my family.
My elder sister was already married and lived near our home, while my younger sister was preparing to welcome an live-in son-in-law as the excellent heir she is.

The prospective son-in-law was our childhood friend.
However, it was only I, the second daughter, who was rumored to have no engagement, which led to gossip in high society.

“Hey, did you hear?”

“Yes, I heard. The rumors about Young Lady Mirial.”

“How unfortunate.”

As I began to appear more in high society in place of my sister, I was increasingly subjected to baseless rumors and malicious harassment that had persisted since my student days.

Though, the harassment was merely people spreading false rumors about me.

“But isn’t it unavoidable?”

“With that stern expression and tall stature of hers…”

“She treats her elder and younger sisters as nuisances, too.”

“Actually, there’s a rumor that they are not even blood-related.”

Absurd! I was used to being rumored about due to being taller than other girls my age.

Especially those with less appealing figures were envious of me.
Back in my student days, I hated being tall.

But now, I’ve come to embrace my height and use it to command the attention of gentlemen with fashion.

Not turning my height into a weakness.
Creating dresses that emphasize my good figure and even incorporating it into my business.


However, due to my inferiority complex, there were always people attacking me.

“So, the Felts intend to push Young Lady Mirial out since the younger sister will be the heir?”

“I hear she’s desperately searching for an engagement in high society.”

“Oh my, she’s too desperate.”

Because I frequently attended banquets, strange rumors began to circulate.

Saying all sorts of baseless things.
I couldn’t bring myself to pay attention to those who spoke without knowing anything about us.

Because my sisters and I got along well.
It’s not as outsiders claim, that we have a bad relationship, and I accept my younger sister becoming the heir.

The Felt family is not strictly primogeniture.
The elder daughter, while frail in health, was knowledgeable and surpassed scholars.

In contrast, I am not suited to become a lord.
I much prefer running around the territory while assisting rather than ruling.

That’s why my younger sister became the heir.
I believe that she, who cares for her subjects more than anyone and is kind, is the most suitable.

There’s a saying: ‘Right person in the right place.’

Someone taught me that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

However, the rumors about me never ceased in high society.

Then, one day.


A letter arrived from His Excellency, the Prime Minister, written in his own hand, at the Fate family’s residence.

This was the beginning of everything.

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