Chapter 84

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“… E, even so! It’s still possible that Olga-san fell because she wore heels she wasn’t used to, you know!? It cannot be just my fault!”

“She wouldn’t be injured to such extent if she fell out of carelessness. She would twist her ankle at most, she wouldn’t be bleeding from her head.”

Rishell was all cold smiles when Liselotte’s face turned pale while she tried to refute.

… He’s scary. He definitely snapped.

… Seeing Liselotte trembling with no words, Rishell smiled.

“… Well then, onto the next question. What did you want to talk with Lucretia about so much you had to push Olga away?”

Rishell should have heard everything that happened on the spot, so why is he asking Liselotte about that?

Liselotte also couldn’t refute anymore, did she give up?

… Rishell is a siscon after all. He will make Liselotte regret for talking about Lucretia-sama badly.

I mean, Rishell’s face has already formed a dark smile… it’s extremely scary.

“That… I wanted to deepen our friendship.”


I saw Cain-sama snapping and the trembling Lucretia-sama behind him.
It didn’t seem to me like they were trying to deepen their friendship at all.


“… Why did you say ‘A shut-in Princess is not worthy of you’ to Cain-sama since you were trying to deepen your friendship? Rather, why would you try to detain someone who was obviously not feeling well?”

“Wha, you were listening…!?”

Liselotte who muttered such after hearing my words pinned her mouth.
Well, you are too late.

Come to think of it, she has not noticed us yet at that time. Did she think she can speak her mind out?

With the royalty as her opponent, what a fool…

“Yes, I heard it all… also, when I informed you of Lucretia-sama’s well-being, you said ‘I have not made that person her understand her place yet’ did you not? … I don’t understand why you would talk like that to someone whom you were trying to deepen your friendship with.”

Even a foreign royalty would have to be a brave (fool) to say something like that, so they were words one wouldn’t forget even if they wanted to.

It seems that on top of having lots of pride, Liselotte’s head is not functioning well.
She said those words in front of Rishell after all.

“… T, that’s… that’s because Lucretia-sama was ogling Cain-sama, so I wanted to caution… hii!”

The flustered Liselotte was trying to say something, but she missed the opportunity to fabricate the story.

It’s only given that Rishell would snap after someone told him that “Lucretia was ogling.”

She has guts saying something like that in front of Rishell… ah, but she wasn’t aware that Rishell is a siscon.

No, even if she didn’t know, remarks like this are automatically out.

“… Lucretia was ogling someone? Don’t be absurd.”


See, I told you.


Rishell is absurdly overprotective of Lucretia-sama after all… he was quite worried when Cain-sama proposed to her too.

… If he heard that Lucretia-sama was ogling someone, he would definitely beat the truth out of someone else before asking Lucretia-sama in person.

I think that he just believes Lucretia-sama to such an extent, though.
Unlike a certain stupid prince, Lucretia-sama is kindhearted and she seems easy to get along with as a sibling.

“No matter how you look at it, something like that never happened, right? Rather, Lucretia was protected by Cain-sama. You did well saying such things in front of him… unlike you, Lucretia is not able of doing something like that.”

Hearing the words Rishell quietly added at the end, Liselotte’s face turned red as she tried to refute.

“Wha… are you saying that I was the one who was ogling!?”

“At the very least, it seemed like that to me… even while bad-mouthing Lucretia in front of Cain-sama, you were trying to entice someone… are you saying you were not aware of it?”

Well, you would notice.

I mean, even I, who is often called dense, noticed.

Liselotte is not suited for the tactics of the nobility which are usually covert.
She is weak in the head, so I think she can’t be helped.

“You were aiming either for Cain-sama or me, but… unfortunately for you, both of our hearts have already decided on our partners.”

The moment I heard that, my heart received a wave of pain.

… That’s right, I can’t let myself to understand Rishell’s heart.
I mustn’t expose his life to danger.

I bit my lips.

… noticing that, a fine smile that couldn’t be compared to any smile before floated on Rishell’s face.

“… Well then, with the questioning over—”

“You are going to send me home!?”

“No, we will decide your punishment.”

There’s no way Rishell would send you home, right?

She offended (royalty) Lucretia-sama and injured me (another country’s noble).
How did she think that she wouldn’t be convicted?

“T, that can’t be…”

“… I cannot make a decision on the wrongdoings of foreign royalty on my own, so I called a witness from your country.”

A moment after Rishell said that, the door was knocked at.

“Come in.”

After Rishell invited them in, the door opened and a tiny uncle and a voluptuous beauty with a nice-looking body entered the room.

… Who is that?

As if answering to question, Liselotte spoke up.

“… Papa, Mama!”

… Seriously?

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