Chapter 65

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I got the information on everyone’s love life, but there are too many unclear parts.

I did not even get to know the special traits of Celsior’s beloved.

… By the way, after that, Celsior stayed in bed with a fever.
It isn’t a new kind of disease just as I thought, is it?

Well, as for what I am going to do about it, I am going to investigate the people they get along with.
I mean, I cannot identify the people they were talking about from the information they gave me.

I won’t do something outrageous to make things complicated, but I would like to cooperate at the very least.
All for the sake of my slow life!

… I decided such in my mind.

And so, I thought of asking Eliza and Dante regarding Rishell and Lance first. Those two have credible information, and they get along with the two, so they are just right for this.

“Hey, hey~ you two.”

“Oh my, what is it? Olga.”

“What’s the matter?”

I addressed the two who were peacefully(?) quarreling by the window—they have not changed even after becoming lovers.

… Although I couldn’t bring myself to bother the riajuu, it couldn’t be helped as I had to inquire. Right, I definitely don’t have a grudge against riajuu.

… It’s true, you know?

“I have something I would like to ask you, may I?”

“Fine with me, depending on the subject though.”

“Sure, depending on the subject though.”

You guys really get along well.
As expected of you to return a couple-ish reply.

… Though I feel like something similar happened with Lance before. Is it just my imagination?

… The lack of trust is sad.

“About the girls Rishell and Lance like… ah, wait! Don’t run away!?”

Just as I said “the girls Rishell and Lance like” the two tried to quickly escape, so I grabbed them by their clothes to detain them.

… You guys are too strong!

“Wait! I have not even finished my sentence!”

“No way! I value my own life, alright!? I don’t want to die just yet!”

“I don’t want to enter a grave at seventeen years of age!”

Rishell’s frightfulness is amazing.
It’s not like they are afraid of Lance.

Even though the two are usually so friendly with him… do they not want to provoke Rishell that much?

“It’s fine! Rishell probably won’t kill you!”

“This subject is the most taboo! You, in particular!”

Being told so, I started thinking.

… It’s no good because it’s me? Are Rishell and others hiding something from me?

Before I noticed, the strength behind my hands that were grabbing their clothes weakened, but the two stayed without running away.


“… Well, don’t think about it too deeply. I think you will eventually come to understand.”

Dante said while shrugging his shoulders.

… Is Rishell’s beloved someone that has to be kept a secret like this?
It’s apparently a classmate with long hair, a pretty girl… there are swarms of those…

If you’d like, Eliza fits the bill as well.


“… Well, it’s not someone you have to be concerned about. You could say that she’s the one he trusts the most after all.”

Hearing that, my heart ached a little.

Even though I thought that Rishell and I got along quite well, thinking that he has someone he trusts more than me that I don’t know makes me jealous.
… Am I so unworthy of his trust?

The two spoke to me who was brooding over the things.

“You don’t have to think so deeply about it… it’s fine, you will eventually get to know.”

“That’s right. There’s no problem from the point of her family lineage either.”

“… Okay.”

I feel jealous of someone my precious friend trusts more than me and sad that Dante and Eliza won’t tell me who it is.

Blending the two emotions together, my heart was gradually getting dark and heavy.
The two watched such me anxiously.

“… Haah.”

Returning home, I sighed after laying in my bed.

I buried my face into the pillow. Stifling.

… Dante and Eliza know who Rishell’s beloved is. But, I do not.

I don’t know whether Lance knows, but if those two know, then he probably knows as well.
If that’s the case, among our group, I am the only one who is not in the known.

… Ah~ this is so depressing.

Originally, I was a person with a faint interest in human relations in my past life.
In the first place, I had only a few friends.

That’s why I am so bewildered.

… They say that you feel jealous when you fall in love, but I can’t imagine falling in love with Rishell, so I feel it’s different.
It probably has to do something with our friendship.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t know what to do.
This is my first time.

“… So unsightly.”

I muttered at my own heart.

Even though I felt depressed and rolled around the bed, if I could peek into the hearts of others, there probably wouldn’t be any people by my side

Am I not the only person in this world with an unsightly heart like this?

Thinking so, I became extremely sad.

I got off the bed after hitting the pillow with all of my might.

… There’s nothing I can do even if I ponder about it. I forgot about asking Lance after receiving a shock from Rishell’s matter, but let’s ask Celsior and Keith next.

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