Chapter 75

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Demon King, advent.
“Lucretia, Olga.”

Later, when I heard that voice, my heart nearly stopped.

… When I slowly turned around, there was the more than usually good-looking Rishell.
Naturally, accompanied with a malicious smile.

“Ri, Rishell…”

The advent of the Demon King was dreadful.
Crap, wouldn’t it be better to call the hero… he’s overflowing with malice, you know…?

“… Can we talk for a little?”

Rishell said so and pointed at the terrace.

… Of course, we had no choice.

“… I see, so you were proposed to by that person.”


We moved to the terrace and Rishell questioned… interrogated the two of us.

… His smile was scary.

“Did both of you know who you are?”

“… I talked about myself so I think he knew, but I had no idea.”

Is that so?

Well, Lucretia-sama was clearly confused. I can assent to that if that was their first meeting.

“Is that so… are you fine with that person as your partner, Lucretia?”

“E, err.”

Certainly, she wouldn’t know enough about him from exchanging letters, so he must feel like a stranger to Lucretiam-sama.

Even if they exchanged letters, she had no idea who the other person was.
Besides, Lucretia-sama has the right to choose.

No matter if the other party is a Prince of the neighboring country, there is still the question of Lucretia-sama’s will.

Although the princesses have no freedom regarding their marriage.
They are mostly married off out of convenience after all.

However, Rishell said that he wishes for Lucretia’s happiness.
Of course, I am of the same opinion.

“… I am fine with him… it was only within the letters, but that person heard me out. Above all, it’s better than getting married to someone I don’t know at all.”

He had a somewhat malicious face, but Randrek’s Prince did seem like a kind person.
He really did look malicious though…

Well, even if his true character appeared Lucretia-sama would be fine.
She got used to it because of Rishell after all.

“… I see.”

Rishell made a slightly lonely expression.

… Is Rishell by any chance a siscon? Lucretia-sama is adorable so I understand his feelings though.

“Princess Lucretia.”


Turning towards the entrance of the terrace where we heard a voice from, a blonde, blue-eyed hunk stood there.
… That’s Randrek’s Prince. His name was, err… Cain Randrek.

“Ah, umm…”

“That… I would like to greet His Majesty the King, could you please take me to him?”

He approached Lucretia-sama and asked her with a whole-faced smile.

… I see something black. He’s malicious, just as I thought.

“Eh, umm… yes…”

Going against the same malicious smile Rishell had, he kidnapped Lucretia-sama away.

… Seriously? There will be two Rishells after this?
I have no idea what’s happening… events are seriously scary.

“… Olga.”


Having my name suddenly called, I trembled.


… What is it, so suddenly? It’s bad for my heart.

“Somehow, you look pretty today.”
“No, you should be saying that I always look pretty here.”

I don’t look pretty, I am pretty~

When I said so while puffing my cheeks, Rishell rested his chin on the handrail while chuckling and tilted his head.

“You are pretty, alright?”


Being told so with a smile accompanied by sparkly☆ sound effect, my cheeks dyed.
… The hell is wrong with this fellow, isn’t his character a bit different!?

I too, I too let out a strange voice!

“Ri, Rishell is cool too, you know?”

When I retorted back with a revenge in mind.


However, he accepted the words without a change in his complexion.

… As if nothing happened.

“Say, Olga.”

“What is it?”

This fellow has something to say again?
I believe that I would cease to exist if he talks any more.

“… Do you think Lucretia will be all right?”


Because of the choice of the topic of conservation, I couldn’t reply immediately.
I mean, nobody knows.

“W, won’t she be just fine?”

I smoothed my suspicions in a hurry.
Ah~ I don’t like this characteristic of mine, I am way too easy to read.

“You think so…? They only exchanged letters, I am uneasy.”

“They will certainly discuss lots of things from now on, she will be fine. There are things that are easier to say via letters than words too.”

There are people who find things easier when they are not able to see the reaction of the other person too.
I am the same.
Well, to Lucretia-sama, it must have been like anonymous counseling for her worries.

“… How about you?”

“:.. Eh?”

“Are you like that too, Olga?”

Being told so, I was troubled about how to reply.

Nono Rishell, just because Lucretia-sama is like that doesn’t mean I am like that too, is how I wanted to try to deceive him, but Rishell’s eyes were too serious I was scared to say anything.

… This bastard of a siscon!

“… Well, I think so.”

I certainly have a more difficult time talking while looking into a stranger’s face.
I only feel comfortable if I know the person.

“… Haah.”

Rishell let out a sigh.

No, is this where you have to sigh? Did I say something wrong?

“… Rishell?”

“… Olga, are you going to become like Lucretia?”

“Hah? What do you…”

“… If you were in Lucretia’s situation, do you think you would want to marry Randrek’s Prince?”

… What is this person saying?

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