Chapter 68

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Meeting the Princess.
“… Eh? You must bring your little sister on the next ball…?”

“Yeah, that’s right. She ought to looking for a marriage partner soon… although I believe that bringing her along would be impossible.”

On a certain day off while I was idling at home, Rishell suddenly came over for a visit, and I was thrown into the parlor by my panicking parents.

When I asked what this was about, that was the reply he gave me.

“If I remember correctly, Her Highness is…”

“… Yes, exactly.”

Rishell sighed in defeat.

“Tragic Princess” Lucretia.

… Rishell’s little sister, Lucretia-sama, is the First Princess who after turning fourteen have not made a single public appearance, so there were even floating rumors of her death.

… I knew that she hasn’t passed away because I heard it from Rishell, but I have not seen her for over a year.
By the way, she’s fifteen now.

… So far, she has not been blamed for not attending the events of the high society.

That’s because of a certain circumstance surrounding her.

That circumstance being related to her Elder brother… Albert.

Unbelievably, that stupid prince tried to make a move on his real little sister.
Even though he cheated on me when we were engaged, for that to not be enough for him… I think that must be already an illness of some kind.

Fortunately, Lucretia-sama was discovered and saved on the verge of being attacked, but she has been scared to go outside since then.
Well, of course. She was nearly violated by that scum after all.

However, it couldn’t be spread that the First Prince tried to assault his little sister, so a gag order was given on that matter.

But, people’s mouths cannot be sealed.
The rumors spread in urban areas in no time and she has been named a “Tragic Princess.”

Legally speaking, Albert should have been originally sentenced, but because Lucretia-sama showed confusion each time she was asked regarding the matter, there were no charges pressed against him.

… Truly irritating.

“Seriously, that idiot does only unnecessary things, doesn’t he…”

When I muttered my disgust, Rishell nodded and agreed by saying “Truly.”

Seriously, that fellow does not have a single redeeming quality…

“… So, what relation do I have in regards to this story?”

He said that he came here because he had a business with me.
What is it about?

“… No, I have a little request for you.”

Rishell averted his gaze from me as if he had difficulty asking.

What is it? What is this person trying to say?

“… What?”

“… I would like you to persuade Lucretia to attend the ball.”

… Seriously?

Persuading the shut-in princess to go outside… moreover, sending her to the ball.
What a high-hurdle request.

No wonder Rishell found it hard to say…

“… Why me?”

Putting aside whether I will do it or not, I inquired from Rishell.
I don’t think I would be that suitable for this role though…

Am I not dense? Unable to read the situation?

“Olga, you met Lucretia several times in the past, right?”

“Yeah, I did, but…”

Certainly, in the past, when I was going to the castle to train in homemaking arts (lol), I met not only Rishell, but Lucretia-sama too.


However, it wasn’t that many times… I wonder why he’s asking?

“That time, Lucretia was really looking forward to seeing you. Is Olga-sama not here yet? She kept asking.”

“Eh, is that so!?”

I am hearing this for the first time though.

Lucretia-sama was of obedient and lovely nature and she was smiling reservedly around me, so I thought she wasn’t very interested in me.

Is she poor at expressing her emotions?

“That’s right… that’s why I thought if it’s you… will you do it?”

… Hmm, although my head is a little confused because I don’t know her that much, I understand that it would be my loss if I didn’t try.

I don’t know how it was when Albert was around, but he’s in jail now, so it should be safe.

… I might give it a try.

“… If you are fine with me, I will try.”


Rishell grasped my right hand with a whole-faced smile.
… Somehow, Rishell’s non-malicious whole-faced smile is extremely rare, isn’t it?

When will be the next time I can see it again, I wonder?

“Then, I would like you to promptly come to the castle tomorrow if possible…”

“Hmm, I don’t have any plans if I remember correctly, so… all right.”

… It would be nice if I could be of help though.

If I remember correctly, Lucretia-sama was a beauty who greatly resembled Rishell.
It’s a waste for her to be a shut-in!


“… So, you are saying that this is Lucretia-sama’s room?”

“That’s right.”

The next day when I came to the castle, I was guided in front of an extremely bulky door.
Isn’t this a blast-proof door?

This door is way too thick even for royalty who need to protect their bodies.
The door of Rishell’s room is way thinner.

“… She was scared that the door might get broken down if it was any thinner, so it turned out like this.”

“Is that so…”

This door is also Albert’s fault, huh…

It seems that Lucretia-sama’s heart received quite a heavy shock.

She probably didn’t feel the anger I felt when I got assaulted…

“… Lucretia, are you there?”

Rishell called out while hitting the door.
I was told that Lucretia-sama fears all men except Rishell and His Majesty.

Therefore, Rishell told me that the royal guards were ordered to not approach as much as possible today.

“… Yes, what is it?”

I heard a very thin voice from behind the door.
What a clear voice.

“… Do you still remember Olga? I have brought her today.”

The moment Rishell finished talking, the door vigorously opened.
… Though it seemed that the door would crash into Rishell’s face, he magnificently avoided it.
… What an incredible reflexes.

The door crashed against the wall and made a Bang! sound.

Where the door opened, a long-haired beauty of a lower stature with big, round red eyes stood while panting.

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