Chapter 78

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Now you did it.
… The moment I head Liselotte’s words, rather than anger, I was in the ‘now you did it’ mood.

… I mean, Rishell who is next to me is brimming over with the urge to kill. That person ended herself. She’s getting what she deserves though.

“… Olga is not a servant. She’s a lady of a Ducal Household.”

“Oh my, is that so!? Her attire is so shabby I just…”

… The atmosphere froze over again. I don’t care anymore.

… If you say that my attire is simple, then you are not wrong.
I might be wearing a blue dress with white heels and a rose ornament of calming colors, but the fabric that it’s made out of is superb and the design is also a popular one.

… Is Liselotte just too gaudy of a person?
A pink dress with red shoes, a golden cheesy-looking necklace, a yellow butterfly hair ornament. Her attire completely disregards a color scheme.
This person is much weirder than me. She’s glaring at me too.

“… Are you all right, Lucretia-sama?”

“Y, yees…”

When I asked Lucretia-sama in a low voice, she replied with a hoarse voice.
She might not be feeling all right at all.

“Where is she shabby?” “Her colors are plain, the heels on her shoes are too low as well! I am much prettier than her.” While hearing such a headache-inducing conversation, I tried to quietly move Lucretia-sama away.

… No, my heels are low so I could dance.

But, it didn’t go so well. When I tried to move Lucretia-sama away, the sharp-eyed Lisolette noticed.
She’s sharp in unnecessary places.

“Stop right there! Didn’t I tell you that you cannot take her away just yet!?”

“However, her complexion is pale, she seems to have anemia…”

I supported Lucretia-sama who has been shaking on her unsteady legs since I have approached her.
She’s nearing her limits.

… But, Liselotte doesn’t seem to be understanding that.

“What, why is a plain woman like you trying to oppose me!”

“… You are too noisy, please be quiet. Besides, Lucretia is my little sister and I want to let her rest.”

Not bearing Rishell’s somewhat calm voice in mind, Liselotte briskly approached us.

… Uwa, what’s up wit her. Don’t come any closer!

But, I couldn’t ignore the Princess of a foreign country, so before long, Liselotte stood in front of us.

“… Now, quickly hand over the person to me!”

“As I was saying, she seems to be unwell…”

I tried to repeat my words, but Liselotte forcefully pushed me away.


My balance crumbled and I fell to the ground.

… As I was falling, I must have sprained my foot because of the heels as my ankle was hurting.
On top of that, as I was preoccupied with my painful ankle, I wasn’t paying attention and my head splendidly collied against the floor.

… I could tell that something was dripping down my head.
… I covered my eyes. I knew it was blood.

“That’s because you obstructed me! You got what you deserved!”


I think it’s incredible that you can still say something like that after seeing a person injuring themselves.
I think I wouldn’t want to be like that though.

I had such thoughts in my dizzy head while sprawled on the floor.

“… Olga!?”

Pushing Liselotte aside, Rishell quickly came over and held me up.

… I could tell that Liselotte was glaring at me.

“… Are you okay!?”

“Ugh~… it hurts…”

His honorifics slipped away after panicking over the blood flowing down my head, but I had no leeway to point that out. Your true character will get exposed, you know?
It’s so painful I can’t speak though.

I can hear Lance and Celsior’s voices too, but the opponent is a foreign princess, so they probably won’t step out.

“O, Olga-sama…!”

“Lucretia, sama… are you okay?”

When I inquired with my consciousness growing hazy, I heard Lucretia-sama say “I am much better than Olga-sama who is bleeding!” while crying.
Is it really that bad?

“… Dante, please capture Liselotte-sama for me.”

“… Roger.”

Rishell who regained his honorifics instructed Dante who appeared by his side who knows where to seize Liselotte.

“R, release me! Stop touching me, you Royal Guard wannabe!”

“Unfortunately for you, I am a Knight Guard serving the royal family… catching those who harm the royalty—Lucretia-sama, is my job.”

While saying that, Dante dragged Liselotte to the jail.

… Would pushing a foreign princess into a cell be all right? While thinking such, I looked at the grimacing Rishell who made me sit up.

I would like if you weren’t making such a face.

“… Your ankle is swelling, your head is hurt and you seem to be losing consciousness… I will bring you to the doctor’s office.”

Rishell who was next to me muttered such and lifted up my body.

In the so-called princess carry.

“… Whoa, wait.”

I was surprised and tried to resist, but I had no strength in me left.
Do I perhaps have a concussion?

“… Be obedient and let me hold you. I will bring you to the doctor’s office.”

When Rishell muttered that after seemingly hearing my inner voice, he started giving instructions to the people around while using honorifics.

… While hearing that voice, my consciousness grew hazy.

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