Chapter 83

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I don’t want to have anything to do with you.
“Ah~… no way, no way, this is bad.”

A night later after the talk with Rishell, the time turned 8:15 just now.
… I know that I have to go to the parlor. I know, but I don’t want to go.

I mean, I will have to meet Liselotte face to face, you know? Certainly, I am supposed to be only as a witness, though.

Can’t I just send letters or something instead…?

“I want to run away…”

I spoke such words knowing that I can’t escape.
I mean, if I ran away… you know?

Ah~ I really don’t like this. Even though I thought it was just a dream…

Even though it was supposed to be just a fleeting moment in my dream, I can’t stop shivering now.

Even so, it’s certain that I will have a much harder time were I to escape.

I am scared of meeting Liselotte, but I am even more scared of making Rishell angry.

Letting out a sigh, I opened the door of my room.

“Ah~ I have arrived.”


This is bad, is there really no way of escaping, I wonder… thinking such while walking, I arrived in front of the parlor before I noticed. I extremely want to turn around.

… The time is nearly up, I should make up my resolve and enter.

—— Knock, knock.

I wonder if my wound won’t open and start spurting out blood by any chance. While having such an absurd delusion, I knocked on the door of the parlor.

Even though I could return home if no one was in…

Disregarding my hopes, Rishell’s voice resounded from inside the room.

“Come in.”

“… Excuse me.”

Paying as much attention as possible to stay expressionless, I opened the door.

… The moment I opened the door, I felt a piercing glare coming from the handcuffed Liselotte, which nearly made me to quickly close the door and turn around, but I endured.

Closing the door, Rishell offered me a seat on the sofa next to him, so I sat down.

The two of us sat on the sofa while Liselotte was in front of us.
Dante stood at the side of the sofa to keep watch over Liselotte.

“… And so, Rishell. You told me that I am a witness, but what do I have to testify?”

For the offense of abusing Lucretia-sama, he should verify with Cain and Lucretia-sama herself.

However, I don’t think I will be of use with anything except that…

“I will question her, so you please make sure that her answers are not incorrect.”



Scary. What is scary? The smiling Rishell and Liselotte who is not saying anything.
What are they scheming? I think that Liselotte is simply offended, though.

“… Well then, let’s begin. Liselotte, you have pushed Olga, did you not?”

Rishell, that is not a question but confirmation.

The moment you ask “You pushed her, right?” you are already convinced. Rather, looking at the situation he really believes so.

“I did not! I accidentally lightly collided against Olga-san by and she ended up losing her balance…”

Nonono. In what way was that an accident?

You used your hands to push me, no? You used so much strength I crashed against the floor and started bleeding, no?

… If you are telling me that was “lightly,” then that would make Liselotte stronger than Eliza.

“… Is what she says. Is that what happened, Olga?”

Rishell has a smile on his face, but his eyes weren’t smiling at all.

… His eyes are saying “Agitate her, shake her up to make her reveal the truth.” though.
Liselotte seems like the kind of person who would reveal the truth even if you don’t do anything…

Can’t be helped, let’s follow the instructions here.

“No, she used her hands to push me away, so I don’t think that’s the case… also, Liselotte-san did tell me ‘That’s what you get for obstructing me! You got what you deserved!’ after seeing me get injured. I am sure she did that intentionally.”

Did she think I forgot?
Too bad, I have not forgotten even after you have used so much force!

… Well, she would be a fool if she didn’t think I would talk here, so she surely prepared some kind of excuse.

“… M, my hands only lightly touched you by accident! Besides, I don’t ever remember saying something like that!”

Is she senile? Or is she simply an idiot?

Ah, she is an idiot for making enemies of Rishell.

Oops, I said it. Besides, even if I misheard her, everyone saw that she used so much strength it would be impossible to be called ‘lightly by accident’.

Even though he would know immediately by asking Lucretia-sama or Dante…

“Lightly by accident, is it? Olga was injured way too much for that though.”

“That’s because Olga-san wore heels when not used to them!”

No, how come?

I certainly don’t wear heels often. That’s why the servants chose low heels for me.

… Moreover, Liselotte definitely addressed this.

“… Liselotte-san, when Rishell asked what is shabby about me, you have told him ‘Her colors are plain, the heels on her shoes are too low…’ did you not? … As you said, my heels were so low it would be impossible to fall with them unless I got pushed, you know?”

No matter how low the heels are, you would fall down from your feet if pushed with enough force.
Our servants did not expect me to get pushed.

By a foreign princess at that.

Liselotte noticed that she tripped herself up by speaking badly of me and started trembling.

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