Chapter 71

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Why did it become like this?
“Please dance to a piece with me!”

“You are in the way! I have invited her earlier!”

“No, it was me!”

A beautiful song flowed through the gorgeously decorated banquet hall in the castle.

… I, who was surrounded by the noble young masters at one of the walls was pinning my aching forehead.

… Why did it become like this!


“Eh!? You want me to go too!?”

I, who didn’t think that Lucretia-sama would take out such a bargaining chip raised my voice in surprise.

Even though I thought that I didn’t need to appear at the balls now that Albert wasn’t here.

“Yes… as I thought, I would be uneasy going alone.”

Seeing Lucretia-sama hung her head while fidgeting, my desire to protect her rose.
… Please don’t say that I am easy.

… If Lucretia-sama needed my protection then I would be usually able to strike down everyone in one hit.
However, it’s impossible for me to go now.

In addition to having my engagement with the royalty broken, my partner was that scum prince with a bad reputation, so I don’t have to guess how much is that going to bite me back.

They will be saying that I am trying to tempt Rishell anyway.

“No, I…”

“Lucretia, Olga really seems to want to attend the ball too.”


There’s only one person other than Lucretia-sama and I who can speak in this room… isn’t that Rishell?

No, I was just trying to refuse, didn’t I?
In the first place, have I not told you that I won’t be going to the balls anymore…?

The conversation went ahead even though I was still confused.

“Are you saying the truth, Oniisama!?”
“Yes, really… that’s why, please attend the ball too, okay?”

When Rishell said so while smiling, Lucretia-sama smiled back with that similar face of hers.

… Well, Lucretia-sama’s smile has zero maliciousness in it though. Ah~ it’s so soothing… or not!

“W, wait a moment, Rishell! Why do I have to… moga!?”

“Ah~ you are having a nosebleed, Olga… sorry, Lucretia. I am going to provide some treatment for her.”

“Y, yes…”

My mouth was blocked by a hand all of sudden and I was made to stand up from the sofa.
… Nosebleed? There naturally isn’t one. Yes.

Everything is Rishell’s scheme!

… You bastard Rishell, I hope you become a middle-aged barcode man with metabolic syndrome in the future!

I was dragged into the corridor while I was casting an unreasonable curse.

“Hey! What were you thinking!?”

We stopped at a remote corridor slightly away from Lucretia-sama’s room, and that was what I first shouted when Rishell put away his hand from my mouth.

I certainly understand your desire for Lucretia-sama to attend a ball, you know? I certainly do.

But, how about you listen to a person’s opinion first…

“Sorry, I unconsciously…”

Do you think this can be finished unconsciously?

First of all, I would like to withdraw, but… I am unable to refuse after seeing Lucretia-sama with such sparkly eyes.

… I am too soft-hearted.

“… I will attend the ball because Lucretia-sama looked extremely glad, but I will be probably having my hands full with the people trying to meddle with me, so I might not be able to support her too much.”

“Yeah, I know… I will provide as much support as I can, even for you.”

Wow, so reassuring.

If Rishell said a few words with that malicious smile of his, the young ladies would scatter in no time.

It’s just that.
I would like if this didn’t cause too many rumors… that would be not possible though.

“Wow, I am so grateful.”

“… Why in a monotone?”

Rishell showed a doubtful expression when I laughed with a distant look.


“Wa, waiwaiwaiwait, Aira! Calm down first!?”

And on the very day of the ball.

I can dance, the carriage was prepared too, everything should have been all OK.
… Should have.

However, there was one thing I didn’t foresee.

… All the maids were unnecessarily enthusiastic and were gaudily decorating me.

“I cannot calm down! … Olga-sama’s chance came at last, you mustn’t let it escape!”

Yes, Aira who breathes out to fire herself up is also cute. Very cute.

However, won’t you put that spirit to something else please!?
It doesn’t have to be here, you know!?

… Ignoring my inner voice, my clothes have been quickly stripped off of me and I was changed into a dress.

“Ah… this is seriously the worst.”


I muttered while pinning my forehead in the carriage.

Even though I was thinking of not standing out too much, I had my clothes forcibly changed.
What a thing to happen.

… Even though Aira looks usually so fluffy, she unexpectedly is quite strong, isn’t she? Let’s remember this.

“Is that so? It suits you well.”

Keith who insisted on escorting me to the castle replied to my mutter.
There really was no need to, but he apparently couldn’t help but feel anxious about something.

… About what though?

“Thank you very much for your flattery.”

Speaking of which, Keith’s eyes looked dissatisfied.

… He’s expressionless as ever though.
I am amazing for being able to recognize the change.

“… Olga-sama, you should understand your own charm.”


I was bewildered by the unlikely words that came out of Keith.

Eh? Was Keith such a character? Hasn’t his personality change?

“… You are originally pretty, so you look even prettier when you dress up.”

“Whawhawhat has happened to you, Keith-san!?”

Not good, Keith has broken down.
I mean, the previous Keith wouldn’t say something like this!

He always was deadpan after all!

“… Olga-sama.”


Being called out of sudden, a strange voice escaped from my mouth.

… Somehow, I always let out strange noises when talking with Keith.

“… Please make sure you don’t catch the eyes of many people.”


Being so confused not knowing what’s going on, I continued letting out strange noises.

… The frowning face of Keith approached.

Wow, his skin is pretty with no pores… or not!

“Keke, Keith-san! To, too clo…”

The moment I tried to say “Too close!” the carriage stopped.

We have arrived at the castle.

… Alright, let’s use this moment to jump out!

I told Keith “Thank you very much for escorting me!” in a loud voice, ignored the hand of the driver who was trying to help me down and jumped down, and then ran towards the castle with all of my might.

“… Haah, so tired.”

After arriving into the ballroom, I fixed my breathing while leaning against the wall.

I might have stood out by running, but I couldn’t help it.
While I was reciting “It couldn’t be helped, it couldn’t be helped.” the shadows of people were cast over me.

… And then, we returned to the beginning.

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