Chapter 74

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Isn’t this development going too fast?
“Ah~ good grief, what do I do, I have had enough, I want to see Lucretia-sama already…”

I loitered around the ballroom while muttering to myself.

… On top of exposing to Celsior that I have someone I like, there’s one more left… only the last boss Rishell remains and the confusion from fear I am feeling is staggering.

Why does Rishell have to feel so intimidating just because he’s a prince?
I want to call him the Demon King instead…

Is Lucretia-sama still not here…?
If she came with Rishell then I can’t approach her…

While thinking that with unsteady steps, I heard a cheerful voice from afar.

“Eh, what… hey, wha!?”

People were gathering around here.

I could hear the vigor they were competing with.
Besides, as I was just a mere seventeen years old girl, I got swept away by the surge of people.

“W, what’s happening… I cannot see.”

It’s good that the surge of people stopped, but I can’t see anything.

The people in front of me are too tall.

Wanting to see at least what was happening, I tip-toed as much as I could…
And so, when I caught sight, I saw an unexpected spectacle.

“… Princess Lucretia, please marry me!”

… Lucretia-sama was proposed to…!?

“W, what the hell is that… just what kind of situation is that?”

I couldn’t help but look at the excessively fast development with my mouth wide open.

… Eh, isn’t this development too fast for someone who was a shut-in just until now!? Rather, who’s that person?

“… Oy, the one who has just proposed to Lucretia-sama was apparently Randrek’s Prince!”

“Really!? … Well, anyone would be moved by such good looks.”

Listening to the explanation of the two nobles beside me, I grasped the situation.

Randrek is a country that is neighboring to ours.

If I remember correctly, doesn’t Randrek import a third of our country’s food…?

Moreover, looking carefully, the Prince is a great-looking hunk. Isn’t the face-value of royalty too high?


Not good, Lucretia-sama is seriously troubled.
She certainly said before that she wouldn’t mind marrying for the country, but this situation is way too unexpected…

But, I am sure Lucretia-sama has no option of rejecting a marriage with that prince.
That’s because it’s a large country with which we have a considerable friendship.
Refusing might lead to the deteriorating of our diplomatic relations in the future.

… Apparently, the person in question understood that, and after considering for a while,

“… I will gladly accept.”

She recklessly stated.

… Don’t mind it, Lucretia-sama.
Somehow, that person smile stank, he must be the same type of person as Rishell, probably.

Looking at Lucretia-sama who was making a face that gave up on something, I sighed.


After that, Lucretia-sama was surrounded by people, and thus I was late at coming to her side.

… Lucretia-sama was sitting on a chair in exhausting with a distant look.

“Lu, Lucretia-sama! Are you all right!?”

“O, Olga-sama!”

She, who finally noticed me when I approached her while calling her name, made a surprised face as she called my name back.

“W, what has just happened!? Lucretia-sama, are you acquaintances with that person!?”

I, who have momentarily forgotten that Lucretia-sama went outside after a long time asked.

The face of Lucretia-sama who apparently forgot too turned pale.

“A, acquaintances, that we are, but we met only today, or how do I say this.”

I don’t think you are acquaintances if you met for the first time today.

While thinking such, I heard Lucretia-sama speak.

“I, I have exchanged letters with him… just about when I shut myself in my room, a bird flew to my window… when that child entered my room, I noticed that it had a letter attached to its leg… and when I replied to that message, we began exchanging letters… that person was the person from before.”

“Something like that has happened…”

Is this a Shoujo Manga or what?

No, this is an Otome Game…. I shouldn’t mind whatever happens. I would go bald.

“However, it was your first time seeing each other, right…?”

“Y, yes… however, according to what he said, he has apparently fallen in love with me during our exchange of letters…”

Seriously, oy.
Randrek’s Prince is definitely the type who would get caught in an online dating scheme.

“Is that so… Are you feeling all right, Lucretia-sama? Aren’t you scared of men…?”

Because of that shit of a prince, she shouldn’t be able to tolerate any men except Rishell and His Majesty, yet that person grasped her hand.
It wouldn’t be strange if she wasn’t feeling well.

“No, I am fine… I am fine if it’s him…”

She said that.

… Isn’t this a Shoujo Manga after all? The fated partner type one?

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