Chapter 85

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Please, go back.
Eh, Liselotte’s father and mother, that means the King and Queen of Lindia, right…?

“Thank you very much for coming… please, sit down.”

Dante brought two chairs while Rishell spoke.

“Well, thank you…”


His Majesty sat down after returning a plain answer and the Queen sat down in silence while looking at Rishell.

“… I believe that you heard most of the story, but do you perhaps have any questions?”

Apparently, these two were already informed by someone.
Was it His Majesty (Rishell’s father)?

As expected of Rishell. He’s not wasting any time…

“W, well then… may I ask a question?”

His Majesty asked plainly as before.

“Go ahead.”

“T, that… it’s a scandal our daughter caused, won’t you let my country decide her punishment…? As expected, we cannot trouble a different country with this…”

“That’s not possible… What happened in this country will be handled by this country’s laws.”

As I expected, Rishell quickly dismissed His Majesty’s words.
There’s no way you can ask something like that from Rishell.

Besides, this person is most likely too indulgent of Liselotte. Liselotte’s personality is the reflection of that.

He must be thinking of bringing Liselotte back to his country and acting as nothing has ever happened.
That’s definitely impossible, though.

“Why is that!? Liselotte is Lindia’s princess. If you don’t return her to us, she will only waste your time with official duties…”

“An incompetent princess won’t be of any nuisance. Besides, she is a criminal. I will return her to you after lawfully judging her.

His Majesty shouted after snapping, but Rishell dealt with him by using a dark smile overflowing with malice.

Wow, what a nice smile. My eyes are gonna get crushed from maliciousness.

… He thought of acting plainly while buttering up to Rishell, but he is Liselotte’s parent after all.
In short, he snaps easily.

“Wha, in, incompetent, you say…”

Liselotte wanted to object with a red face, but there’s no way Rishell would let that pass.

Rishell spoke back with a scornful laugh.

“Huh? Am I wrong? … On top of verbally abusing a member of another country’s royalty, you injured a Duke’s daughter… ah, did you perhaps wanted me to say that you are an idiot, rather than saying that you are incompetent?”

… The malicious engine is running on a full throttle. This person doesn’t know how to hold back.
His face has turned into a complete villain, but… he’s a hero, right? He’s a capture target of an Otome Game, no?

“Cursing a foreign country’s royalty… is considered a Lése-majesté!”
“We are talking about this Princess (fool), no? I only spoke the truth.”

Liselotte did indeed cause Lucretia-sama quite a lot of damage.
Lucretia-sama seemed as if she was about to collapse at any moment.
In contrast, Liselotte is glaring at Rishell with a bright red face.

Yep, being energetic is good.
She will be fine no matter what Rishell says to her.



“… The talk is not advancing, so please be quiet.”

His Majesty has tried talking back with a similarly bright red face, but Rishell cut his words in half with a whole-faced smile.

Ah gee, as expected of him.

… Her Majesty was silent as always.
It’s just, why was there a light of amusement in her eyes…?

“Well then, I shall inform you of her charges… the crimes Liselotte-sama has committed are Lesé-majesté and infliction of bodily harm, these two.”

Rishell showed his two pretty fingers to Liselotte and her parents.

“Infliction of bodily harm…? Where? From what I heard, her offenses could be translated to Lesé-majesté at most.”

… N? Did I mishear?

Eh, I was pushed away by Liselotte, wasn’t I? That is definitely an infliction of bodily harm, isn’t it?

“… Hou, how is that?”

Rishell asked His Majesty while smiling as always, but his voice was below the freezing point.

… I am freezing. Crap, I am going to freeze to death…!

“Verbally abusing the royalty is certainly Lesé-majesté, but… Liselotte simply wanted to talk with Lucretia-sama who was behind that Duke’s daughter, no? In that case, isn’t that Duke’s daughter at fault?”

Holy moly, he really said that.
I mean, he said it with a serious look. He wasn’t joking, I want to cry.

… Why do I want to cry? Because the bloodthirst oozing from the person next to me.

“… Heeh? Are you saying that Olga is at fault for trying to let Lucretia rest because her condition has gotten so poor from the cruel remarks of your daughter?”

Rishell glared at His Majesty while saying that.

Finding that dangerous, His Majesty has started making up excuses in panic.
… Well, that will make Rishell only even angrier, though.

“N, no! That… a mere Duke’s daughter is naturally to blame for obstructing…”

“A mere Duke’s daughter…? Are you making fun of the daughter of the Duke Household that has been devotedly supporting our country? Moreover, she should have left Lucretia who wasn’t feeling well alone? To let her suffer more from the reckless abuse of your princess (stupid idiot)?”


Ah, crap.

Rishell became expressionless. He’s truly angry…!

H, hey, this is seriously bad! This is seriously bad, so don’t make up any more excuses, King—!

But, my inner voice has not reached His Majesty as he opened his mouth to speak.

“N, no—”

“… Stop it already, you are unsightly.”

The cold voice that declared such belonged to the Queen of Lidia who remained a spectator until now.

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