Chapter 81

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You are joking, right?

“Yeah, sorry, I am fine…”

It’s a lie, right? Someone, please tell me it’s a lie?
… Rishell was nursing me?

I’d like it if I had misheard you…!

“… Dante.”

With both of my hands on the floor, and my hair covering my face, I asked Dante.
Feeling my not normal voice, Dante replied nervously.

“Y, yes?”

“… Was Rishell by my side all this time?”

Somehow, at least deny that…!
You were just exaggeration before, right!

Please tell me that it was other people who nursed me and Rishell just stayed by my side for a bit…!

However, my wish wasn’t heard.

“Y, yeah. He nursed you without sleeping. I think he became like that as a result…”

“You are lying, right…”

I was at wits’ end.

… I said it only because it was a dream, yet it was the reality?
The matter of Rishell nursing me really happened?

That wasn’t a dream…
That’s why my tears came out, that’s why Rishell was saying something like that.

… This is bad, I want to dig a hole until magma comes out.

“O, Olga? Are you in pain?”

“… I am not, sorry. Let’s go…”

Not good. I am over.
… Rishell has definitely heard me. I said it out loud.

… But, Rishell said he wasn’t able to protect the girl he likes, right?
Considering the situation, he should have been talking about me…

No, there’s no way that something so convenient to me would happen.
Something like Rishell liking me, or us becoming a couple. That definitely can’t happen.

If unlucky, Rishell’s life might be exposed to danger.

“… Olga? We have arrived at the doctor’s office?”

“… Ah, y, yeah.”

While walking and thinking in a daze, I nearly passed by the doctor’s office.

… I sighed while hearing the sound of Dante knocking on the door.

Let’s quickly finish the examination and return home before Rishell wakes up.

“… Fumu, you are recovering quite well. There doesn’t seem to be any damage to your brain, you don’t have a fever either. All that’s left is for your ankle to heal up. It should be fine after resting for a while longer.”

Being told so by the elderly doctor, I felt relieved from the bottom of my heart.

… I might be able to return home with this. Without seeing Rishell!
Let’s finish this and make it seem as my confession didn’t happen…!

This won’t pass when I start attending school again, but I will think of a good excuse before then.

I don’t know whether Rishell will approach this matter quietly, but I will be able to reply to him better then than I would be able to do so now.

… I wonder how Rishell felt when I told him that I love him?

Disgusted? Happy? Or did he perhaps feel nothing?

… Rishell is originally quite popular with the ladies and I am saying this myself, but he trusts me, so he might not even recognize me as someone of the opposite gender, so he might have received a shock.

Even so, he kept nursing me until he fell asleep, so I really believe that he’s truly kindhearted.

“U, umm… may I return home now…?”


I asked timidly.

The doctor thought for a moment then asked me a question.

“Fumu, let’s see… I think you will be fine to return after resting here for two to three more days.”

“I, is that so…”

Two to three days, huh.

As one would expect, there’s no way Rishell wouldn’t wake up in three days (rather, it would be a problem if he didn’t), so I have no doubts that he will question me.

It would be a different thing if Rishell forgot or didn’t mind.
I honestly wish for that route.

… Well, I don’t think that Rishell will forget or ignore it, so he will definitely keep it on his mind.

“… Olga? Is there a problem?”

“No, I am fine.”

No, the truth is that I am not fine at all.
I am about to die.

I cannot tell them that, so I replied with a smile.

… Thus, I decided to continue sleeping and resting for another three days before returning home.


“… Eh!? He’s busy with work?”

“Yeah. Rishell-sama has too much work to take care of and won’t be able to visit you.”

One day passed and contrary to my expectations, Rishell didn’t appear.
There’s no way that Rishell won’t be coming.

Since I found it strange, I asked Dante who kept me company.

“… Is it because he was nursing me?”

“Yeah. He seems to be having a difficult time.”

… Nice, official duties.

He apparently doesn’t have time to come here because of his work.
I am seriously glad that Rishell is the Crown Prince.

… While I was feeling delighted, Dante looked at me with a sympathetic gaze.


“Alright, I can go home tomorrow…!”

At last, on the night of the last day.

Rishell still didn’t appear.

I will be able to return home at last.
To think I could feel such happiness.

… While I was feeling happy all by myself, I heard knocking on the door.


Who is it, this late at night?

Is it Dante? Did he come to talk with me about tomorrow’s plans?

… However, the one who appeared at the door was:

“… Rishell?”

“… I will be intruding.”

The person I wanted to see the least.

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