Chapter 80

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I woke up.
“… Ugh, heavy.”

The moment I regained my consciousness, I felt something heavy leaning against my body.
… It’s too heavy for a duvet.

When I opened my eyes while holding my hurting head, I saw that Rishell who was sitting on a chair was sleeping while leaning against my duvet.

“… Whoa, how unusual.”

To be able to see Rishell this relaxed is as rare as a rainbow.
He’s always vigilant after all.

… He really does have a nice face. His eyelashes make me envious.

I was lying down on a soft bed in a room I didn’t recognize.
Rishell was here too, so the room was probably in the castle.

I tried to get up, but Rishell was sound asleep on top of the duvet… he must have been tired from his official duties, so I find it difficult to wake him up.
… Still, why is Rishell here? Did he come to check on me?

“… He wasn’t actually nursing me, was he?”

Recalling what happened in the dream, my face turned red.
No, that cannot be the case. He probably came to visit me and fell asleep here by coincidence.

… Right!?

“… F, first of all, let’s get up.”

I would feel guilty waking Rishell up, so I slowly and quietly stuck my legs out of the duvet.

… Ah, my ankle has been treated. It doesn’t hurt that much, so it was probably smeared with medicine.

I lightly held up the head that was laying on top of my belly, and although I felt it was close at times, Rishell seemed really tired as he was sleeping like a log.

“… Ugh~ I still feel slightly dizzy.”

I successfully slipped out of the duvet and somehow managed to stand on the floor while feeling dizzy. My ankle didn’t hurt that much…

It wasn’t unbearable, so I waited until the dizziness went away, and then I tried to quietly slip out of the door.

… Don’t wake up, don’t wake up, Rishell. If you woke up now, I wouldn’t be able to interact with you honestly!

Remembering the words I said in my dream, my cheeks blushed.
I wouldn’t be able to say those words in reality anyway, and I don’t even regret it.

Struggling at the door, I lightly opened them.

… Huh? Someone is standing there?

“… Huh, Dante?”


When I called out to Dante who seemed to be guarding the door after opening them, he shouted in a startle.
I quickly glared at him, opened the door without making a sound and left the room.

“Dante, keep it quiet. Rishell is sleeping.”

“Y, yeah, sorry… you woke up, Olga.”

“Yeah… would it be better if I went to see the doctor?”

When I asked, Dante started pondering.

“Rather, I was told to go summon the doctor when you wake up.”

“Ah, really? But I thought of walking as part of the rehabilitation.”

Rishell is sleeping in the room anyway.

If Dante called the doctor over, Rishell would have most like to get up.

I think that still am not able to face him straight, so I would like to not do that.

“Hmm… but if you do that, I will get probably scolded by Rishell.”



It would decrease the labor time, so isn’t it fine?

Rishell would be able to rest and I will be able to rehabilitate. It’s killing two birds with one stone, you know?
Well, it cannot be called a “rehabilitation” though.

“Olga is injured, what would she be walking for, he said.”

“Ah~… I don’t really mind, though.”

It certainly seemed like a heavy injury.

But, since I don’t want to meet Rishell face to face, I don’t have to leisure to do as he said.

Now then, what do I do?

“… Alright, I will accompany you to the doctor’s office. There shouldn’t be a problem then.”

“Ah~ then, please do so.”

If I seem like collapsing, he just has to call for someone.

If people know that I was injured, they won’t misunderstand my relationship with Dante.

“… Shall we go then?”

I waited until Dante got substituted and then we started walking towards the doctor’s office.
… It’s apparently quite close to this room. They didn’t have to worry so much about me.

Well, Rishell will be scary in the distant future again anyway.

“Nevertheless Olga, do you know for how long you were sleeping?”

“Eh, about half a day?”

My body feels like that.
He won’t say that I slept for a week like in Manga, will he?

“No, you slept for three days.”


That’s longer than I expected.
I am glad you are going with me, Dante. Thanks.

I was scared of waking Rishell up.

“Eh, was I in the castle the whole time then?”

“Yeah… Rishell said he had the obligation of protecting you. You were treated by the castle’s doctors.”

“Is that so… “

Certainly, Rishell who has such a strong sense of responsibility would say something like that.
There’s also the problem of his sense of responsibility being too strong, though.

“Still, was Rishell that busy with work? He came to visit me and fell asleep on the spot.”

Rishell is constantly busy, but there might have been procedures to follow with Liselotte’s arrest.

However, Dante has betrayed my expectations.

“No, that’s not it… actually, you got a fever while sleeping, Olga.”

“Y, yes…?”

I have a bad feeling about this.
From the flow of this conversation, it appears that me having a fever was the truth.

“And so, Rishell felt responsible and he was nursing you.”

… The moment I heard that, I crumbled to the floor.

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