Chapter 87

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Can’t escape.
It was awfully quiet in the parlor where only Rishell, Her Majesty and I remained.

… Eh, this is awkward.

Just when I thought of slipping out by excusing myself to the restroom, Her Majesty spoke up.

“… Rishell-sama, Olga-sama… I am truly sorry for the troubles my daughter and husband have caused you on this occasion.”

Her Majesty knew my name…

Nevertheless, having a daughter and husband like that… she must have it hard.

“… I will make them properly atone for their crimes in Lindia.”

“Eh, His Majesty too?”

Her remark was close to Lesé-majesté, but… no, it already was one.

However, can she punish a King of an entire nation?
She might be able to now that Liselotte is not a princess anymore.

“… Yes, I am thinking of secluding His Majesty in a royal villa with a pretext of injury or illness.”

“Isn’t that… confinement?”

Her Majesty nodded.

I see, if you can’t punish him without a reason, just fabricate one.
That might certainly be the most peaceful solution.

She’s talking about “seclusion” while her meaning is “forcefully confined.”

When I nodded in understanding, Rishell who was quiet until now spoke up.

“… Watching such foolish King from the sidelines for so long, why have you not done anything until now? I believe that you could have confined him or anything a long time ago.”

Indeed, since His Majesty has been on the throne for so long, no one must have ever blamed him.

If the ministers don’t have enough power to stop him, Her Majesty would be able to stop him before a revolution happened.

However, she didn’t.
Why is that…?

“… Actually, I have not married His Majesty because I wanted to. I was originally a daughter of a Duke, but… well, I was praised extravagantly as a beauty. His Majesty who liked my outward appearances has forced me to marry him or he would have my household destroyed… so I married him unwillingly.”

I certainly found it strange that His Majesty was able to marry such a beautiful and smart person like her… so there were such circumstances.

That King is not good in any and every way.

“… Therefore, I thought that I have no choice but to give him an heir to succeed the throne. At first, I managed in a way or another, but he started making moves on a wife of Duke… moreover, my very elder sister. If you want to be ruined that much then so be it, I thought and did nothing.”

Moreover, he said the same thing to my elder sister, you know? Her Majesty said with a disgusted expression.

Approaching a married lady like that, I can only think of him as an idiot…

“I see… in that case, why have you spoke up this time?”

“Even though the King might be a fool, it’s not like I don’t have any patriotic feelings. Many people would be troubled if the country got ruined… therefore, I thought that this time… “

On the occasion, I thought of leading the country in His Majesty’s (fool’s) stead.
Her Majesty said that with a smile, but that’s not something you get on the occasion.

I heard that Lindia’s government is mostly managed by the ministers… they would be the most troubled if the country ceased to exist.


“… Is that so? You must have had a difficult time.”

Rishell said with a distant look.

… Come to think of it, I forgot once in a while, but that stupid prince (Albert) is Rishell’s real sibling, isn’t he?

Are we really sure that Albert actually isn’t Lindia’s King’s son-in-law?
Their brains are formed so differently that it’s blasphemy to say that Rishell and Lucretia-sama are his siblings.

“… Come to think of it, you also have quite a person over here, don’t you?”
“… Indeed. He’s rotting in the prison right now, though.”

We both have it hard, huh. Her Majesty and Rishell both sighed as if wanting to say that.

Albert’s wrongdoings have apparently spread to foreign countries.
Of course, the matter of my outrageously broken engagement too.

Each royalty has its idiots, huh.

—— Knock, knock.

While watching the two sighing people, the door was suddenly knocked on.


“… Your Majesty, we will be departing soon.”

The one who peeked out from the door was a man dressed in the uniform of Lindia’s guards.

Apparently, His Majesty wasn’t planning on visiting for long, so they were prepared for a quick return.
I don’t know for how long they stayed in our country though.

“Oh my, is that so… I am truly sorry about this matter, I hope you can forget about it… those two won’t appear in front of the public ever again.”

What are you planning on doing, Your Majesty?
Your smile is scaring me…

Well, they are getting what they deserve.

“… Well then.”

“Yes, farewell.”

After Her Majesty left the parlor, only Rishell and I remained.

… I forgot, but I have to have a conversation with Rishell.
Should I excuse myself to a restroom and run away?


“… Olga. You remember that I wanted to talk to you, right? … You won’t run away, will you?”

“No, I won’t!”

My scheme was destroyed in a matter of seconds.
Well, I didn’t think it would go smoothly anyway! The opponent is Rishell after all!

“… Then, I would like us to talk here… is that fine with you?”

“… Yeah.”

It’s not fine with me at all. It really isn’t, but I have no choice of refusal.

I sat on the sofa and waited for Rishell to speak.

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