Chapter 88

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Let’s talk.
“… Olga, you had a fever whilst you slept.”

“… Yeah, I heard from Dante.”

I was startled when I heard about it, but I was even more startled from what I heard after that.

From the flow of the conversation, Rishell will probably ask about my confession.
Yep, let’s deny it with all of my might.

“During that time, you have regained your consciousness for a little… do you remember?”

See, it came!

However, it’s not like I can answer honestly.

“… I don’t remember.”

To don’t seem unnatural, I replied while looking into Rishell’s eyes.
… It would be nice if he didn’t suspect me though.

“… I see.”

Rishell cast his eyes down.

I was trying to behave as calmly as possible, but my heart was racing.

… I would like if we stopped talking about it here.

However, Rishell didn’t feel like stopping.

“Then, you don’t remember what you told me when I was nursing you?”

“… I don’t.”

It came after all! I was hoping that he would realize that I was just sleep-talking and leave it at that, but that’s not happening…

“… Do you want to hear what you said to me?”

“Not really. It was something about wanting to eat anyway, right?”

The usual me would be screaming: “I want to know! I want to know!” but I would bring calamity upon myself if I said that.

I might have sounded a bit unnatural, but this reply was the best.

“Tough luck. You are wrong.”

“Ehh, then did I say that I am hungry?”

“Why are you such a foodie?”

Because I can’t think of anything else!?
I will be reaching my limit of deceiving soon as well.

I don’t know what Rishell might attempt to do too.
It’s not like he will stop anytime soon.

… While thinking of not being careless, a question that hit my core came.

“… Say, Olga. Do you like me?”

“… Ah?”

I let out some kind of strange answer, but I don’t think I had a choice.

Why is he asking such an unexpected question?
I thought he would ask me indirectly, so I wasn’t ready for such directness.
I thought of getting a curveball but I got a straight one instead!

“… Yeah, I do like you? We are friends after all.”

Anyhow, I can’t allow to let him see that I was shaken up.
Thinking such, I gave him a harmless and inoffensive answer with a whole-faced smile.

… Ahh, my mimetic muscles are hurting.

“Hee, is that so?”


Wow, an equally whole-faced smile floated on Rishell’s face.
… Of course, it was pitch black.

“What’s the matter? Asking that all of sudden.”


Silence? Stop that! It scary, so I would rather prefer some kind of reply instead!

Moreover, he was continuing with his malicious smile, so I was frightened terribly. This person is scarily good at threatening people.

“Rather, is that all you wanted to talk about, Rishell? There’s no way I would hate you though?”

I said so with a bright voice and laughed ahaha.

… Did Rishell want to ask me only that question?
I cannot read his heart, which is scary.

In the first place, he has been watching me in silence with a malicious smile since a while ago… what is he thinking, this person?

“… Indeed, but that’s not the only thing I wanted to say.”

Hearing that, my body stiffened.

… Will he tell me that he’s disgusted by my previous confession? Even though I trusted him.

No, calm down, me. Even if he says something about the confession, I just have to deceive him with: “Stop it, you~ we are friends~ don’t be so concsiouss~ … maybe.
Although it’s doubtful whether I would be able to deceive Rishell.

“… Olga, what would you do if I told you that I am conscious of you as someone of the opposite gender?”

“Eh, that’s surprising.”

It was an unexpected question, but I was able to reply reflexively.
No, anyone would be surprised about that.

That’s more impossible than the end of the world.

… Ah~ but, was I supposed to think a little longer about my reply?

“Well, that’s right, isn’t it… you don’t see me as a man after all.”

“Eh? What did you say?”

I wasn’t able to hear the last part.

That’s why I told Celsior to speak properly the last time! I am troubled because the conversation basically cuts off in the middle.

“No, it’s nothing… and so, based on that, there’s something I want to tell you.”

Expecting what kind of absurd thing he’s going to say, my body froze in place.
I am afraid to hear what he is going to say next.

“There’s no way I would have any romantic feelings towards you.” He might say that with cold eyes.
However, this is my punishment for being spoiled in my dreams.

… I have to endure.

“… Olga, I…”


While watching Rishell say what is on his mind, I tightly grasped my hand that I had placed on top of my lap.

… Eei, prepare for the worst, me. Deceive him even if he says anything…!

“… I love you.”

“… Wha.”

That moment, the feelings of wanting to continue deceiving him and the feelings of not wanting to be confessed to, all flew out of my head.

I stared at Rishell’s troubled smiling face like a fool.

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