Chapter 76

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Troubled with a reply.
“No, what are you saying, Rishell?”

I said without thinking.

No, I mean, isn’t that right? I don’t understand why he is asking something like this all of sudden.

“… I thought that while women say that, they all yearn for something like this.”


I have no idea what Rishell is thinking at all.

I did not say that I was yearning for something like that or anything…
Or was he perhaps trying to use me as a reference for the sake of the girl he likes?

That reminds me, he did say something the last time…

“… Olga? Are you okay?”


That’s quite from the truth though!

“… Well certainly, I more or less admire things like that, but it’s not realistic…”

I believe that the example of Lucretia-sama and Randrek’s Prince was considerably unique.
Such examples don’t come by easily.

The society is void of real shoujo manga.

“Well, I thought so…”

Rishell is understanding it as well, so I hope he won’t try to pursue a girl with a small bird.
What would he try to do next?

Well, he’s smart so he will surely come up with something.

“That’s why I think it would be better if you didn’t try to court the girl you like that.”

“… I wouldn’t do that.”

I am glad, I cautioned him just in case, but it looks like he won’t be doing something like that.
If not, I would have to try to stop him by force…

I wouldn’t be his match though.

“… What kind of guys does the girl you like prefer?”

I have the opportunity, so I might as well ask now.
I want to know whether there’s something we could do about it.

… After a moment of staring in blankness, Rishell violently banged his head against the terrace’s railing.

“Ri, Rishell!?”

“So, sorry, it’s nothing… I wanted to clear my mind.”

“T, that’s quite a strange way of clearing your mind, isn’t it…?”

Rishell said with an unusual change to his complexion.

That reminds me, Rishell doesn’t seem to be used to talking about love.

“… I am not asked about that often.”

“I, is that so…”

No, listen. Are you incompetent or what?

… I can’t say that.
I mean, it’s Rishell, you know? It’s given that he would ask me with a gaze that would freeze my heart!

“… Ahhh~”

I let out a sigh and fell onto the railing.

Good grief, why do hardships like this have to exist?

Rishell has a person he likes and he is troubled about how to make that person fall for him.
… I am fond of such Rishell, but I might die if I got tied up in his business.

What the hell is this? There’s a limit to chaotic relationships.

… If I told Rishell that I like him, he might return ‘What the hell are you talking about? Are you stupid?’.

But, it can’t be helped! When I was dancing with Celsior, Rishell’s face flashed across my mind!
I don’t want to admit it myself! I want to furiously deny!

However, that’s not going to happen… if I don’t face reality, I won’t be able to live.


“… Olga?”

“Yeah, it’s nothing, everything will be fine, I am going to live.”

“What’s up with you all of sudden…”

Eey, don’t look at me, Rishell!

My heart has been aching since a while ago! I may have an attack before long! I beg you, stop looking at me!

“… Are you really okay? Your face is red?”

“I’m fine, a little bit too hot, perhaps?”

That so? Even if you tell me that, I will be troubled.
Of course you are also not feeling hot! I am just tense!

Seeing Rishell’s face that is showing concern for me, my heart was in pain.

If, if by any meager, non-existent chance he liked me, what would I do?
And, what would I do if Rishell actually confessed to me?

… I would have to refuse. The probability of confessing myself is absurd.

I mean, I might die.
I might die no matter whom I get with and even the one I get with might also die as a result. That is my destiny.

To do something like that to Rishell… to the person I love, there’s no way I would be capable of doing that.
Because my destiny of death, the people near me might die as well. And all would be my fault.

“You stupid idoooot!”

“Ehhh!? Olga!?”

Rishell got startled by my sudden outburst and he fixedly stared at me.
However, I showed no reaction and fell onto the railing again.

… If only I wasn’t the Heroine. Even though I could obediently tell you my feelings.
If only I didn’t have the memories of my past life.

Even though I might have confessed to Rishell without worries.


“Errr… I will go get the drinks?”

I am glad that you are worried about the mentally unstable, shouting me, but I would like you to not treat me this kindly.

I will have the drink since my throat got dry though.

“… Yes, please.”

Before long, I was drinking one of the cocktails Rishell brought.

“It’s tasty…”

“Ah, sorry. That’s the one I drank from.”


Don’t say it as if nothing happened!

Why are you so nonchalant about it, Rishell!? I feel like a fool by losing composure though!

“Now, now, calm down.”

“It’s your fault so don’t speak like that! Rather, mind it a little, will you!”

Wasn’t that an indirect kiss!? My first kiss has…”

… No, thinking about it carefully, wouldn’t this count as lucky for me…?

“Why is there the need to mind?”


No, everyone would dislike kissing someone they don’t like!
I like you though! But Rishell definitely doesn’t like me!

“You would usually mind that! It’s like kissing someone you don’t even like!”

“… Then there’s no problem. Olga, I—”

… The moment Rishell tried to say something, a scream resounded in the ballroom.

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