Chapter 66

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Intermission – A certain boy’s recollection
※Celsior’s Point of View.

The first time I met Elder sister was when I was twelve.

Although she was my cousin, I don’t remember meeting her before, but it was around this time that I got interested in her.
Until then, I was not interested in anything.

… The reason I got interested in her is probably because of her rude entrance to my heart.

… At the point I realized that I didn’t dislike it, I might have already fallen in love with her.

“… My name is Olga! Let’s get along, Celsior!”

That was her speech the first time we met.

Bright, cheerful and lovely.
That was my first impression of Elder sister.

… However, I just lost my parents at that time, so I have grown impudent.
I might have found her brightness too dazzling.

… No, it was envy.
Envy of her who was blessed unlike me.

“… Addressing me without honorifics even though this is our first time meeting. Would you please stop that?”

Far from replying to her greeting, I said something like that.

Speaking like that to the daughter of the family that was going to support me from now on, it wouldn’t be strange if I got driven out.

… However, I wasn’t.

Rather, she apologized to me.

“I am sorry for being overly familiar.”

She said.

There was no gloominess nor sadness in her voice, it was obvious that she didn’t think she was being hated by me.

At the sime time, I came to be envious of her brightness.

… I decided to ignore her as much as possible.

… But, that was impossible to do.

That’s because she minded me all the time.
For example,

“Hey Celsior-kun, would you like to eat some sweets?”

“… I don’t.”


“Celsior-kun, these sweets are really tasty, you know!”

“I have already received some, I’m fine.”


“Celsior-kun, I got sweets!”

“Just how much of sweets do you eat…”

… Rather, doesn’t Elder sister eat way too many sweets?
She’s such a sweet tooth…

… Well, leaving that aside, it was a consecutive Celsior-kun attack.
I gradually started responding to her and one day… I noticed that this was not good.

At this rate, I would be moved by her affection.

“… Would you stop it already! Why do you keep minding me!? Even though you are not even my real elder sister!”

It was a rare occasion Elder sister came to invite me without sweets in her hands.
She always came to invite me every single day.

… I felt that I was being moved by her and so I ended up shouting at her.
Because I have noticed that I grew happy when I heard her voice.

… I was scared of the change that might have come with Elder sister who forcibly entered into my stiff, sad heart.

And then, I seriously regretted my shouting.
What if I really got hated, I thought.

… To me, who didn’t have a real mother and father anymore, my current family was my emotional support.

Added to Father’s and Mother’s smiles, Elder sister’s voice that called me was like a healing for me.
… I should have been scared of losing that now.

I looked at her while biting my lips.
She surely would be shaking from anger and sadness.

… However, I was mistaken.
She smiled at me gently.


“Celsior-kun, you finally showed emotions on your face.”

Being told so, I noticed that in this house, I never let emotions show on my face.

Losing my parents, my heart got paralyzed from sorrow.
I finally noticed the lack of emotions showing on my face.


“I am happy to see you make an angry face.”

Elder sister approached me with a gentle smile.

Her hand grasped tightly my hand that did not have the mind to separate.

“Besides, I consider you my true family. That’s why I care for you.”

“Fa, family…”

I was fascinated by her whole-faced smile.

To think there that kind-hearted person like this existed in this world.

Simultaneously, I noticed.
That I was loved.

… I, just what did I do to her who was loving me all this time?
I who ignored her and hurt her with my rash remarks, do I have the qualifications to call her my family?

While asking such in my heart, Elder sister who seemed to notice my thoughts tightly grasped my hands.

“I generally understand what you are thinking about, but you don’t have to mind it. It’s my fault for not considering your feelings.”

… That’s not true. The truth is that I was happy.
… I should have noticed that I love you the moment I realized that I was happy to hear your voice.

… Is it not too late even now?
May I stay close to her?

… I took a deep breath and looked straight into her eyes.
Looking into her amber eyes twinkling with marvel without averting my gaze, I spoke up.

“… May I call you Elder sister?”

When I asked that, her face got exceedingly bright as she gave a big nod.

… Thinking about it now, that was the beginning of my happiness.
That’s because I have obtained a wonderful family and lots of love.

But, I was thinking.

… Someday, I would like to address Elder sister by her name.

If she saw me not as a family, but as a member of the opposite sex, that might bring me the most happiness.

… Well, that time still seems to be quite far away though.

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