Chapter 67

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Inquiring. Part 2
“… What is it? So suddenly.”

This was Otousama’s reaction when I walked into his office in desperation and asked him: “Do you know about Celsior and Keith’s beloved?”

Well, of course. He would certainly feel strange after being suddenly asked by his daughter about the little brother and the servant’s beloved.

“No, I thought that I could support the two in their love, but I was told only their features and didn’t understand anything from that.”

… I am not lying. I definitely did not say any lies.

We are talking about their beloved so I naturally want to help, but I also have a fiendish ulterior motive of making them stick to those people.

… Otousama who heard my words made a face that couldn’t say anything.

“… What is that face you are making?”

His expression was mixed with happiness, sadness and some kind of other emotions.
What’s wrong?

“… No, those two are more pitiful than I thought.”

Said Otousama with a distant look.
Just why?

… Do I really seem like a piece of junk when it comes to love?

“… Would I really be of no use?”

“N? … What do you mean?”

Huh? That’s not it?

Why was Otousama making such complicated expression then…

“No, you were making such complicated expression, so I was just thinking whether I was really so useless when it comes to love.”

“Ahh… that’s not it, I was just thinking how those two must have felt a little…”

As I was saying, what the hell are you talking about?
I can’t read the two’s minds, so of course I can’t be aware of their thoughts.

Is that why everyone tells me that I am way too dense…?
Is it really that bad?

“… Oh well, first of all, do you know whom those two like, Otousama? Yes or no?”

“… It’s not like I am not aware, but that’s just what I am guessing, so I can’t be sure it’s definitive.”

He’s saying something similar to what Rishell said before.
Are sharp people all like this?

… Well, Otousama is not so malicious like Rishell is.

“Then, can you-?”

“Not possible.”

… At least let me finish my sentence first, Otousama.

Somehow, I feel like Dante and Eliza did the same to me…

“Why is that!?”

“There’s no way I could tell you without their permission.”

Being told so, I was at a loss for words.

I am here because the people in question wouldn’t tell me themselves…
Looking at Otousama with such thoughts, I trembled.

“… Then, please, at least tell me one of their features that are not about their hair length.”

I had enough of being told these two traits so frequently.
Well, I was the one who asked though…

“… Let’s see, if it’s just that then-”

Alright, here it comeeees!
With this, I will be able to learn other information aside from them being beauties with long hair…!

I will be one step closer!

I am glad that Otousama is relatively sweet to me…

“… The two’s beloved are the same age as you.”



Keith did say that he likes a younger girl, but Celsior caught some kind of a weird disease (?), so I didn’t hear his reply…

Well, Celsior does look like he likes older women, so I was actually expecting this, yes (I was not).

“… Are they perhaps in the same class as me?”

If that was the case, I could cross the hurdle of addressing them for them.

Rather than girls from another class that I don’t know whatsoever, girls with which I am at least a little bit familiar would be better.

… However, Otousama is heartless.

“You asked me only for one thing, so I have already accomplished my obligation.”


You are going to cut me off here, Otousama? Your way of thinking is way too ruthless.

If I could at least understand what class they are from… most of the children at our school are nobles, so there are stupidly many girls like that… I don’t feel like I would be able to find them.

“… I understand, thank you very much.”

When I was leaving with my head hung in dejection, Otousama called out to me.

“… Olga, you might not notice, but…”


Otousama was saying something but stopped halfway.

And then, after pondering about something he spoke up.

“… Sorry, it’s nothing.”

“… Haah.”

What was that just now? Was Otousama about to say it…? Is he growing senile…?

I left the study while having doubts about Otousama’s senility.

“… Hmm, this is about all that I gathered.”

There’s not that much information, but I made an easy to understand table.

– No girlfriend at the moment. Has someone he likes.
– The one he likes is human.
– Dante and Eliza know her. (They might be hiding something)
– The girl he likes has long hair and her face and eyes are pretty.
– She’s human.

– No girlfriend. He has someone he likes.
– The one he likes is of the same age, a beauty with long hair.
– She’s a woman.

– No girlfriend. He has someone he likes.
– The person he likes has long hair, a beauty of the same age as me.

– He made no progress with the girl he likes.
– The person he likes is the same age as me.

… Something like this.

Why is everyone’s type the same, I wonder…

Even though short hair is cute too… isn’t long hair being loved too much?

“… But, I really don’t know.”

I thought so before too, there are troublingly many girls with features like this in the school.

Don’t you feel Rishell’s gaze on you? It’s not like I can ask each and every one something like this…

“It surely isn’t me, right…? … No, that’s not possible.”

I thought it might be me, but there’s no way that’s the case.
I did nothing worthy of their love.

… For now, I should leave it at observing the four.
For the sake of my life.

… I don’t want to raise any unwanted flags. Let’s behave myself.

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