Chapter 77

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Are you stupid?
“!? What!?”

A moment after the scream, a woman’s shrill voice resounded.

“… Isn’t this bad?”

“… It’s bad. Let’s go.”

Rishell started running in haste, so I immediately forgot that Rishell was trying to say something and chased after him.

“… Hey, what did you say just now?”

When we arrived in the ballroom, the scene was already in what could be only described as a great disaster.

“W, what is that?”

“No idea…”

When I looked to the side, Rishell was bewildered just as I was.
No, seriously, what’s going on?

Rather, the Randrek’s Prince snapped while smiling.
He really was the same type as Rishell…

“A, as I was saying… the shut-in princess is not worthy of you!”

Hearing that, I generally understood the situation.

Most likely, that girl insulted Lucretia-sama while the Demon was away, making the Randrek’s Prince angry.

Who is the Demon, you ask? It’s Rishell.

… And so, Randrek’s Prince admirably snapped.


Rishell also seemingly grasped the situation as he let out a sigh and cracked his fists.

I beg you Rishell, don’t snap too, okay? No matter how much of a siscon you are, please stop it, okay?

“S, say Rishell… who is that person?”

I thought I should know the name of the Brave Hero who insulted Lucretia-sama in front of Randrek’s Prince, so I inquired from Rishell.

She’s either stupid or very courageous.
It’s most likely the former though.

“… That person is Lindia’s Princess, Liselotte Lindia. She’s haughty and arrogant, and quite hated even in our country.”

That I can agree with.

Even I who hardly goes to sociable places heard of her name.

I heard things like that she keeps on shouting at people she isn’t pleased with.

… And that her appearances are the only thing that’s good about her…

“… Are you acquaintances?”

“… I would like to say that we aren’t, but in that person’s head, I am someone she is fond of?”

Rishell laughed with a distant look. What an extreme person.
He definitely doesn’t want to do anything with her. She’s probably the same kind of a person Sherina and Serena are.

… But.

“… Lucretia-sama looks like she’s dying though.”

“… What to do?”

Lucretia-sama is there.


Of all things, hiding behind the Malicious Prince Mk. 2.

If we took Lucretia-sama now, we would be surely presented with a freezing glare.

Rishell who is homogenous might be able to withstand it, but no matter how much resistance I have from associating with Rishell, I found my forecast scary.

Moreover, there’s also a royalty I am not acquaintances with.
I only know her personality from what I heard from Rishell, but she doesn’t seem like the type who would allow me to quietly bring Lucretia-sama away.

… I have had enough of this Demon’s Den.

“… What are you doing?”

“… Rishell!?”

While my thoughts were going round and round, Rishell already went towards them!

What are you doing!? What should I do!?

“Rishell-sama, actually…”

“Rishell-sama! I have only said the truth, yet Cain-sama has…!”

Interrupting Randrek’s Prince, Liselotte began speaking in a loud voice.

Is she serious, that woman?

Understanding that Randrek’s Prince… just Cain is fine by now, definitely wouldn’t calm down, Rishell stepped in.

… Lucretia-sama’s face turned white from all the stress and tension.
This is very bad for the Princess, it would be better to rescue her soon…

… Who should save her, you ask? There’s only me, you know??

“… Eey, I just have to go, just have to go, right!”

I prepared myself for the worst and approached them.
… I really didn’t want to, I’d rather run away, but Lucretia-sama would faint if I did.

… Don’t get discovered, me. Just don’t get discovered by Liselotte…

“… My, you over there. What are you sneaking about for?”

Well, of course I get discovered.

Eh, wait. Moreover, I was discovered by Liselotte herself.

… Can’t I just ignore her? I can’t, huh… she is a Princess after all.

“Lu, Lucretia-sama doesn’t seem to be feeling well, so I thought it would be best to let her rest.”

Saying that, I prepared for the rescue and escape! I grabbed Lucretia-sama’s hand and tried to leave the place.

“Wait. I have not made that person understand her place yet.”

“… Hah?”

No, just because Lindia is a big country doesn’t mean you can do something like that, right?
Moreover, even if I say a big country, this country is just as big…

… Is she that? You know? An idiot.


“Quiet! Despite being a just servant, you won’t listen to a Lindia’s Princess!?”

… At that moment, at this place… the aura around Rishell froze.

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