Chapter 82

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Looking at Rishell, I rubbed my eyes.

It appears that he’s not an illusion and really standing there.

… I rubbed them again.

As I thought, he doesn’t disappear.

One more time…

“What are you doing, Olga? I am not an illusion.”

“… I know.”

I guess.

He couldn’t be an illusion since he opened the door to the room and closed them again after going in.

“… Why have you come here? What about your work?”

Accepting reality, I decided to work out the counterplan.

… First of all, let’s talk about something unrelated.
Besides, the things Rishell comes to talk about aren’t limited to the dream.

“I heard your condition has improved, so I came to see your state… I finished the work without passing away.”

You didn’t have to finish. Because I would be fine if you took your time.

I would be really glad if you just came for a sick visit.
If only I didn’t carelessly tell you that I love you.

… Not good, I got embarrassed just from recalling that. Take a deep breath, me.

“I, is that so… you are not lacking in sleep, are you? You are making quite a tired face there.”

Rishell’s face was marked with fatigue. and he had black spots near the corner of his eyes.

His beautiful face is being wasted.

“Yeah, well.”

“Besides, I heard from Dante, but… umm, you were nursing me, right?”

“… That’s because you wouldn’t get hurt if I protected you properly.”

I didn’t want to get close to that topic, but since I had to give my thanks, I lightly touched the subject.

As I thought, Rishell is feeling responsible for not preventing Liselotte from injuring me.

… Even though it’s not his fault.

“… Thank you. However, you should properly take your own body into consideration. You are nursing other people and in turn not sleeping well. I am not a child either.”

Because he fell asleep in the middle of nursing me, he must have been quite tired.

After that, his work only piled up, so he would naturally have an insufficient amount of sleep.

“It’s fine, I did only what I wanted to.”

“… I see.”

See, it’s because you say things like that! I will misunderstand!

Well, Rishell is unconsciously speaking out his mind.

“… And so, you came to see my condition, right? I am fine, so it would be better if you quickly went back to your room and sleep before you collapse in the midst of work.”

Seriously, leave.
I am worried about your lack of sleep too, but my heart will stop if we stay in the room like this by ourselves!


If you don’t want me to suffer from a heart attack, please promptly leave.

“… I have one more thing I wanted to talk about.”


Is he finally going to bring it up?

… What do I do if he tells me that it was disgusting or that he dislikes me? Even though I trusted you, he might rebuke me.
I might cry.

… I can’t think of an excuse and all doors are closed.

“… What is it?”

There’s nothing I can do even if I am irresolute.
… At worst, I can run away. Well, I don’t feel like I will be able to escape from Rishell though.

“… Tomorrow, before returning home, I would like you to come to the parlor. Liselotte will be judged, so you just have to be there as a witness.”


Since he talked about something different from what I expected, I unintentionally let out an idiotic voice.

So it wasn’t about the thing I said.

… It’s possible that he misheard me. Yeah, that’s definitely it.
Scolding my body that wanted to melt onto the floor from relief, I heard out Rishell.

“Well, the truth is that I wanted to speak her in the interrogation room, but… Liselotte is a foreign country’s princess after all. She is an offender for speaking abusively to Lucretia and injuring you though.”

“T, that so?”

Liselotte’s life has fallen into darkness after making enemies of Rishell and Cain, huh…
Well, she’s suffering the consequences, so I have no sympathy for her, though.

I pictured the smiling Rishell interrogating the pale-faced Liselotte.

“When do I have to come?”

“Let’s see. about half-past eight?”

“That’s quite early, isn’t it?”

Even if he says interrogation, it will probably end in an hour.
I would like to leave the castle by ten tomorrow…

… Rishell conveyed his words with a whole-faced smile to me who was deep in thoughts.

“Ahh, that’s because I would like some time to talk with you… slowly.”


… Most likely, my face at this time became terrible.

He didn’t forget after all…! There’s no way Rishell would forget something so important!

… This is a lie, right? My life is going to come to an end tomorrow?

“Do you understand, Olga? If you return home without talking to me… you understand, right?”


Rishell’s face at that time looked so malicious I let out a shriek out of my mouth.

Scary! If I go home, I will be probably brought back here…!

… I, who sensed such had no choice but to nod my head.

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