Chapter 90 (end)

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The final talk.
“… In other words, you have memories of your past life… and in that world you have lived in, this world was a world of the so-called Otome Game.”

My explanation was apparently on point as he seemed to understand somewhat.
… Will he really believe me?

I mean, he has been groaning with an uncomfortable expression a little while ago, so I can only guess.

Noticing my thoughts, Rishell stopped groaning and looked at me.

“… It’s fine, I believe you… however, I am surprised that a calamity might befall on the Capital.”

“… I thought it could be avoided if I moved to the countryside.”

Because of you guys (capture targets) and Oswald, it was quite a hopeless feat though.

Well, even if I moved to the countryside, there was no guarantee that everyone would be safe.

“… So that’s why you said that you want to live in the countryside, huh. Well, even after knowing the circumstances, I wouldn’t let you go. I don’t want to get separated from you.”

If I heard him say this before, I would be like “What the hell is this fellow saying?” but now that I heard Rishell’s feelings, my face turned red.
Stop sending out bomb remarks so smoothly.

… This is not the time for this!

“… Is that why you lied that you don’t remember?”


I can only keep silent about this.

… No, you are correct, okay? You are correct, but it’s embarrassing to admit it!
The words I said is way too close to being a confession you know!

Eei, don’t be all like “I see~” while sending me a warm gaze, Rishell!

“… Well, I do love you and I don’t think the others think of you so lowly that you would have a bad ending, but… no, the others surely love her too.”

“…? Well, I think so.”

I didn’t catch the last part of his words.
Why is he talking so quietly…

Still, this person said he loves me once again.
He said it with no shame or hesitation as if it was only natural…

“But still, you are uneasy about it, right?”

“… Yes. I mean, both the story and events have changed… that’s why the conditions of my death might have changed too. If I was fated to die, I definitely wouldn’t want to drag you in it. That’s why even though I want for us to become a couple, it wouldn’t be possible.”

Although my death is not definite by now, the chance still exists and I don’t want to endanger Rishell in it.
I cannot do so, because I love you.

… Even though I emphasized it so much, Rishell was grinning from ear to ear for some reason.

“…? What? What is it, Rishell?”

“… So you wanted for us to become a couple, Olga.”

“…? Wha!?”

Certainly, when I recalled my statement, it could be perceived as: “I want to be together with you, but I might die, so it’s not going to work.”

… What am I saying!?

“That’s not…”

“That’s not…?”

“… It’s not wrong.”

Would you stop making a dejected face the moment I try to deny it? it pains my heart!
… Well, the moment I acknowledged it, his malicious smile returned, though.

I curse you to become expressionless for eternity… no, that would be scary.

“… However, it will be all right.”

“… What? How can you know that?”

What are you planning on doing if a calamity befalls on us on the day of marriage?

Or do you perhaps have some kind of certain evidence?

“… I mean, if a calamity was to befall upon us, it would be after our graduation… in short, six years later, right?”

“Y, yeah… but, it could happen anytime, you know?”

Not only the contents could have changed, but the timing might have changed as well.
… Still, it’s the worst timing possible.

“… It will be fine… I heard that Viaveil’s science has advanced recently.”

“… Hee, I didn’t know about that.”

“Well, it’s not known to the general public just yet. We would be troubled if the spies got hold of this information after all.”

I see, so that’s why I wasn’t aware of it.

Science, huh… if that’s the case, smartphones might get developed someday too.
… Whoa, just imagining everyone with a smartphone in their hands is incredible.
That might be the fault of the present day’s attire though.

… But, how is that related?

“… In fact, an astronomical telescope has been completed recently.”


An astronomical telescope, that’s the one you look at the stars with, right?
I am not knowledgeable in that area, so I don’t know much about telescopes though.


“… I don’t know whether they existed in the world of your past life, but with the astronomical telescope, we can observe the stars and moon of this country… and, we can understand the state of the distant clouds and atmosphere.”

“You mean…”

“Indeed. If a storm of such scale was to come, we would be able to sense it beforehand… Well, depending on the period, we should be able to make sufficient preparations.”

Something like that has been developed…?
I’m sure this didn’t happen in the Otome Game though… well, too late for that.

If there really is an astronomical telescope as Rishell says, then landslides and floods too… we can defend against just about everything?

… This country has the financial power to support it.

“That’s why, you can be at ease.”

Seeing Rishell’s smile that had no maliciousness in it, my heart shook and tears spilled out of my eyes.

Not even trying to hold them back, a stream of tears gushed out of my eyes.

… Has my heart relaxed because it understood that there was no imminent death waiting for me?

“Eh, wha, Olga!?”

Rishell unusually panicked and looked into my face.

… But still, I cried without stopping.

“… U, egku…”

“Eh, wha, what am I supposed to do… ahh, geez!”

I heard a somewhat desperate voice and then I felt being embraced by someone’s arms.

… Of course, it was Rishell.
There were only two of us in this room after all.

“U, ehhhh… uwaaaan!”

… Feeling relieved from being wrapped in someone’s warmth, I cried even more, which caused Rishell to be even more panicked.


“… Ugh, I am sorry.”

“It’s fine. It’s rare to see you cry.”

A while passed since then and I somehow managed to stop crying.
… Ahh, my eyes are puffy.

“… By the way, Rishell-san yo.”

“What might it be?”

“… Could you please release me?”

I am not crying anymore, so you don’t have to keep hugging me anymore, right!?
My heart is beating so fast it’s painful!

“… Hmm, then I will let go of you after you tell me your honest feelings.”

“… Eh.”

There’s no way we can let it end at that, can we? Rishell cheerfully said close to my ear.

… A, a demon… a demon is here!

“… Meanie.”

“What are you saying this late.”

I am certainly late! You malicious fellow!

… With nothing to worry about anymore, Rishell who is pushing to ascertain our mutual love is the same as always.

“… Well, that, you know… I love you?”

“… Yeah.”

Wanting to be released so I could hide my embarrassment, Rishell hugged me even more tightly instead.
… This fellow doesn’t intend to let go of me!

“… Hey, you have no intention of releasing me, do you!”

“… Did I get exposed?”

Saying that, Rishell rubbed his head against my shoulder.
… It seriously hurts, so stop it, please.

The moment I wanted to say that, I noticed. The ear that was peeking out of Rishell’s black hair was dyed red.

… What, he’s embarrassed so he simply doesn’t want me to see his face.

“… Fuh.”

“What is it?”

“… Nothing.”

Thinking that this fellow also has a cute side to him, I smiled.
… Rishell has apparently sensed that. Your ears are nice, oy.

I, who was looking at Rishell’s bright red ear in a good mood decided to let myself get hugged for a little longer.

The end.

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