Chapter 79

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Is this a dream?
“… ga, Olga.”

“… Wha.”

… My head is hurting. It just keeps hurting.

… Rather, where is this, I wonder? I can’t open my eyes so I can’t tell.

Right, I was pushed by Liselotte, hit my head and injured my ankle… no, that’s quite serious.

“… It hurts.”

When I muttered that,

“Eh!? You are in pain!? … Did the medicine stop working?”

I heard someone’s panicked voice, I felt my upper body being lifted and something bitter entered my mouth.

“… Ueh.”

“Don’t spit it out. It’s a medicine… I will give you water, swallow it properly, okay?”

A moment after hearing that, cold water entered my mouth.
Even though I felt like spitting it out, I somehow managed to drink it.

“… Fuu, the medicine should be effective in just a moment, okay?”

Someone said and put me down.

… There, I noticed that I was familiar with that voice.
It was Rishell’s voice.

… However… as the Crown Prince, Rishell wouldn’t be feeding me the medicine himself, so it’s definitely not him. It might be a dream.

“… Olga? Can you hear me?”

“… Ugh.”

I can hear you, I couldn’t get my voice out even when trying to tell him.

Is my body still not awake, I wonder?
I feel absentminded, my body cannot move, and on top of that, I hear Rishell’s voice.

… Yup, this is a dream.

Rishell is royalty, he’s not in a position to be doing something like this.
Although he did say he would be bringing me to a doctor’s office.

“Is your consciousness hazy?”

Rishell muttered.

What a precise dream this is… rather, a dream where Rishell is nursing me… just how much do I like Rishell?

“… Your fever… has went down.”

Did I even have a fever?
Rather, stop it. Don’t touch my forehead to feel my temperature. I seem to be sweaty, which is troubling.

I thought while feeling the touch of Rishell’s hand on my forehead.

… Since it’s a dream, will Rishell do anything I wish for?
If I tell him that I like him, will he answer me?

Well, while I may be wishing for such reality in a dream, I would actually wish for something like this.

“… Sorry, Olga. I couldn’t protect you.”

I wanted to say “It’s not your fault.” to Rishell’s voice.

That time, Rishell was waiting for Liselotte to shut up, so if I didn’t try to take Lucretia-sama away, Rishell wouldn’t have to use force.

Well, this is a dream, so there’s nothing I can’t do about it.

“If I stopped that stupid woman when she was approaching you, you wouldn’t get hurt.”

Rishell muttered vexingly.

… By a stupid woman, he means Liselotte? It certainly suits her perfectly, but even as a joke, telling a neighboring country’s princess stupid is a little…

“Lucretia was crying too, you know? Olga-sama got hurt because of me, she said. She cried enough to make Cain-sama troubled.”

Seriously? Lucretia-sama would certainly cry…
However, she must have cried a lot since she troubled Cain-sama. Even though he’s just like the malicious Rishell.

I hope Lucretia-sama didn’t collapse after that? Was she all right?
Lucretia-sama seemed weak, so I am worried about her.

“You are too kind, Olga… I bet you didn’t even want to approach Liselotte, yet you went to help Lucretia.”

I have been seen through. Certainly, I didn’t want to get any closer to Liselotte because she seemed like she would start complaining.

However, it couldn’t be helped. Lucretia-sama seemed like she would fall flat.

Besides, I am not kind.
I just simply didn’t want Lucretia-sama to collapse there.
… It’s just I couldn’t do anything on my own.

Moreover, now that I understand that I like Rishell, I think I don’t want people close to him to get hurt.
How egoistic am I?

However, I will have to support Rishell with pursuing the girl he likes.

I don’t want to die after all. I don’t want him to die.

… I hate this Otome Game. I hate the Heroine even more.

“… Ugh.”

“… Are you crying? Do you have a nightmare, I wonder?”

Rishell spoke and wiped the tear that flowed down with his hand.
Are my tears falling within a dream?

… This is certainly a nightmare, though.
A cruel dream of unrequited love.

If he is this kind to me in a dream, how am I supposed to face him in reality?
… I hope I will forget about this dream.

“… Are you crying because of the injuries? I am truly sorry.”

… This is my first time hearing Rishell’s voice this gentle.
He always smiles, he’s strong, I have never seen him crying before.

However, those are all lies after all.
In the end, he’s like me, just a seventeen years old boy.

He shouldn’t have forsaken tears at this age.

… Rishell’s voice sounded as if it was crying, so I wanted to tell him “Don’t cry please.”
I couldn’t get out my voice as usual, though.

“… Not being able to protect the girl I love, I am unsightly, am I not?”

… The girl he loves? From the looks of it, he’s talking about me, but… what a convenient dream.

On top of being nursed by Rishell, I had the option of him telling me that he likes me.

Seriously, how sad.
Because I know something like this won’t ever happen in reality.

… At the very least, I want to tell him. I am in a dream anyway, so no one will know.

The moment I thought such, my voice that was previously stuck, smoothly came out.

“… I am sorry, Rishell. I love you.”

The moment I felt a weird sense of accomplishment, I was assaulted by strong drowsiness.
Is this the effect of the medicine, I wonder?

… It was only in a dream, but I did say it. While embracing the accomplishment, my consciousness fell into darkness.

Although I heard Rishell saying something, I couldn’t understand what that something was as my consciousness completely paused.

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