v3 Chapter 21

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Thoughts of the Brilliant Count’s Daughter (2)
My Felt family was a middle-class noble family, and receiving a handwritten letter from His Excellency the Prime Minister was something that was beyond imagination.

Even among the nobility, one’s position varies based on rank, status, and achievements.
Commoners might misunderstand nobles, but merely holding the title of a Count doesn’t necessarily signify a high status.
Conversely, there are instances where someone with the title of a Marquis might hold a higher position than a Duke.


Nowadays, old noble families are dwindling, existing based on their lineage alone.
Amidst this, the Prime Minister’s family was a Marquis family and had once faced near ruin.

However, under the Prime Minister’s leadership, they were able to recover and stabilize. Furthermore, during the civil strife that occurred in the Capital, the Prime Minister extended aid to the local nobles who suffered losses, earning their gratitude.


Having received a handwritten letter, I am now prepared to obey any impossible orders.

However, I wonder why the letter is addressed to me.

“But why Mirial?”

“What on earth…”

I offered a reassuring smile to my anxious parents.

“No need to worry.”

I don’t understand why His Excellency the Prime Minister summoned me.
Nevertheless, I have no recollection of behaving in a manner that would warrant reprimand.

“I ask both of you not to speak a word of this to Elder sister and Junna.”


I don’t want to burden them with needless worries.


And so, I made my way to the royal palace.

“I apologize for summoning you so suddenly.”

“No, it’s…”


I was called into a guest room in the royal palace, but unexpectedly, the His Majesty the King and the Chief of Civil Affairs were also present!

“Don’t be alarmed, both of you.”

“We didn’t mean to. Miss Felt, daughter of the Count. We would like to ask you for a favor.”



Various factions involved in running the country, and they want to entrust me with a task. What could it be?

“It’s a slightly risky job for you before you get married. If you’re willing, we’ll provide appropriate compensation.”

“Um… What kind of job is it?”

“Put simply, we want you to get close to a certain man and tempt him. We want you to set up a honeypot.”

His words were quite straightforward. Are they asking a young woman like me to sell herself?

“Please don’t misunderstand. We just want you to get a bit closer, capture his interest, and hopefully get engaged.”

“Your Excellency, but…”

By setting up a honeypot, it’s implied that there would be some level of involvement.

“It’s an engagement between nobles. We won’t ask you to have a physical relationship. The other party is a lower-ranking noble, so… you’ll need to use sweet words and endure a bit of physical contact.”

If it’s only to that extent, it might not be a problem. But does this mean that even if we become engaged, it would be acceptable to break off the engagement later?

“Let me explain the situation to you now.”

“Your Majesty.”

“This task also concerns your dignity. We won’t force you into anything. Please listen with that in mind.”

Normally, refusing an order from the King would be unacceptable, so there must be a significant reason for him to be speaking to me with such sincerity.

At this point, my determination was already set.

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