Chapter 72

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Well, that happened.
Ah~ crap, what do I do?

Although it’s good that I came to the ball, I got surrounded by the noble young masters (who don’t listen to others).

What is it? Did they come to bash me whose engagement with the royalty has been broken?
Why did they come…

Well, it’s most likely because I do resemble Okaasama who was named the belle of the society.

… Still, what a bothersome people, at least listen to what others are saying.
They just won’t shut up…

“Umm, I shall go give my greetings to Lucretia-sama…”

After I said that, my wrist has been caught by someone.
The one who grabbed my hand was one of the noble young masters who tried to invite me for a dance.

I would like if you didn’t touch people without their permission though.

“… What is it, release me.”

Recalling Rishell’s eyes when he snaps at others, I made my gaze feel as cold as possible.

The opponent faltered a little, but a foolish smile floated on his face soon after.

“There’s no way the shut-in princess would be here, be good and let’s dance.”

For a moment, I wanted to send this person flying for what he said, but Lucretia-sama has not apparently appeared yet.

Is she still preparing?

“… Olga?”

Hearing a familiar voice from behind, I unexpectedly saw Lance’s face when I turned around.

“Hey~ you are a lifesaver, Lance. Please drive those people away for me.”

“… Ou.”

After that, the noble young masters escaped after Lance glared at them.

… Aren’t they too weak?

Well, thanks to that, I am able to eat sweets on the terrace like this though.

I felt happiness from eating the several macarons I have brought with me.
This one seemed to be lemon-flavored as it was a little bit sweet and sour.

… Nevertheless.

“… What’s the matter, Lance? You have been acting weird since a while ago.”

Lance has been acting strange since some time ago.

He was blushing when looking at me and when our eyes met, he would immediately avert his gaze.
… What? Is something stuck on my face?

“… No, it’s nothing.”

“…? Is that so?”

That doesn’t seem to be the case though.

The usual Oresama Nanisama Lance-sama is not present for a better or worse, but his behavior seems suspicious.

… Is he nervous being at the ball?

“… Being an heir is difficult too, huh.”

As an heir, he ought to find a marriage partner soon, so he must be nervous.
Both his face and lineage are good, so I believe that this tsundere-ish fellow should be able to find one immediately though.

“… Ah? Did you say something?”


Since he came to the ball, it means that he’s searching for a marriage partner that isn’t me.
A good trend.

Balls and parties are places to search for a partner after all.
I don’t attend most of them though.

“… Oy, why are you here?”

Realizing the reason why Lance was here, he asked me while making a slightly strange expression.


… What do I do, are Lucretia-sama’s circumstances I can talk about on my own accord?
The person herself dislikes men after all…

“… Yes, I am here because of blah-blah yadda-yadda.”

“That’s too crude, oy.”

… I couldn’t come up with a proper reason, so I tried to deceive him with blah-blah yadda-yadda first.”

… Please get deceived, Lance.

“… Oh well, it’s you we are talking about, so you are probably sticking your neck into something troublesome anyway.”


How accurate.

As expected from a childhood friend who knows me for a long time.
He immediately could understand my situation.

“… It’s fine if you can settle the matter properly, but don’t seek out danger unnecessarily, alright?”

“Yes, thank you.”

As I thought, Lance is a tsundere.

His cheeks got red again.

… He’s worried about me, just how much better it would be if he wasn’t a capture target?
Because of that, I have to pay close attention to his speech and conduct.

“… Ah, right. Give me one of those macarons.”


I looked at the lovely macarons I have brought.

Erm… the one I have left are strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, and vanilla.
Lance looks like the type who would like blueberries.

He doesn’t seem to like chocolate that much.
Even though it’s yummy.

“Are you fine with a blueberry one?”

“Ou. I am fine with anything except chocolate.”

As I thought, he doesn’t want to eat chocolate.

Did this fellow come to hate chocolate after receiving many chocolates on the Valentine’s or something?

Ah, but this world doesn’t have Valentine’s Day.
If it did, high-class chocolates might be flying around…

While thinking such, I grabbed a blue macaron in my hand.

I tried to hand him over the macaron with that hand, but… Lance didn’t move his hands at all.
He was just staring at my hand.

“… What is it? Didn’t you want a macaron, Lance?”

He won’t tell me to go get him Mille-feuille now or something, right?
Go get it yourself, ‘kay?

My gaze was transmitting such words to Lance.

“… Ahh, sorry.”

Saying that, Lance extended his hand towards my right hand.

… But, that hand didn’t grasp the macaron but my wrist instead.


… Without having the time to raise my voice, Lance grasped my wrist and put the macaron in his mouth while holding my hand.

“… Thank you… I will go dance for a little.”

Saying that, Lance briskly left for the ballroom.

… Feeling dumbfounded for a while, I leaned against the handrail with a reddened face.

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