Chapter 73

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Is this perhaps an event?
What was Lance thinking!? At least use your hands to eat something like Macarons!

While reprimanding Lance in my mind, I rudely walked inside the ballroom.

… I should have walked in with this expression from the beginning.

“What is going on, really…”

Both Keith and Lance were acting strangely today.
Their distance was too close.

… Keith is always expressionless and Lance is supposed to be a mere Oresama, but they were too different today.
… I had only one idea regarding this phenomenon.

And that’s an event.

In the game events, I would be able to talk only with the side-characters, but this is not a game world.
For me, this is reality.

Therefore, anything could happen.
Even if an event wasn’t truly happening at this ball.

I am sure it was supposed to originally happen at the start of the school, but… let’s not mind it.

Besides, now that something like an event happened for Keith and Lance, it wouldn’t be strange if another two occurred… for Rishell and Celsior.

Well, I have not confirmed yet that this is supposed to be an event though.

First of all, I have to brace myse-…

“… Aneue?”


While in the midst of thinking, I was startled by the greeting from behind and raised my voice.

As I turned around when I felt gazes gathering upon me, there stood my little brother.

“Ce, Celsior. You came.”

When I told Celsior that I will be going to the ball for a little, he didn’t tell me that he was going too.

As I thought, does this child has a sense of duty as the heir?

“Yes… Aneue, you look beautiful today.”

He attached words of praise after his reply as if natural, and I felt my knees weakening.
That came out way too naturally.

Well, the person himself certainly didn’t have such intention though…

Is this guy unconsciously flirting…?
Aneue is worried about your future. You seem like you would get stabbed by a woman.

“Stop joing~ no need for the flattery… Celsior too, you look cool. Very neat.”

Celsior wasn’t wearing the usual uniform, so he looked a bit like an adult.
Although he’s a year younger than me, he looks like he was of the same age as me.

Children grow fast, huh.

“It’s not flattery! … Ah, right, Aneue. Won’t you dance with me?”


Hmm, I am troubled. Celsior might be my little brother, but he is one of the capture targets after all…
At the moment, I don’t think anything event-ish is happening with him, but…

… Which is better between Celsior and the young noble masters?
Yup, it’s naturally Celsior.

To want to dance with the little brother rather than someone I can see only outside the house! My bro complex will show (I am not really a brocon though), but I want to dance! So I was thinking about my partner…

I am not sorry to Celsior though.

“Yes, sure. Shall I ask you for one dance?”


Celsior’s face instantly lit up.
Oh my, how cute.

This pure-hearted child… just when did my eyes grow so cloudy…


“Ah, it’s nothing.”

Enough talking about my eyes.

Right now, let’s forget that Celsior is a capture target and dance with him to keep the young master away.

“… Aneue, you are unexpectedly good at dancing.”

“What do you mean by unexpectedly?”

That being the case, I was currently dancing with Celsior.
The song was a slow waltz-style, so even the unsociable me was able to dance.

Well, I nearly stepped on the hem of my dress like five times already though. I did not step on it just yet, so it doesn’t count.

“… Aneue.”

“What is it?”

Celsior looked like he was pondering about something.
What is it about, I wonder?

Is his stomach hurting? I understand the feeling of overeating too well.

“… Aneue, do you have a lover?”

“Eh, I don’t.”

I replied right away reflexively.

What’s up with this child? Even though I said so much that I won’t marry…

Is it puberty?

“… Then, someone you like?”


I was surprised at myself that I couldn’t reply immediately.

I don’t have anyone I like. That should have been my answer.

Although it’s impossible to say just who floated in mind just now—

“… So you have someone?”

“… I don’t.”

I replied with my head hung down.

In the meanwhile, Celsior and I were continuing to dance.

“… Aneue likes making up lies recently, have you noticed?”


Looking up at Celsior, I caught sight of a deep smile on his face.

“I was lying, did I trick you?”


“Well, with this, I understood that Aneue has someone you like.”

Having said that, I tried to deny Celsior’s words.

“That’s wro…”

“You won’t tell me, right? … Well, I won’t ask who it is just yet… although it’s certain that it isn’t me.”

He seems to be convinced that I have someone I like.
Well, I am glad that he isn’t intending to ask who it is.

Also, I couldn’t hear what he was saying last.
The voice of Celsior who is reaching the finish line of the puberty has gotten lower, and slightly difficult to hear.

“What did you say just now…?”

The moment I tried to ask, the song came to an end.

“… Aneue, thank you very much for dancing with me.”

“Y, yeah.”

Celsior said as if the conversation from before didn’t happen.
Replying to him was all that I could do.

“Also, I have not given up just yet, alright?”


Before I could ask what he was talking about, Celsior excused himself and left somewhere.

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