Chapter 86

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Wha… what are you saying!?”

His Majesty pressed Her Majesty for an answer.

I don’t think that Her Majesty said anything improper though…
Did she think that angering Rishell any more than this would be dangerous?

I couldn’t tell before since she was only watching in silence, but she might be a decent person.

“What am I saying? I am only telling you to calm down… Liselotte was at fault this time. If you don’t want to damage Lindia’s standing anymore, be quiet please.”

Her Majesty said while glaring at His Majesty.
It appears that Her Majesty recognizes this time’s matter as Liselotte’s fault.

Well, it’s only natural.

His Majesty has only listened to Liselotte’s side of the story, so I feel relieved. I am glad there’s an honest, sensible person here.

“Mama!? I am not at fault, the one at fault is—”

“… You too Liselotte? Seriously… is picking fights with each and every country a hobby of you two?”

Her Majesty spoke such to Liselotte while holding her head.
… She seems to be suffering quite a lot.

Well, having such a husband and daughter…

“… Rishell-sama, I apologize for my husband (idiot) hindering you. Please, continue talking.”

Her Majesty said such to Rishell while restraining His Majesty and Liselotte with her eyes.

… Although he was stunned at first, the whole-faced smile returned to Rishell’s face halfway.

“… Going by the laws of Viaveil, Liselotte’s crimes would result in the deprivation of her royal status and exile.”

“I thought so…”

That’s quite heavy… well, she might be a foreign country’s princess, but I believe attacking a noble lady would have such consequences.
Her Majesty was understanding too.

Well, do I say it was just like I thought or what, Liselotte and His Majesty weren’t so understanding.

“T, that can’t be! To be deprived of my royal status only because of something like that…!”

“Stop joking! I bet the shut-in Tragic Princess just made up a lie because she was feeling sick from leaving her room anyway!”

I don’t now anymore~

I definitely don’t know Rishell who is looking at the two with a face that has obviously snapped in anger.

“… Please, stop it already. What do you mean by only because of that? Lucretia was lying? … The one joking must be you. Did you think that things would end like this after verbally abusing a different country’s princess and seriously harming a Duke’s daughter? … Besides, she’s not your daughter, so she won’t lie about this.”

Rishell said so while glaring at His Majesty and Liselotte.
Her Majesty’s face looked as if she wanted to say “These guys are done for.”

“I, it might be a lie she made up! … Right, the Duke’s daughter may have lied as well, you know!? Did she not only pretend to be injured…”

“Even though she bled from her head after falling? … Besides, would she be able to continue acting and sleep for three days straight?”

… Hearing that, His Majesty kept silent.
Did he not hear the story about me sleeping for three days after being injured?


Rather, how did he not know? You would normally understand after hearing that I was taken to a doctor’s office…


—— Bang!

Just when His Majesty wanted to say something, someone’s shoe powerfully hit the floor.

… The room was wrapped in silence.
The one who trampled the floor was Her Majesty.
Obvious anger, disdain, and faint exhaustion were showing on her face.

“Will you stop it already! Are you guys stupid? Your Majesty, even though you might be scared that this would damage the reputation of your country, please stop calling a foreign country’s princess and a Duke’s daughter liars! Besides, the one making up lies is you, right!? Liselotte!”

S, she snapped. Her Majesty has flipped out…

The anger of the beautiful Queen was quite fascinating, even I who was just observing nearly froze.

She must have been enduring it all this time…

“… I apologize, Rishell-sama. Please, don’t mind what these two say.”

It would be quite difficult to not mind them.
Although the talk won’t progress if you don’t ignore them.

“… I understand. Well then, let’s decide on the punishment.”

Rishell’s eyes were too cold, so they wouldn’t be able to refuse anything he says.

They have made him this angry themselves, so they are suffering the consequences.

“… Liselotte Lindia, you are to be deprived of your royal status and exiled from the Capital.”

Rishell declared so expressionlessly.

As I thought, Rishell was not in the mood to change the punishment.
He abided by the law, so there was no need to change it.

Haah… it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that I was feeling a bit refreshed.

“… Ah, Liselotte, Your Majesty. Please don’t say anything, okay? It would be different if you wanted to make your crimes even heavier, though.”

Sensing that the two wanted to speak, Her Majesty silenced them.

Giving a sidelong glance to Dante, Rishell spoke to him.

“… Please bring Liselotte-sama and His Majesty away. Your Majesty, please stay behind, I would like to talk with you for a bit.”

Just what he wants to talk about?

“… Well then, Liselotte-sama, Your Majesty… please follow me outside.”

… Finally giving up, Liselotte and His Majesty who had no willpower left were brought outside by Dante on their unsteady legs.

Only Rishell, Her Majesty and I remained in the parlor.

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